Le Gamberi Ketogenic Foods

Dear Doctor,
Dear Sir/Madam,

 I have the honor and the privilege to inform you that our products, Le Gamberi Ketogenic Foods, an absolute novelty in the field of ketogenic nutrition in USA, are listed in the ketodietcalculator (www.ketodietcalculator.org) by Charlie Foundation. In particular, you can find in the amazing ketodietcalculator website our soft bread (Bauletto), our cocoa bar (Tavoletta Cacao) and our natural cookies (Biscotto Naturale). Other ketogenic products with similar nutritional values are available in our website www.americandolcevita.com.

All our ketogenic products are made in Italy using the best raw ingredients and they are formulated to have zero starch, near zero sugars, high amount of fibers, medium amount of proteins and different amounts of fats thus to fit different needs and life-styles as far ketogenic diets are concerned. Below you can see a summary of the nutritional values and ratios of our products.

Our ketogenic products are ready to use and they can be consumed as they are; in addition, they may also represent an excellent starting point to create tasty recipes and gourmet meals in line with the best Italian tradition. 

Le Gamberi Ketogenic Foods are imported in the USA by the US company Dolce Vita LLC and they are available at www.americandolcevita.com.

Because of their properties, Le Gamberi Ketogenic Foods have been mentioned in several peer reviewed scientific publications where they have been used in the context of nutritional immunotherapeutic approaches.
Three of the most recent publications are listed below and can be freely downloaded:
Ward et al., American Journal of Immunology, 10(1):23-32, 2014

Ruggiero et al., Anticancer Research, 34:3569-3578, 2014
 Schwalb et al., American Journal of immunology, Nov 21 2016
Myself and my scientific team are at your service to provide you with any further detail or information you may be interested in; you can reach us at

I thank you in advance for your consideration.

Very truly yours,
Stefania Pacini, MD, PhD
General Manager
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