Vectors for healing fibromyalgia

This is a communication on email with someone who has concerns.  I thought I would publish it for those who want to know about how to heal the deepest parts of their energy dysfunction.  I touch on the points as bullet points but I get through it to show you how to do it.  With a little study and elbo grease you could get yourself started.
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Hello Mimi,
I have a few more questions for you as I am going along in my treatment. I am still using the yogurt only topically 1 tsp twice a day. I have continually adjusted the dosage sometimes higher and sometimes lower because it does seem like I have some reactions if it is too high.

Well done.  This is a very good lifetime health habit that will clear many things over time.

I am wondering how to determine the correct dosage.

Your correct dosage is determined by finding how much energy you have to heal yourself.  You need energy to run your body and your life, and to have fun.

Budgeting energy can come from your various accounts.
If it is life threatening, then you use more and take more rests on the couch.
But in general your dosage is best when you are moving, in an upward path and feeling great.
I find that I get in trouble only when my general nutrition is low.  If I crave or get bad microbes, if I increase the quality of my food and supplements, I am back on course.
It seems as though I may have some die-off from candida or something.

Very possibly.  Usually under the candida is some sort of parasitic condition.  Again, good habits will pull you through.

I have some itchiness on my skin and even in my intimate areas and constant draining down my throat (sometimes it’s even green or yellow which makes me think there is some infection or something?)
I would say that you are detoxing!  Make sure that your protein is high enough to keep you grounded and you should be able to “slow down” the rate of detox by digesting that protein.  (Lighter food will make you go too fast.  Like a light sled on ice.  This is not advisable unless you want to put yourself at risk.  Bobsledding can cause other damage to yourself in the area of not being safe on your feet.). so grounded, safe and feeling great.
Minerals are also important.
Meanwhile beside the detox, you also have two symptoms.
Itching is the removal of heavy metals.  This is held in place by bad habits.  They will be reflected by the type of metals that get caught inside.  Like ironing filings on a magnet, there are many different types of magnets that are in the body.
The best way to release heavy metal is let go of your bad habits.  Like the seven deadly sins.
Greed, lust, averse, sloth, anger, etc.  the list is long and it is not something we want to do or know we do.
But regardless of the bind, taking good care of ourselves and letting go of what we used to “hold on to” and getting “better friends” is the key.
I call them good habits.
You will want to take lots of greens specifically cilantro and chlorella to bind the heavy metals.
Also, if you “meditate or pray” and consciously release the electro magnetic charge from the metal particles, it will stop the itching and it will leave through proper channels.  This being the spine to the end and then it is passed through the colon and out the feces.
When it is coming out of everywhere, it is too much detox and not enough exit.
That’s why we go slowly and condition the exits before we start going on the “double diamond” runs.
Slow down your dose and increase meat.
If you are a vegetarian, you still need to increase your protein so that you stay grounded.
Minerals.  Lots of them.  This will help the spine to build containment for your heavy load.
You probably want to keep this email and make an appt with me to figure out how to work this all out.
What minerals, greens and proteins  work and how many.  You can pick up on the accessories page.  It is called an energetic healing session.
It’s not required, and I am not licensed to “tell you what to do”. But I can help with over the counter type choices and save you lots of time and money.

Green would be infection.

and some headaches.Are these normal detox reactions?

No.  You shouldn’t be having headaches.  This is an indication of the parasitic condition.  If the headache is a low dull throb in the back of the head, near the neck area.

If not, describe headache.
I have found that on this dose I feel more energetic but I still have pain from the fibromyalgia.

One thing at a time.  The FM is from loss of energy in the cell cycle.  That can be too many things and it is best to get some of these layers off before we can get that whole picture into scope.

It’s kind of like layers of lasagna.  Yeast candida on top. Then parasitic condition, if there is a lack of oxygen the cells will turn blue.
Look under your tongue.  AT mirror, look at your tongue and lift it up.  Are the blood vessels blue?  That is a good reading of your gut under there.  Get yourself breathing and exercising so that you are getting oxygen to your body.  Detox baths help but breathing is the best way to get your pH, hormones, and oxygen cycles balanced.  It also cuts through the layers and gets you closer to the FM.
There are also things you can do that will bring the cells back into balance faster.  You can login to the site and look in the search for Yew capsules.  Or just Yew and pick the capsules.  This is a very good way to get the cells into balance as quickly as possible.  It clears the heavy metals out of the cells and then the imuno can turn on the energy.
Again, how and when and how much need to be designed.
I am unsure if I should up the dose and risk more detox symptoms.

No.  You are already releasing, more will only release potentially magnetized metals and make you miserable

Or kill more parasites than you can get out the door.
They would be dead and start to become septic before you released it causing infection that is harder to deal with than what you are doing.
Go slowly, get some movement.
Remove the carbs from diet to not invite them to relocate and have food.
Go into the burning oil diet with a few tablespoons of oil per day.  FRESH ORGANIC oils.  Not too much.  Just enough to make a light oil/water emollient lotion out of your body.  One that is delicious and happy to live in.
Think of oil as clothing, it needs to be comfortable, breathable and healthy.  The body uses it as soap to clean the cells.  It has been reviewed and rewritten that healthy fats actually cause you to loose weight and gain clarity but it has to be right.  Not too much or too little.
It can do a lot of good on all levels since we can use it for fuel and our hitchhikers cannot.  They go elsewhere.
Or go dormant
I also began taking the psyllium husk powder and bentonite which seems to be aiding in the detox.

