Q: Is there a difference between Bravo Yogurt and imuno?  

Q: Is there a difference between Bravo Yogurt and imuno?                                                              (I am happy with my yogurt.  Do I need imuno?)


A:  Bravo Yogurt and imuno are built to work together and can be used separately but they are not the same.  Both of them lift and turn on the immune system.  They do so in separate ways. They are both restoratives!  In my experience, imuno works faster to remove disease from a cellular environment and lifts the innate immune system.  Bravo builds a factory supplying many functional needs of the body.  Neither one can be ignored since they are needed.

Bravo GcMAF Probiotic Yogurt “sets up” its factory by attaching to the mucosa lining.  This is the gut lining in the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, small and large intestine and lymph.  It’s “factory” reads our body specifically and replenishes the chemistry components as needed to balance your body needs in a customized way for each individual.  More specifically, it has been specifically designed by to create GcMAF which makes it different from any other probiotic yogurt or drink!  GcMAF is the molecule that turns on the immune system.  Thanks to Dr. Ruggiero who studied the yogurt, microbiota, and the immune system, Bravo Yogurt is designed it to supplement the natural system of immunity ignition that takes place in the Vitamin D function and our vital defenses.

Those who have low Vitamin D, feel gloomy and powerless most likely have viruses which have accumulated in the body.  These viruses have a world of their own and when they get activated and fed by a constant stream of carbs and sugars, they begin to nest and reproduce more rapidly.  They use the biofilm from their nest to glue down the doors that the GcMAF would naturally come out of leaving us with a feeling of helplessness and “I can’t win.”  This turns into lack of confidence!  Breaking that cycle is what we do!

One key factor in breaking the cycle of viruses and sugars is to go on a low carb no sugar diet.  The doctor recommends, the Ketogenic Diet which provides plant-based food which has the DNA of the plant’s immune system and protein for strength. This food does not create micro-inflammation which clogs the drainage process. This diet gives us a leg up on getting the easily completing digestion so that we can move on to detoxifying disease.

Also, easily digestible plant food s and healthy oils helps us by saving resources!  You could imagine if each day someone came into your home and lit off a bomb of goo that exploded all over your house!  It would make you anxious and overwhelmed.  Yet do you know that you even do that?    Being mindful and making less clean up allows us to move a forward productive direction.  Do you even know that you are blocking your forward movement?  The gut gets slippery and we loose our “grip” for forward movement.   It is easily fixable and even saves you money.  But it is work because you will start making progress digesting your emotions.

Digestion takes energy!  Eat only what your body needs!!  Don’t eat to push down your emotions.  Digest everything before you go to sleep and your body will rumble and grumble as it digests the emotions and thoughts of the day.  This will reduce the clean up in so many ways.  Add some clean healthy, filtered or spring water to bring a little gurgling brook to clean your system.  Remember!  Undigested food has access to go straight to your brain and create fatigue.  Don’t want that?  Simple awareness is often curative!

Use your freed energy to heal. Bravo Yogurt costs about $30 or less per month.  It makes customized nutrition, it will lead you to eat better if you pay attention, it created GcMAF and begins to turn on your immune system in weeks.  You will feel lighter, brighter, more confident, forward moving, and the gears start to work together.  I think of it as a good food.  It is like fasting in that it takes the toxins from deep inside the layers of tissues and it turns on essential functions in a cascade but that isn’t all!  When the immune system turns on, I begin to feel more aware, more confident, younger, more efficient, more productive, and more connected with myself.  I am more connected to WHO I AM in an essential way.


imuno® The Solution cleans and restores. It takes its chondroitin sulfate and adheres itself to the cell walls.  This is the collective brain of the body waking up the brain power and cellular power. The phospholipids act as a mild but very sparkly natural “soap” and once clean, your cells have better visibility and awareness and can find it’s comfort in being our best self back again! Then the penetrating rays of the sun through the form of Vitamin D moves into the power centers of the cells and turns them on.

The imuno works in a small specific area at first, about the size of a softball. By continued application doses of a few drops 2 times per week, it can keep that area clean and move the actualized area out to a greater size.   Take care not to take too much or the body will need more power to keep you lively while the imuno’s process is moving out everything these awakened cells don’t need.  Don’t be surprised if your outer life-based behavior begins to change and becomes more efficient and you enjoy cleaning more spontaneously.  “Easy does it”. You are creating an excellent flow that you have the resources to manage.

Both the Bravo GcMAF and the imuno keep the tissue more alive both within the cell and in the fluids around the cells.  They remove pollution and growth of unwanted microbial activity and remove long standing celluar communities of bad microbes.  The Bravo Yogurt keeps the motion fluid and shimmers the tissue keeping it alive and wholesome.  The two together are like having the movers and cleaners come and clean up the inner environment. Life changes!!  You become more efficient.  Hopefully, you will get the things out of your way which weigh you down!   Like maintenance everywhere, it will need to be done regularly.  The results of this effort are comfort and healthy.  They leave you to move forward, be more efficient at what you know you can do, and to enjoy life.

How to use imuno

There are several applications for using imuno.  It can be applied sublingually (drops under the tongue), by a topical salve (that works as an injection), enteric-coated capsules to activate the solar plexus area, or suppositories to activate the pelvic area.  It can also be used under medical care as an injection into an issue or tumor site or used as an IV.    In my experience, suppositories are especially needed for long term use an can give access to an opening at the back of the sacrum that opens into the spinal area.  Cleaning the area inside the spine removes heavy metals, bacteria, and viruses that have been growing there for a long time.  Using suppositories in this way is like cleaning a soapy bottle until it removes the diseases.

Lastly, the Vit D penetrates into the cells, turning on its mitochondria and powerful systems that were asleep due to lack of ignition and fuel.  You will feel great changes in 4 months of doing imuno as the literature now shows us.  imuno® also cleans out everything around the cells too. It makes an amazing clarity and grace where everything is working and easier.  Externally, you might experience less struggle and more strength  to get the job done.

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