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Hi, I am Mimi. I am in this process just like we all are. I know that the world is my classroom, that living in the positive energy field is a pleasure, that removing the negative energy is essential and that my choices either enhance or pollute my energy field. I know that without caring for my energetic field, I will attract what I don’t want. I know that without understanding and changing my current contents of my energy field, I won’t be able to edit my outcomes and change the quality of my life.

My husband, Richard, and I live in Encinitas, CA. We connect to the highest energy we can find on a daily basis with lots of time in deep tone chanting called Spiritual Exercises. We live a life of service and balance. Richard is a technical trainer at Rady’s Childrens Hospital. I, own a clinic and work out of my home, mostly on the phone with clients at Healthy Energetics. We eat well, take supplements and drink lots of water (mine has fresh green juice in it!) We watch sci-fi and stay up to see the space station in the night sky and go to Yosemite for refreshment. We have friends, go to parties and have solar panels on our roof. We are “enough”. We are content and we are very fortunate and grateful to have a clear spiritual path to walk on.

I have two sons who are in college. Ben is 21 soon and is a solid. He is currently finishing undergraduate school at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical School and will work as a flight instructor in the fall. He is a commercial pilot and soon to be commercial helicopter pilot. Mike is 18 and attending the Culinary Institute of America where he is pursuing a career as a prestigious chef. He will be doing an externship in the fall at a high profile restaurant somewhere of his choice. I sure hope it is in San Diego, but that’s his call.

Developing wonderful energy is not very outwardly visible so I decided to express it with gardening. I soon found out that my plants were not only beautiful but they were supportive and expressive! I know, it sounds weird. My kids tell me to “get a life” if I tell them about what the plants are feeling, but they also love the energy I create. That is the story of my life. After all . . . I am gifted as a sensitive. By definition, other people aren’t like me.

I ask you to place me in the Light for my practice in serving others. I put myself out on a daily basis to bring people to their deepest issues and build up their strength so that they can rework the choices that went wrong in their past and recreate that “Choice Point”. Rework the past – gain their freedom. It is working! We can always use more Light and love as a battery. It makes it easier!

I also ask you to put my program writing and my teaching in the Light. In the past, I cut my practice hours to write. Now, I continue to write the material, support the client hours, oversee the administration, and attract new peeps. I also have a rigorous personal practice in building my energetic field, as well as supporting the energy field that we have and use “at the office” where the peeps release of what doesn’t work for them through light, grace and ease.

It’s getting easier so we are extending our invitation to those who want to practice with us. Please put it in the Light that the people who are looking, somehow are finding us. We are looking for people who relate to energy and want to upgrade themselves, clean out their fields, stabilize their physical bodies and rework their past so they can attract what they want! We won’t be accepting many, so if you know anyone or are interested yourself, please put the process in the light and lean into it.

Come you all to use the programs, increase your positive field and clean the negative out of the field. We can help in many ways! We assist you to not be slipping and sliding, getting discouraged, or getting expanded past what your circuits will hold as you build. We can help you identify and rework the sticking points and hold you steady if you are willing to listen, practice and come to classes and sessions.

I personally welcome you and cherish you. Come and participate at any level with your best energy forward. Learn to accept what you put in there. Let’s build OUR relationship.

Find the tab at the top that says, “Build Relationships Here”.  Write something about yourself.

I hope you find a place here that is safe enough to let it go. Together, with the others who have gained their energetic strength, we are making a difference in our lives and those around us in very energetic and spiritual ways.

Love all-ways,

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