I Am – The Movie. The SHIFT is about to hit the fan.

Why didn’t I think to make a difference in the world? Oh, wait a minute. . . I have made a difference. I have changed my outlook, inspired others, been generous to a fault, used myself as an example, dug so deep that I changed everything for the better and I am willing to help others in a very deep way to do the same. So what is going on?

Every one of us now has a deep message within us about moving on a shift of consciousness. Whether, we stop to listen to it or not, it is present. It is the dawning of a new age. We are emerging from two fish swimming around and around, always aware of each other into the consciousness of the “We are One”. We are moving into The Age of Aquariuos. . . . Aquarrrriiiiiiooooous. Yeah, now you know how old I am 😉

There is a shift in consciousness from a polarizing “us/them” to the “Harmony and understanding, sympathy and peace aboouunding.” This is the diminishing of racism, the wealthy class, and withholding needs from the poor and each other. Both sides are involved! Those that hoard and those that don’t claim are equally as guilty of creating the separation.

Want more understanding of this marvelous concept? Do you want to have more money? More health? Less negativity? Why not! It is the new age to share equally, so as the wealthy surrender, the working class must surrender from the “spell” as well. That would be all of us! This is the time to melt the “spell” of negativity that says, “there isn’t enough for me because they have it all.” Sorry, that is done now. Get up, get your bowl and get to the flow of circulation of wealth and abundance and claim YOURS.

Go inside. Directly under everything you are doing is a stream of energy which has to do with everyone. You can tap into that. Is it spiritual? Maybe, maybe not. Horses go inside and they can hear the whole herd. Birds know when to turn as a flock because they are tuned into each other. It isn’t hard or scary. It is a shift into a different frequency, like a radio station where we are all together.

I highly recommend that you check out this movie to understand the nature of who we are at these deeper levels.

I Am – The Movie.
The shift is about to hit the fan.

‘I AM’ the documentary reconnects us to ourselves through a new story that reminds us of who we are–not who we were taught to be. The result is positive, uplifting, hopeful and resonant. As a frequent meditator, it put, me pulled me into a blissful meditative state that remained through my dreams and into the next morning. Though I was already familiar with much of the information in the film, the clips of conversations with the “great minds” presented and the exquisite use of images assisted in resonating with the truths expressed on even deeper levels. The friend with whom I saw the ‘I AM’ agreed it was wonderful. I asked him if there was anything he didn’t like about it. “Yes”, he answered, “that it didn’t last longer.” The fact that Tom’s Shadyak turned a “tragic” life event into such a beautiful contribution to the world through the strength of his spirit and his talent as a movie maker, combined with the changes in lifestyle he made as a result of the exploration described in the film, made it’s message all the more credible and powerful.


Director Tom Shadyac (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Bruce Almighty) reveals how his near-fatal cycling accident forever altered his perception of the Hollywood rat race, and inspired him to make some profound personal changes in a bid to create a better world. At first, doctors told Shadyac he might never walk again. Incredibly, just a few years later, the man behind some of Hollywood’s biggest comedies was back on his feet. But his outlook on the world had been inexorably altered, and shortly thereafter, Shadyac relocated from his posh L.A. home to a modest mobile home community. In this film, we follow the filmmaker as he discusses his life-altering experience while attempting to gain a stronger grasp on the human condition by speaking with such noted thinkers as Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, and Lynne McTaggart. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Thom Hartman interviews with Tom Shadvac about the film:



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