The Benefits of Ping Shuai

Ping Suhai is a Qi gong exercise that has a suggestion in it that reminds us to smile. This aspect of Ping Shai alone has had a profound effect on me.  When I smile, I can feel my happy life just ahead and I can see it through the fog.  Like a puzzle that opens a new skill, Ping Shuai continues to capture me for almost a year now, and the happy life get closer.

Now, something new is happening.   I now say to myself, (with a big smile), “I found it”. Then the big smile gets even deeper. This has been happening a lot!  I found money, I found more love, I found happiness, I found everything that I wanted for my children, I found easy solutions to that which has been up until now, feeling kind of “hard”.  All of these things complete themselves with higher self-esteem. I have stopped telling myself that I am sick/weak/unloveable or any other low self-esteem thing that still has clung to to me from my past.  I can easily now step over it and walk away.

“I found it” means to me that I have connected to what I was looking for!!!  Strangely, it has been here all along, (like The Wizard of Oz that I watched every year on Thanksgiving). I found it, doesn’t seem to be physical, it is an alignment inside myself. I went from disconnected in some way from life that has been going on for my whole life, to being in it fully in a physical way. This is real and it flows right into the physical world.  When I say I found it, or I am about to find it, I go into a state of allowing it to be. It is a peaceful state of being that is satisfying.

This peaceful state, acknowledges that I have been looking for whatever it is that comes up when I say “I found it”.   It also completes it. It has some ability to create connection to power than can connect me to what I am looking for. It includes all of its completion. When I am looking for what it is that I look for, perhaps in that peaceful state, I enter into a state of curiosity. But, it is not that I enter or that I am curious or that I am trying to get it with my mind as a symbol of satisfaction. Rather, the state of being allows me to flow there. It is this flow that is spiritual and energetic and can bridge the physical and the energetic. When I find what I have been looking for, it changes everything both inside me, especially in my imagination (as a state of higher consciousness) and on the outer physical world which in the past has been more laborious to achieve.  

The Ping Shuai has an important aspect to it that I believe contributes to my body being able to flow in this peaceful state of being that I describe as “all the way well”. It does something that most people miss. It has to do with body fluids mixing and being able to move in the body. It requires exercise and shaking up the body as we are an oil and water emulsion. It is a way of breathing deeply and scanning from the top of the inhaled breath to the bottom of the exhale so the body can see itself in entirety. A great man from England told us in a health seminar that the top of the breath, if it is cut short, can lead to “itis” or infection. If the bottom of the breath scan is cut short, it can lead to an “otis” or cancer. So lately, I have been able to assist my body to eliminate toxins with the most powerful method I have found. Breathing. The presence of Oxygen is the absence of disease. So I watch my breath carefully. The exhale is meant to eliminate toxins from the blood. But I don’t breath if I am working intently unless I train myself. Usually, people who are sick, have very shallow breath strokes. I trained myself 15 years ago with a symbol on the bottom of my computer screen.

I use my breath to move the skin on the bones, the connective tissue and the movement that the glands depend on to balance the hormones and to rebuild the structures of my body that I break down due to bad habits. If I am not happy, I land on my liver. I get angry and whiney inside. This is definitely a neurotransmitter issue which I have corrected over time, but nothing like what has happened since I started using live Natto-kinese in the form fresh mushroom sprouts grown on black beluga lentils. This is a fresh culture process much like Bravo Yogurt. Then I eat a few tablespoons of the lentil-natto with Bravo Yogurt and avocado for breakfast with my supplements. Before that, when I very first wake up, I drink lots of water. I used to push water and force myself to drink it. This was hard on my kidneys. Now, I just drink what my body wants and keep fresh water available in my environment so that that my body gets it when it wants it. In morning meditation, I don’t sit with my back on a chair. Sitting is not good for my body, my kidney tubes, or the fluids which settle too much. At night when I sleep. the fluids are draining and moving and cleaning. 

In the 1930. Budwig got the Nobel peace prize for setting up a winning combination for health. A specifically cultured cottage cheese with a vitally alive flax oil. I have a seed press and 50 pounds of fresh seed. Mostly black sesame which has been used for oil pulling for 2000 years. Bravo yogurt is the best I have ever used for Budwig’s cottage cheese. Dr. Steven Gundry’s Moroccan olive oil is one of the best for giving my body Polyphenol-Rich nutrients needed for body smoothness and to keep the oils in the body fresh. Imuno is simply amazing at keeping the power going in the body so that I can lift my energy and not bump along in this world. Many of my customers are people who are high achievers and want more reach!

I am always open to being taught and to provide people with a custom plan to use the products. Feel free to reach out to me on the pink chat button. Let me know what you are trying to do and what you have done about so far. and doing me in becoming all the way well.

Look for 30 min session of Ping Shai on YouTube.



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