Cafe Castellanos Quarentini 2020

Richard and I are doing very well. It helps so much to not have a mortgage!  That was the trade off of coming to Florida.

We bought our house after the shuttle program ended and all the engineers had to move.

it was down to half price and now with Space x & Blue Origin 

there is construction at the Kennedy Space Center and Tesla’s at our post office.  Yeah!

Otherwise, it is small town, big warm oceans, and lots & lots of nature.

It can really rain here.

We are part of the fabric now and zoom has helped so much 

to stay connected with everyone.

If nothing else comes of this, we know we can be together.

We should indulge ourselves to zoom socially as well.

The kids are doing well.

Ben, My oldest just turned 30.  He is a commercial pilot and flight instructor in San Diego.

He is back to work and very busy again.

Tiffany is a hair stylist in the Gas Lamp district and together they started a mail box

business for custom hair treatment.  Ko just turned 4. 


Michael and Sydney, aka “The Tall Beauties” are 28 yrs old. “Corona in the City” shut down fine dining where Michael is a 3 Michelin Star chef at La Bernadine.

Michael’s restaurant asked him if he wanted to handle a private party in the Hampton’s as he has done in the past. But this time, he did so under his own name as a chef and is actualizing his value as the community welcomed them and their work with open arms. I think they had a private bidding war. 😉

They packed for the weekend and haven’t been back except to get some more clothes. They have a suite in the multi-million dollar mansion with acres of private beach, golf, pool and chauffeur. Good, eh? 


In NYC, Michael’s wife Sydney is a manager at Made Nice, a store front and catering arm of Eleven Madison Park (named best restaurant in the world in 2017).


Currently, Michael and Sydney are exploring how to balance family and career. This summer offers some interesting alternatives including a pastry shop in town in the Hamptons.

Pasted Graphic.tiff

Life is rich for us in our casa and our hearts. 

We have just done parts of our yard over.  The organic veggie gardens and hydroponics for micro greens and quick herbs like parsley & cilantro are in place.

I am busy at work as a national distributor for health products from Switzerland that are outstanding in action and quality. There is a nano sized fatty acid, vitamin D, vegan chondroitin sulfate product that cleans out and turn up the body function of the imune system, detox system and digestion with “off the chart” action. We need professional help getting the word out and growing our company.

We are also building a patio and summer kitchen. Which is lots of fun.

Richard is immersed in the space program, playing the piano, and his meditation and routine of course. He is working as a tour guide at the space center visitor’s complex and we want you all to come visit. He is the commentator to the crowd at the launches and is the assistant to the astronauts when they come and do special lunch engagements with the crowd. He has found his nerd herd.


We love being grandparents!

Richard & Mimi

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