The Warburg Effect

Simply put, I have always found that not eating sugar made a significant difference in my health.  I have also found that it is 

not easy!

Today I am reading about cancer research from Warburg.   

In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize Physiology or Medicine for his discovery that cancer cells have a fundamentally different energy metabolism compared to healthy cells.

Most experts consider him to be the greatest biochemist of the 20th century. His lab staff also included Hans Krebs, Ph. D., after whom the Krebs cycle was named. The Krebs cycle refers to the oxidative reduction pathways that occur in the mitochondria.

So just how does the metabolic inflexibility of cancer cells differ from healthy cells? A cell can produce energy in two ways: aerobically, in the mitochondria, or anaerobically, in the cytoplasm, the latter of which generates lactic acid — a toxic byproduct. Warburg discovered that in the presence of oxygen, cancer cells overproduce lactic acid. This is known as The Warburg Effect.

It has been straightforward for me.  If the body is too acidic, lower it by eating more dark green vegetables, help the digestion by eating clean protein and making sure you have digestion power to convert your food ALL THE WAY to amino acids.  This requires that we eat no sugars, carbs or alcohol that turn into sugar.  No three lumps every time you have coffee.  Sugar is feeding the bad guys.  Here is the science.

Warburg’s work is what the PET scan is based on.  It finds areas that are up-taking excess glucose.  Get it?  Not all cells are in this boat but the ones that are, NEED YOUR ATTENTION and CARE.

What has worked for me is simply abstain from sugar cravings.   This does a few things for me.

1.  My cells don’t have a massive reservoir of energy to remove sugar from my body.  After I eat too much, the insulin and cortisol start to overproduce.  It will take weeks to remove the flood of sugar I had because I cheated.

2. I want to empower myself by starving the collection of microbial cells that have disturbed metabolism.  At this time, I go to burning oils which burn slow and clean vs. carbs which burns hot and dirty.

3.  Sugars feed retro-viruses.  A very dark malicious virus that produces proteins that re-coded our cellular DNA to the frequency of the virus rather than the frequency of our body.  My immune system can’t reach or repair them back to my body’s healthy tissues and function.

I have always starved myself of excess sugar in order to be healthy.

Not because I want to be thin, but because glucose feeds aberrant cells. And starving them of all carbs really, really helps.

Helping Others

Lots of people can’t see their way to even conceive of this method of abstinence.  It seems too much, unnecessary and they quickly dismiss it.  If there is cancer and if it has a “hold”, the reaction has a common theme.   Quick dismissal!  The aberrant cells are winning.

I see the solution as a way that I can empower myself but it has taken years for me to get a moderate grip on it!  I started 15 years ago!  But now, I am getting much more organized.  

The strongest factor for me of staying straight is emotional stress.  It’s hard to stay straight if I am doing too much or otherwise stressed.  That is the new thing that I track.  Why am I stressing myself and what am I avoiding by doing that.

When I am not stressed, it works much better.  I have built my life on being able to digest my food, my life’s events, and all the mental and emotional issues around me.  When I do that, including not going to bed with food I haven’t digested, I do great.

I now watch the path of growth to health, not the downfall.  It lets me focus positively and not “pick on myself” because the cells are not responding to my immune system.

Here is what helps:

works to encode the cell’s hijacked DNA frequency back online to my body

  • Cistus tea 
  • Origin-22M
  • Rerum/imuno
  • Vidacell

I wish all this health and discipline for you too!  

Put up a chart on your fridge.  (Your relationship  with food)

Count the times you are overwhelmed by the need to stress eat and try to win over that craving!  (PS if you are eating things like sugar and wheat, you are stress eating)

Simply by empowering your health and sticking up for your body, we can get ourselves up and out of a big mess.  How much mess you want to be rid of will dictate how much you support and empower your health.

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