Why do I feel so terrible when I do this work??

Detoxing is just that. Toxins are removing. Most people are consistently hiding their toxins. You are releasing them, that is how you will feel better. There are areas of plaque in the body that will house things from your past. As they dissolve or release, they must have a free passage out or they will recirculate. We must build your strength and then . . . you will feel the body clearing the toxins. No. You aren’t being poisoned. But poison is near and you need your strength to carry it all safely out.

Here is a story to validate this:

A Fascinating Story: Not everything we absorb is removed.

A retired Navy Seal was living in Hawaii.
He had splendid results extracting mucoid plaque. For whatever reason, he decided to hang the mucoid “ropes” on his clothes line, instead of flushing them down the toilet like most people do. After it had dried he decided to play a joke on a friend of his in California who had convinced him to do the cleanse. He took a real humdinger of a piece and carefully coiled it in a wooden bowl, packaged it up and hauled it off to the Post Office, intending for it to be delivered to his friend.

A few days went by and there was a knock on the door. Two large-sized Military Policemen suspiciously asked if they could come in the house and talk with him. They asked what was in the box that he tried to mail to the mainland? Of course he wanted to know why they wanted to know, and they said that all mail that is sent to the mainland from Hawaii passes through inspections at Pearl Harbor; specially trained dogs learn to smell drugs and explosives, and they picked out his package. “What did they pick out?” he asked, “Drugs or explosives?” And they replied with serious concern; “Explosives.” They continued to explain that they x-rayed his package, but no one could fathom its contents. The x-rays triggered greater suspicion, so they took the package out on a runway and blew it up.

They again asked: “What was in that package?” So he attempted to explain it to them, but obviously, it was rather hard to believe. One of the MP’s asked: “Do you have any more of this stuff?” “Sure,” he said, “I have a whole clothes line full of it. Come out in the back and I’ll show you.” With their pistols drawn, they suspiciously stepped out on the back porch and viewed the many leathery ropes hanging on the clothes line. Sure enough, just as he said, there was plenty there and I’m sure that he even offered to sell it to them. As it turned out, the man to whom the mucoid plaque belonged used to handle explosives with his bare hands when he was in the Navy. Apparently, explosive particles passed through his skin and eventually ended up in his bowels, absorbed and bound in mucoid plaque and had remained there for over 20 years.

~ Rich Anderson

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