Getting the Illusive Energy We Need

Getting All The Way Well . . .

Means getting the Illusive Energy We Need

You could imagine feeling like a kid again.  There is more than stress involved in that feeling of being “off”.  

  • No matter what you do, you can’t loose weight
  • The world seems to be loosing it’s charm to be able to renew us.  (No it isn’t them.)        
  • Your batteries don’t recharge
  • The reasons aren’t obvious

What has changed so much?  For one, we are an accumulation of a few generations of bad habits that don’t support us.  Plus a bunch of new cultural changes that don’t work.

  • As a culture, we believe factory built chemicals can sustain us.
  • Our drinking water is heavily tainted with drugs, killing even its healthy neighbors
  • The air which used to be regenerative is full of exhaust, pollution, and chemtrails
  • The earth is warming up under us like it’s in a microwave . .er . . .  and . . . it is in one.  
  • Competing signals like EMF are like our own body’s signals but they can tangle
  • Our regenerative resources are not replenishing fast enough and being removed more quickly without regard to what our natural bodies need


Our soil, air, water and magnetic energies are clogged with EMF type broadcasts that stop our systems from receiving the regenerative signals we used to receive.  Our own body’s wireless system works similarly and we can get lost in what is our own.  We need to sort that out.  We won’t be able to drive cars with heavy doses of wireless and  have our health survive.  (Even Nicola Tesla had a plan)  Nothing short of removal of clogging signals and adding regenerative signals will due.  Begin to focus on what restores us.  

EMF is radiation.  Dr. Ruggiero is learning that our cells cells can be taught to sustain greater levels of radiation by finding organisms that are good at it and finding that they can teach our organisms.  This is good!  (And we have to wait for it).  He drops hints.

First things first.  We need to have the “teaching organisms” within us.  That would be the ones in Bravo Yogurt.  They set up a microbiome which will complete us and eventually teach us to protect ourselves.  His new product is being patented and is not yet available.   But we are putting the pieces together!!  Here is what we know.

  1. Bravo Yogurt is restorative to our bodies and increases the communication and function of our systems.   The microbiome is what learns to become more resilient to radiation!  We need to continue to build this Bravo microbiome and it’s communication network.  Check here for more on Bravo Yogurt
  2. The hints that Dr. Ruggiero is giving us is to use imuno, yogurt, and GABA topically 1 hour before going to sleep.  This will build a microbiome on the skin, increase the movement within the skin and turns on the power.
  3. Get to bed early for restful rejuvenating sleep.  The best energy in our sleep comes at the beginning of the cycle.  For more on rejuvenating sleep see this article.
  4. Limit tech and turn off our wi-fi systems to cut unnecessary signals to our bodies.  We can then protect our own communication network by having less signal.

One simple thing we can do . . . 1 hour before sleep

To increase restorative sleep and pull us out of “Shallow Sleep Syndrome” we use what we call “E-ZZZs” by taking 4 capsules 1 hour before bed it resets the metabolic restoration process in about 180 days.  (Other ways to do a reset are GAPS diet and “give it all” exercise).  The ingredients of E-ZZZs are melatonin, ashwaganda, 5-HTP, l-theonine, magnesium, zinc, arginine, and lysine.  (Plus going to bed early).  You are going to love the restorative properties it provides to our sleep, to your nervous system, and digestion!   I received more energy, auto weight loss and restorative properties.   Tell your body to re-make YOUR BODY into your best body ever.  Keep the Light on.

To purchase E-ZZZs click here

Fill yourself with the healthiest of frequencies – Always Love in All Ways

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