Not too much pls.

How can I aid the detox in the most painless way so that I feel the best I can from a fibro point of view?

Follow what I am saying here.  Make your own notes.

Track how you feel about each of these baselines and see what your adjustments do to you.
Keep watching for your break in power.  Most of it for the FM is that people are doing too much.  There is so much work piled on top of them that they can’t do it and don’t see that.  They use it to distract from feelings of emptiness, etc.
It is far better to have the feelings than use all your life energy to distract and then wallow in the uncleaned up mess.  It is better to have the feelings, get them out, and then use all the newly recovered energy for healthy habits and getting through your housework so you can live a clean happy, well adjusted life.
It seems that when I was taking more I had less fibro pain

That’s important to track and find those balances.

Do you understand tracking.  1-10 on a scale and check a box everyday.
Do it on a spreadsheet with the symptom on the vertical and the dates across the top.
You will have to test al the things I am talking about
Including grounding, how much pain, how clean your house is, how happy you are.  All the habits you are building, etc.
but I am scared I will unleash some scary virus or something.

You probably do have a scary virus that wants to come out of you.  It is scary because your body takes lots of energy to contain it.

Stop feeding it.  No carbs.  Then it will at least weaken and you won’t be scared.
Oil pulling as a consistent habit will be the eventual area where you handle this.
Don’t judge about being scared.
It’s like getting old, it will happen.  But if you build your habits to take care of the viruses then less fear and more happiness.
Is that something I should be concerned about?

Ask yourself again after reading what I have begun to build for you.  You let me know if you can shift into confidence.

Your immune system can’t take out a virus if you have built it stronger than it by eating sugar and carbs.
It will get too big to get it out.
You have to get it to go dormant,  put it in jail and then do the prisoner transport to get it out.
The fear and concern is from letting it get too powerful and not containing it.
Containing it is not eating sugars and carbs.
Balancing your food, water and supplements, oils
And movement and breathing.  Track it all.
Soon, you will see the tool Good habits and taking very good care of yourself and letting the feelings out from underneath that you are distracting yourself from.
We all do this.  I am not singling you out.
I also was wondering about taking probiotics seperately since I am only taking the yogurt topically at the moment? Would there be a conflict?

Yes.  The probiotics could alter the formula since it is built on a ratio.  Besides, more probiotics are not necessary.  If they are, take more topically and soon you will want to take some internally as well.  That’s fine but once you get your tracking going, you will begin to understand what is too much.  You will see it multidimensionally since all these things relate.

It is more work but very, very enlightening.
I have seen some food intolerances come back since I took the antibiotics in August

Yes. The antibiotics will damage the digestion because you don’t have what you need to digest your food.

If you are done with the need for antibiotics, consider rebuilding your good gut flora with Bravo internally at very small doses, like put a spoon into the yogurt and swish it in water.  It is a very, very small amount but your shouldn’t react to it.
That and all the other things here to look at.  This is when I can best help you.  When you start turning all the systems into the right direction and stop resisting the simple feeling that we all repress, we can get the wind back into our sails.
and I can tell my gut has regressed and I feel the need to give it some attention. I am worried to use the suppositories because I don’t want to have a detox reaction to it. Is that a concern I should have?

Maybe…. We know your gut is in need of rebuilding.

We know. You are already at your rate of detoxing.
Suppositories can be a good idea if
They are very gentle and low in potency
Not used very often
You see, they are a different place than skin.
So you can take a little bit and not rock the boat.
With FM it’s all about balancing the boat and you wanting to rock it really hard to distract from things that you don’t want to feel.
And usually, there is a spiky defense.  Meaning you will bite anyone who wants to get near those hurtful feelings.  You want a life, in this lifetime?  Deal with the painfulness.  It is a much more direct, fully lined up way to deal with the symptoms than anything else.  It is dead on.  The feelings are hurtful but once you connect with them they clear in a few minutes and you are free.
You have let go of all the energy that was used to hold them down and keep them “safe”.
“Safety”/defensive patterns take the place of healthy patterns.  If you can really find the courage to connect and let them up, you will “know”.
It’s a reckoning inside but all the tracking will help.
Here is an incomplete example:
Yes, you put more energy into the right direction and all things start to level out and head up.
It keeps you honest.
It keeps you focused on where you want to be.
It acknowledges where you are.
But there is one thing that happens that is unexpected:
You start to realize that you ARE changing.
Usually we aren’t paying enough attention so this becomes a vital redirection of the energy into NEW GROWTH.
The vectors of Tabatha’s healing
Sun 9/29/18
10 highest
Transient things that are popping up right now
green mucus in throat
Strengtheners in the food department
dark green leafy vegetables. (percentage of goal. goal = 10 oz)
meats or proteins (percentage of goal. goal = 10 oz)
Strengtheners in the supplement department
Amino Acids
The emollient cleansing
Water (percentage of goal. goal = ? oz)
Oil (also known as cellular soap) (percentage of goal. goal = 1 oz)
Holding of repressed emotion
amount of work piled on top of repressed emotions
defensive patterns that hide the hurt
energy used to provide safety from defended territory
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