Dr Ruggiero gives a talk on Coronavirus COVID-19

Dr Ruggiero told us that he has worked for many years with things like the HIV virus.  (Late 80’s)

He told us of some Chinese research which was published on a public research domain that shows the Coronavirus Kovid19, has spikes that are the same as HIV.  He said that the  part about the HIV type spikes has been proven to be true.  However, the conclusions about how this happened are still in debate.

Therefore, theoretically, the drugs that work for HIV should work for Coronavirus Kovid19.   No tests have been done at this point, but Dr. Ruggiero says that theoretically that makes sense.

Dr Ruggiero said that the HIV virus spikes and the Coronavirus spikes are very strongly polarized. He states that the things that he has “built into” Bravo Yogurt and imuno have the polarity components to neutralize this aspect of the Coronavirus.  Therefore anyone who has a deficiency in these areas can increase their ability to have the necessary environment in their body to neutralize it.

These are the same things that we have been talking about at www.bravocoop.com and www.imunothesolution.com.  Further, our shopping cart has specific info about each product.  Please login to see all products available.


Bravo Yogurt


This is Dr. Ruggiero’s recording.  I have asked him for the TCM paper and his slides or reference section and I will post it here as soon as I get it.

Please direct your questions to Mimi Castellanos 760-815-8830

We will have a Q&A with Dr. Ruggiero as soon as we can get on the schedule.

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