What is the Bravo Yogurt Protocol?


The GcMAF Healing Protocol

How to be all the way well!

FAQ:    “What do I need to do besides taking the Bravo Yogurt?”

It’s different for everyone but here are some basics to keep in mind.

The Bravo Yogurt is a formula of probiotics, Bifidus, yeasts, colostrum, and kefir.

It isn’t a random placement of ingredients.  Dr. Ruggiero tweaked this formula 324 times to get the right ratio to create a microbiome that can create GcMAF.

GcMAF is the substance that comes out of the Vitamin D metabolic channel.  It is used by the body to kickstart and turn on the immune system.  Ordinarily, this system is open and clear, unless you have nests of microbes such as bacteria or viruses in your body.

Viruses may remain in your body from naturally occurring colds, flu, and childhood diseases like chickenpox, etc.  When the viruses are present, the natural ignition of the immune system is covered with biofilm to intentionally glue the door closed that naturally opens when the immune system is required!! If the viruses are retroviruses it can change the DNA in that area so that your messages are not received!

Thus, it’s important to protect the microbiome that the Bravo Yogurt provides.  Flooding the body with yogurt or kefir can push the formula off balance and is not recommended.  Yogurt, kefir, yeasts, may affect this formula.  Antibiotics will clearly remove the microbiome even though it is essential to our bodies to have it.  Most people report that Bravo feels great and has enhanced their bodies.  However, if anyone has had  “antibiotic excess” or damage they might not feel the benefit for a few months until the body can restore itself.

If you do have a sizable infection, you may want to start with imuno™ first until the infection is resolved.  I also recommend a good quality colloidal silver which served as antibiotics prior to their invention.  I started with Rerum suppositories which I made myself.  I took 3 suppositories, with 3 drops, taken 3 days apart.  I had a huge heavy metal release with lots of aluminum coming out of my brain stem.  It was comfortable except for a tiny bit of “dust” from the transfer. That dust caused a small Alzheimer’s storm and reminded me of the benefit of this work and how grateful I am to avoid these diseases by detoxing them.  It was honestly a trainload of heavy metal coming down my spine and putting it inside my colon for removal.  It was powerful to witness and very rejuvenating to have it gone.

When Rerum was replaced by imuno this fall, Dr. Ruggiero announced that it is twice as effective.  I called one of my Rerum customers who had bought a lot of it.  His friend really pulled him out of a scary condition and within months I got the news that his doctors gave him a clean bone scan!  I called him and asked what he did with the Rerum.  He used a nebulizer and took 11 drops twice per week.

So my husband and I got started on that protocol.  Wow!  The imuno is incredible!  The first time I took my 11 drops into my sinuses and lungs with the nebulizer, it felt like a super clean, shiny spot was made around my sinuses and the center of my lungs.  Every 3-4 days I took 11 drops and the spot expanded each time and the same shiny clean feeling expanded too.  There were a few days where a goo was coming out.  It was as if someone was squeezing a tube of toothpaste and a gooey waste was gone.  I assume it went to the bowels.  I just felt the movement for a few days and was moving.   Then I began to notice that after 3 days of not taking my imuno dose, the edges of that clean spot closed back.  It was 3 steps forward, one half step back.  Taking it again still made a new expansion.

This really improved my breathing!  At about 4 weeks into this protocol, imuno is slowly clearing my heart, diaphragm, and brain now.  The toxic drip that came through my neck lymph constantly irritating and activating my thyroid has stopped.  That must have been from whatever used to be in my brain.   My shoulders joints also cleared.

I noticed that the back of my brain was clean only up to the brain stem and then it was moving slowly to get through all those layers.  I had an idea and took a few suppositories because the Rerum suppositories cleared out my brainstem last time.  That did the trick. I now have these very, very bright spots where my cells are clear and super bright!  I can think better, I can breathe, and I don’t run out of energy.

