Mercury poisoning and what to do about it.

This is a terrific explanation of how liquid dimethyl mercury can affect the body.

There are some things that can be done.  If you know of others, let me know (mimi @

Exposures & Possible Solutions:

Exposure: Your own dental work.   Mercury fillings?  What were we thinking when we put all that into our public?

Possible Solutions:

Oil Pulling:

Holding oil to the Sphenoid Basalar Joing (roof of your mouth) allows the cells to move toxins out and therefore get spit out.  If you are moving metals from the brain it will feel sore and a bit scary.  The body is scared of it.   But they have a way to move it.  You have to be really strong to keep at it and allow the body to pass it’s waste through the oil.  That means don’t stop the daily process. Show up at the same time each day for your body to take its toxic dump.


I have observed heavy metal coming out of my brain stem after taking (3) 1 drop doses of Rerum  as a suppository in one week.  The brain stem felt sore like the strands had to move to let large particles out.  (Perhaps the body surrounded the metal to keep it from leaking – I wish)  I also felt a “storm” of heavy metal like a snow globe as the dust of the event escaped to the area around it but mostly, I had lots of movement of heavy metal including aluminum and mercury.  I got the suppositories from www .



Exposure: The wild west had mercury as a bi-product of gold mining. Many California Rivers have exposure including fish with 3 eyes.   Mercury still exists in the rivers.

Montana Yew:

Capsules made from the tips of a yew bush/tree from the Pacific North West have been  proven to be helpful at recovering the DNA through stories of one research project there.  Fish with 3 eyes began to display proper DNA expression after being exposed to Montana Yew.


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