Rapid Complete Recovery From An Autism Spectrum Disorder After Treatment of Aspergillus With The Antifungal Drugs Itraconazole And Sporanox


Case Study: Rapid Complete Recovery From An Autism Spectrum Disorder After Treatment of Aspergillus With The Antifungal Drugs Itraconazole And Sporanox

Case Reports

. 2020 Aug;19(4):20-27.


  • PMID: 33132781
  • PMCID: PMC7572136 (available on 2021-08-01)

Context: A child with symptoms placing him within the autism spectrum and with urine biochemical markers consistent with fungal (Aspergillus) colonization of the gastrointestinal tract was first treated with the antifungal probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii. A dramatic Herxheimer reaction provided strong clinical indications that mold colonization might be a factor in causing autism in this child.

Objective: The child’s physician (Baker) wished to try a more potent antifungal therapy, itraconazole, in an attempt to reverse the child’s autism since itraconazole is an especially effective agent against Aspergillus species.

Setting: The child was treated as an outpatient by the physician who had first diagnosed the child with an autism spectrum disorder.

Participant: A child with an autism spectrum disorder.

Intervention: The major intervention was increasing doses of the antifungal drug itraconazole. However, the Sporanox® brand of itraconazole gave the best results. The child was monitored twice weekly with liver function tests which remained normal throughout the therapy.

Results: The child had a complete recovery from all the symptoms of autism and in addition developed excellent academic, athletic, and musical skills. The recovery coincided with a marked reduction of urine markers of Aspergillus colonization.

Conclusions: Escalation of the dose of itraconazole resulted in a complete loss of all symptoms of autism over the course of three months. This rapid complete reversal of autism is consistent with several articles proposing mold in general and Aspergillus specifically as a potential major cause of autism.

From: https://www.medicinenet.com/aspergillus_infection_aspergillosis/article.htm

The cause of an Aspergillus infection is a fungus (mold) that may, if conditions are favorable, spread and damage tissue and human organs. However, most people breathe in Aspergillus spores (conidia) daily with no ill effects. In general, people who develop any type of Aspergillus infection have risk factors that have airway compromise and/or weak immune systems.

Complete reversal of autism achieved in a child by using anti-fungal medication 

In a recent case study, a child had a complete recovery from all the symptoms of autism and in addition, developed excellent academic, athletic, and musical skills.  The recovery coincided with a reduction of urine markers for Aspergillus colonization. (mold)   We all inhale mold spores on a daily basis.  The difference between us and someone who is sickened by it is the strength of our immune system.

We recently tested some children on how strong they were at resisting various diseases.  (Immunity) We found some small number of diseases that the kids were not strongly able to resist.   We then realized that this “cluster” of weaknesses were related to each other and an emotional suppression which affected the weaknesses.   Things like helplessness or anxiety but were different for each person.

We then found things to strengthen the emotional issues and the result was that the children’s ability to respond to the diseases also strengthened and they were ability to resist the diseases.

I use imuno cream on my skin around my nose and mouth to help keep my systems “clear and strong” to resist Covid-19.  When I do this, I have an unexpected benefit.  My tummy beginning to gurgle and churn.   I wasn’t hungry or digesting.  This gut noise meant that I was digesting emotionally!  I know if I can stick with it for a moment, it will be done, gone and wow!

Most of us don’t really like to process in this way because it is uncomfortable emotionally to review upsetting things.  But the evidence is clear that when we face them and let them work their way out, we feel way better.  We literally need to digest them.  When I lift the suppression or excessive behavior, my tummy does rumble and I do indeed process.  Its needed & liberating.

Now, I use Bravo Yogurt to “summon my guts” and face things and allow them to process without pushing.  I watch the body’s behavior for feedback.  No noise is no joy!  Imuno keeps my systems up and running even when I don’t know what those needs are.   I do know how not to suppress with excesses.  It is the edge of prevention!

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