Autism Summary of References

This is a page of various deeper topics.  Each one will lead to another page rather than making a book here.

Dr. Ruggiero the inventor of Bravo Yogurt and imuno has been the Keynote Speaker at AutismOne Conference for many years.

Rerum (German manufacture) was replaced by imuno (New Zealand manufacture) in late summer of 2018.



AutismOne Conference 2015 – Dr. Marco Ruggiero’s presentation

Around minute 40 when he talks about the protocol, this is what inspired me to make Bravo Protocol Caps available for sale.


AutismOne Conference 2106 – Dr. Marco Ruggiero’s presentation


AutismOne Conference 2017


AutismOne Conference 2018


2/28/19 Clinical-Experience-of-Integrative-Autism-treatment-with-imuno-28Feb19

AutismOne Conference 2019 – May Chicago

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