Your Third Brain

Your Third Brain

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Pearls from the Your Third Brain: The Revolutionary Discovery to Achieve Optimum Health

  1. The key difference in survival (cancer) is nutrition and the immune system.  Pg 38. In the US and Europe, most people are malnourished Malnutrition is described as the improper balance of three out of four macronutrients: carbs, sugars, proteins, lipids
  2. Microbial strains may hold the key to who we are.  Pg 150 Different microbial strains give us different behaviors aspects such as courage or honesty. You can positively influence your behavior by discovering microbes that give you qualities.
  3. You are what you eat is no joke! Page 151. Food is essentially genetic information which our genes interpret and pass on.  We will suffer if our food is genetic info that is corrupted or incomplete (depleted)
  4. The team worked for months on this premise: Pg217 The most negatively charged molecule in the organic universe was associated with the hydrophobic liquids. Just as if oil and water could uniformly and spontaneously mix.
  5. Then the team worked for years on this premise: (also a paradigm shift) Pg 218-9. That heparin actually directly inhibited the proliferation of cancer cells in vitro (does not imply a “cure”). Heprin seems to perform a novel type of anticancer surveillance on our bodies and then internalized from cell wall.  This info was not accepted prior to their work.  Binding of heparin disturbed the function of DNA of cancer cells in such a way that they couldn’t replicate.  Vitamin D, more like a hormone, than a vitamin was studied.
  6. More secrets revealed Pg 223 Learning about intercellular receptor and Vit D binding protein (Gc) The team showed that the brain is directly connected to the immune system through lymphatic vessels (new science) Pg 229 Autism, Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis are connected to disorders with this connection

This is the practice of using 21st-century medical tech along with boosting the body’s own internal combative systems.  Stimulating the immune system kicks it into high gear and in many cases is able to use that infection to fight cancer.  This kind of boost gives the body something it can fight and it begins to fight all the fights.  

Dr. William Coley was the father of immunotherapy.  He found references from the used 13th century upon which he built his cancer research.  This research went dormant for 50 years.  Dr. Ruggiero revitalized it and much of his work is based upon it.

From Mimi and all of us that are impacted by this work.

Dr. Ruggiero:   Our thanks to you and your team for endless hours of study and keeping yourselves open to the information as it impinges upon you with new revelations.  Then there is the dedication to hold the whole picture and the mechanics on so many levels of how it all fits together. There is also the strength to express it into a world that at times resists change.  To you and your team…  OUR THANKS, SUPPORT, and GRATITUDE!

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