Sometimes, I take a breath just to remember how good I feel.   I can recover my energy when I want to.  When I meditate, the Light comes through me in a very vibrant way!   I don’t think I could imagine feeling better,  but I have to do something that I didn’t do before.   I have to rest and not just push.   I am much wiser now!  I have learned to trust that my “imuno Balance”, my “Bravo Balance”, and the shiny Light that moves through me are enough!    This healing protocol which I have outlined here is enoughto get my whole body to be healthy, free of disease and to sparkle!

I still take Bravo Yogurt orally during imuno use but I also take Bravo Yogurt internally and topically.  Be patient while the Bravo restores you and you begin to feel good like everyone reports.  People that take Bravo topically get all the same results.  They feel a shimmer as the microbiome engages the tissue and detoxifies it and a clunk when the immune system turns on at about 2 weeks.  You may miss the clunk but not the good feeling!  It may take a while if there is antibiotic damage.


Eventually, with the help of the DNA restoration herbs, the viruses and bad microbes will recede and the microbiome will restore natural function to the body.  This may take some time.  When you stop, the viruses will ooze out of the corners and taint the clean areas again.  It is important to keep using Bravo and imuno to increase immunity and clarity to all areas of the body so it doesn’t come back.  Even when complete, you will see the value of having “the cleaning team” come in regularly!

The Bravo microbiome usually turns on the immune system after the first two weeks of taking it.  Then, the immune system begins to restore power to the body by taking the most vital and important issues first.

Don’t Make this Mistake

Most people are delighted to feel their immune system igniting bit by bit and their bodies being energized.  They feel great so they stop taking Bravo and go on about their lives thinking that they have done something good that will stay with them.  However, the fight between the viral invasion and the body is far from over at that point.  The best course of action is to continue taking the Bravo Yogurt or Non-Dairy Bravo at a rate that allows you to expand and convert your tissues to natural immune ignition.  Also, to continue to detoxify in a nice glide with imuno.   To glide, you don’t work too hard or use too much energy.  We call this the “Bravo Balance”.

The “Bravo Balance” also includes knowing not to push or rush the body to “get rid of something and get it out”.  That is a reactionto not liking your situation and not how the body works.  The body has delicate drains that can get clogged.  It has detox pathways that can get inflamed.  The best way to go about supporting your body is to train yourself not to react and to trust the process.  It is helpful to not eat inflammatory foods and digest completely by bedtime.  If you do this, you will allow the next step to happen, the emotions and thoughts will be digested, completed, and archived.  Now you are at full power, but again, it is not helpful to react because you can still over do it even if you are celebrating feeling good!  Keep an even pace, keep your good habits in place and enjoy knowing how to get all the way to the end of your journey until you feel great.

Continuing “Bravo Balance” and the “imuno Balance” can also be preventative.   There are always more viruses, flu shots, car exhaust, or stinging bugs which can change your DNA.  Now, the doctors have discovered simple herbs which can restore your DNA mutations and give you your “own” transmission back but you must consider being in cooperation with the program to continue and keep taking steps as you can to build your strength and health.

I can’t go back to how I used to be and keep my “Bravo Balance”.  I have changed my food, my timing, and my habits.  I personally move ahead by choosing strength.  But now I am “expanded” and in order to keep my balance.  If I go back to not keeping myself expanded, I won’t be able to do everything I do now.  I have to keep my balance and keep a reserve saved!

When you keep your balance, other things will show up that you didn’t have room for.

You may realize that eating carefully is essential because our food supply is currently tainted with GMO’s and poisonous pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.  You may come to realize that you didn’t know!   Lots of money has been spent by the people who make these chemicals to make sure we don’t know about how dangerous all of this is.  Many of these types of things make it all the more important to keep your “Bravo Balance”!

I am very thankful for the contribution the that Dr. Ruggiero has made and I am grateful for those who support him.  It is indeed a gift of health to us.

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