Bravo Yogurt gets an “Organic Swiss” Colostrum Upgrade

Puzzled by the new look of the colostrum powder?

Bravo Yogurt Gets an Upgrade

When Bravo Yogurt began over 10 years ago, the starter powders were all made in Switzerland. But in 2016, the FDA had a chat with Dr. Ruggiero about being able to sell it in the USA and wanted FDA approved colostrum. Thus, they got FDA approved colostrum and the people of the USA rejoiced to have Bravo! 

Now, the yodeling cows are back! The colostrum is now 100% Swiss and organic from certified suppliers and strictly tested of course.

The colostrum will be more yellow and a bit more oily than before due to the ingredients changing their source. Assurances of its performance were given!

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