Radiation Protection

5 Ways to Protect Yourself From Radiation

Radiation is compromised of lots of tiny particles that emit gamma rays, etc. and burn like being hit by very tiny fires. To some extent, a strong body can endure! So how can we be our strongest so that we can endure levels of radiation?

1. The thyroid is a shield that protects us. To keep your thyroid safe, keep yourself and your environment charged with healthy energy. In this case, “healthy” can be defined as being charged with negative ions. Negative ions are created naturally by ocean waves, water falls and rain storms where water sheers the air. There are also mechanical generators as Living Air ionizers. We want to keep the stress off of the thyroid as much as possible by keeping ourselves filled with healthy energy and spend less time in front of our favorite monitor or TV screen.

2. The radiation takes away our ability to respond. We can protect our response function by giving the body, mind and emotions what they need to feel like they are ready for anything. What do you need . . . to always be at your best?

  • lots of water
  • minerals to keep the connections moving
  • vitamins for raw materials to make what is needed
  • oils for lubrication of the moving parts
  • eliminate foods that are hard to digest
  • a good night’s sleep (to sleep by 10PM)
  • exercise (20 minutes of sweating)
  • simplifying life to remove stress
  • peace of mind

3. Grounding. Radiation is directly related to the planet. Gathering your resources from the ground and using the earth’s polarity to push off stress and radiation are key. Spend at least 15 minutes per day grounding yourself by:

  • Being barefoot on the earth
  • Eating lots of protein
  • Wading or swimming in a natural body of water
  • Planting hands or feet into the dirt like gardening
  • Using copper wire from your skin into the earth.

4. Some of you are looking for enhancers for the body specifically for radiation. Not all of these options are right for everyone so find out what is right for you or ask us to help you.

  • Gensing – helps to regulate the radiation
  • Kelp – is bio-available iodine
  • Fulvic Acid
  • Mega Hydrate
  • Zeolite
  • Chlorella – 40% more chlorophyll
  • ashwagandha – helps with stress of oxidation.
  • Sea salt is very helpful to detox
  • Salty Miso
  • Reshie Mushroom
  • Hi doses of vit C (bowel tolerance)
  • Selenium – almonds & brazil nuts
  • magnesium – (calms)
  • coconut cream and products – like cream cheese.

5. Why is everyone talking about potassium iodine? Iodine is used by the body and particularly by the thyroid. Depletion is considered an emergency by your body. Here is how to tell if you need iodine.

  1. Take a bottle of Iodine and stain the skin on your wrist for a few seconds until you have a deep yellow stain.
  2. Time the number of hours it takes for the stain to be absorbed into the skin. (you can wash)
    1. 0 -1.5 hours = emergency
    2. 1.5 – 6 hours = severe depletion
    3. 6 – 18 hours = depleted
    4. 18-24 hours = requires vigilance and action
    5. 24+ hours = adequate
  3. Most people have some level of deficiency. The treatment and the diagnosis are the same. You can continue to stain your skin until your levels are high.
  4. Wait a week and test again.

Radiation Detection Map
Find out for yourself if there is elevated radiation in your area. The power of the internet is that civilians can report independently with their personal equipment. Locate your area on this map.

Even if there is no direct fall-out in your area, particles can be carried on clothing, shoes, upper atmosphere and aircraft.



Everyone is different. We custom build programs to build strong and confident bodies that are able to handle every day stress. Build your sweet new body and go for a test drive today. Call for an appointment at 760-943-8044 or sign up here.

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