The Sugar Addict

It is very common to crave sugar and have the habit get out of control or even stay controlled but not be able to escape.  Did you ever feel like you got kicked in the stomach but no one was touching you?  When it happens with sugars and carbs, that is not you talking to yourself.  That is coming from colonies of parasitic organisms who hide behind jelly biofilms so you can’t detect them.  Then, they jack into your communication system and tell you that you want to eat that thing you KNOW NOT TO EAT!

What is the way out?  Discipline alone doesn’t work.  Not unless you work out until you are buff, keep your focus from distraction on every front and do what you are supposed to do and don’t do what you are not supposed to do.  It is going to come down to Carb Addicts Anonymous!  It wouldn’t be bad to have a “sponsor”,  take it one day at a time, and to do things that can get you strong.

So it isn’t just about discipline, it is also about using things to turn the tables on these microbes.  Here are some steps:

  1. Strengthen your immune system
  2. Exercise to make ketones
  3. Switch your diet to burning fats
  4. Know how to kill the organisms
  5. Use enzymes to cut through the jelly nests
  6. Kill adults, teens, and eggs without letting any get out of reach to resettle somewhere else

These organism colonies are created by you.  You eat carbs, they get bigger, you eat carbs, they get bigger.  etc.  Pretty soon, they are so big that they are bigger than you are!  You can’t take them on.   NOTHING IS BIGGER THAN YOU ARE.  It is a JETI mind trick.  However, you are letting stress get you into a negative spiral.  Stay out of the stress.  Easy right?

Let go of anything you are holding onto.  That’s where detoxification comes in.  People think that these things are expensive, they are not.

  1. Fasting on water
  2. Eating only what you can digest before you sleep
  3. Asking your body what is best for it
  4. Making good habits that you might not even know what they are

Here are some very good daily habits across the board.

  1. Eat small meals of proteins and greens to keep blood sugar stable and avoid binging
  2. Don’t have anything in your gut when you got to sleep
  3. Drink 2 large glasses of distilled water when you first wake up
  4. Drink small amounts of water consistently through the day and work on building it up
  5. Get up and fill your cellular “tank” with the highest, sweetest energy you can find inside
  6. Each day spend ALL your physical energy until you have nothing left.

There are lots of important pieces of information that will piece together the carb addiction for you but mark my words, this will not get better on its own because the microbes adapt and have strong survival instincts.  You need to match them to be the hunter and be strong to build yourself up so that your natural energy eliminates them. Going “after” them won’t work.  It will only scatter them and frustrate you.  They are like ants and roaches, they will still be on the planet when humans aren’t.  Instead, we need to become very strong, vibrant humans by looking only at what is good, vital and alive.  We need to let go of any fears, shames, guilt, weaknesses, that we THINK WE HAVE and actively replace them with an updated version of yourself. Welcome you.2


Here are some resources for carb addiction which are not the place to focus.  so don’t dive in.  Just understand.

Heller The carb addict (books and website)

The bittersweet truth about sugar (youtube)

Rather, focus on how to do it right

Paleo, Keto, GAPS Diet

Eat nothing but oils, greens, and proteins.  Upgrade. Upgrade into infinity.  You can always eat simply better quality food.  You can do better quality exercise, you can do better quality air, water, relations.  Improve the quality of that sweet energy you fill yourself with.

Finally, if you can’t pop it, do service.  Serve others, everywhere you turn. Feed the homeless, touch the elderly, and send good energy through you to others.  Goodness will start to fill you and it will overflow from you and others will notice being touched.

This stuff doesn’t come naturally or we would all be well.

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