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Rationale for the Design of a Novel Tool for Immunotherapy Based on an Emulsion of Glycosaminoglycan

Rationale-for-the-design-of-imuno-27Sept18 The rationale for the design of a novel tool for immunotherapy based on an emulsion of glycosaminoglycan, Marco Ruggiero* and Stefania Pacini, Silver Spring Sagl, Switzerland Abstract In this article, we describe the rationale behind the design of an innovative … Continue reading

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What is the Bravo Yogurt Protocol? The GcMAF Healing Protocol How to be all the way well! FAQ:    “What do I need to do besides taking the Bravo Yogurt?” It’s different for everyone but here are some basics to keep in mind. The Bravo … Continue reading

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A Novel Potential Adjuvant for Cancer Vaccines – Ruggiero & Pacini

From Dr. Ruggiero imuno: A Cancer Vaccine- Old vaccines go after pathogens.  New vaccines stimulate the macrophage.  Dr. Rugierro and his team were among the first to demonstrate that a low molecular weight acid phosphatase has phosphotyrosine phosphatase activity, thus counteracting aberrant signaling … Continue reading

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