How to Use Herbs and Natural Things Instead of Antibiotics

Being sick is no fun but reacting from fear just compounds the problems.  Antibiotics kill the good and the bad and there has been nothing more frightening than having my sweet microbiome removed in 5 quick days after enjoying it and building it for years.  Here are some tips for avoiding needing to use antibiotics.

Making it all worse is that I let myself get tricked because I was strong, I went after the biggest issue in my body.  I killed them but I couldn’t remove them!  The doorways were too small to flow the big mess I made.  Too many dead things at once.  Lesson?  Don’t kill everything just because you can.  Take is slowly, use precaution and get strong.  It will take some strength to be a good traffic cop.

When I first started building my microbiome with Bravo Yogurt, (that I got from, I was amazed at what it did for me.  I got more confidence, my body communication improved, and probably all the things that they say it can do like turning on my immune system did happen.  I was really in a new relationship with my microbiome where I took care of it like I would a garden.  I did this by nurtured myself, keeping water and oil flowing through my body, along with eating what would benefit the work of the microbiome.  I am sure that this helped me get well so fast because my microbiome was happy and joyful and therefore, so was I.

Beyond just feeling better in my body, other things began to be evident.  I would look at myself and say, “That’s new behavior”.  I would do this often!

If there is an infection:

If I take antibiotics, my entire microbiome will die. It is very similar to hurricanes and tornados and the path of destruction it leaves behind.  It will take a good 6 months to get back to growing and being happy.   It is difficult to separate from your microbiome by taking antibiotics but the bigger question is “WHAT DO I DO?”.

How to prevent taking Antibiotics

The answers are many and the ideas are all around us in nature.  Let’s take them one at a time.

Build an immune system with Bravo Yogurt.  This will help to remove things as they occur but it will not remove our train wrecks should we set them up and watch them fall!


Prevention is very important.  Knowing that your body has to flow the toxins out and that any back up can clog the tiny doors and cause the fluids and toxins to back up. If these doors back up, the areas behind them that are waiting to drain have bad bugs and toxins in them.  They can find a way to resettle or if they are dead, they can cause infection.   Therefore, it is essential to keep your detoxification pathways free and working.

  • Don’t do too much.  Think of your energy and abilities as a table top.  You put in there all the things you need to do in your life.  Run your body, work, have a family, have some fun, and then look and see, what’s left of my energy to detox myself?  not too much right?  Therefore, take your detoxing seriously and do it consistently with the amount of energy that you have to do it in.
    • Leaving lots of little projects or a few big ones in an “open” status will stress you. This type of incompletion causes a drain on your brain and the digestive nervous system.  Cavemen didn’t have lists of intricate things to do.  Technology will make your very archaic nervous system get very hot.  When was the last time you downloaded an update for your nerves?
      • Every night when you go to sleep, complete your thoughts, thank yourself for what you have done.  Turn the page and complete them.  Look ahead for the next day and put your new efforts into the good energy so your kidneys can gather the energy you need to match your tommorrow.


  • Detox for beginners.  Detoxing is a skill: like driving a car or a bicycle.  Know how to drive a detox.  Eating heavier protein can slow down a detox because your body is otherwise busy with digestion and your body management will take reserves from the detox to digest.  Eating lighter or fasting will speed up your detox but you need to be very careful that your exits are open before you do any critical detoxification.  Going too fast is like driving 130 miles per hour to the post office.
  • Discernment in your diet.  Everyone always things that they eat well. However, if you really get into the following skills, you will find that you will feel much, much better because um, well, maybe you didn’t know how to eat well for your body.  There is a big difference between reading books and asking your body what it needs.  That’s when you begin to understand how important the following techniques are:
    • Don’t eat more than you can digest before you go to bed.  If you want to not have bad bugs, take away their job of eating random garbage that has turned to slime.  Be responsible for digesting and cleaning your body before bed and your weight, heart, and energy will stabilize as well.
    • Avoid starches and sugars, this includes rice, potatoes, wheat, and fruit (when they are cravings).   The starchy foods turn into glue even before you eat them making it lots of work for your body to remove the food before it can get to cleaning the deeper issues.
    • Comfort food is designed to push down uncomfortable feelings by using unhealthy patterns of behavior.  If you have uncomfortable feelings, sit with them and let them go through you.  Then they are gone.  It takes only a few moments.   If you are committed to staying off antibiotics, you can’t make a mess out of your body and expect it to still be able to drain, get things tidy and heal the disease.  We expect too much from our body.  We want full-time work for part-time pay.  We need to deal with and clean up after our own unconsciousness, laziness, and indulgence.
    • The High-Road – Make small meals that each include nothing but dark green leafy vegetables and plenty of clean protein.  You may also want to include bone broths, fresh oils, and Amino Acids to broaden the spectrum of your food’s nutrition.  See MAP at See the GAPS Diet on this site.
      • Then, if you are being proactive with your body and giving it the food it needs.  This will help stabilize the blood sugar and help you stay on an even keel


Master Tonic is a good idea to avoid infections, viruses, parasites, and cravings.  It has been a very important healing tonic in many cultures preceding institutionalized antibiotics.  The Master Tonic can be made easily with a food processor and a jar.  Use equal amounts of these roots and peppers

  • Ginger root. (1 finger)
  • Horseradish root (6 inches)
  • Turmeric root (a small handful of roots)
  • onion (small)
  • garlic (4 cloves)
  • fresh very hot peppers (3-5 peppers)
  • Grind the veg and put it into colorful layers
  • Fill the jar with an active vinegar, this will make a difference in the taste and culture.

To use the tonic, let it sit for a week or so, take the vinegar off and put it in a small jar.  Then refill the jar with fresh vinegar to cover the veg and let it sit in the refrigerator

Take some master tonic daily and especially at the times that you may crave and eat junk foods.  I also re-examine my overeating habits, my strength, and clarity of purpose.

I ask myself, what do I need to do to assist my body, immune system, and microbiome.  Then I play charades with myself until I “get it”.   It will be something like, get more sleep, be more single-minded, remove frustration, add more meditation, more forgiveness, use oils, etc.  I can expect it to be always different.  I did this for about 10 years until I let myself trust it but don’t let that stop you from learning and growing with it.


I take the following essential plant oils mixed.  3-4 drops in water with the juice of a lemon.

  • Peppermint
  • Clove bud oil
  • Oregano Oil
  • Thujia
  • Cinnamon leaf


I take these things 4-5 times per day at first and if it is a flu and very mucusy, I will take some enzymes that break through all that mucus.


Hydrogen peroxide is also a very healthy oxidizer for these types of things. Put a half of a jar into a medium about of water in the tub and soak daily until you feel better.

Topical Treatment

Another really cool trick for toothaches is to put a Peroxide whitening strip on the tooth root.  This may need to be done two or three times before the tooth root calms down.

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