Do you care enough to restore yourself?

Watch this inspirational video:

My clients who restore themselves all have some basic similarities as this video.

  1. They all have a basic premise of deserving the goodness.  (at a deep level this is not that easy!  Lip  service is easy, that is the mind.  But deeply? That is different.)
  2. They keep after what they want and ask for it.  (I don’t have to follow up.  They do.)
  3. They are organized, work at it, and they listen and learn.  (They listen to recordings and apply them, work them and they learn.)
  4. They are dedicated to their own clean up and don’t think it will happen fast.  (see the video in this post!)

What if. . . your body was a temple?  What if your temple holds the potential to be peaceful, clean, cooperative, and shiny.  What if your temple isn’t that right now?    How would you even know?  By being able to hit the mark with what you want to do on a consistent basis.   Time to take responsibility.   We might need some good old fashioned elbow grease because the physical body got trashed.  What happened?  Most likely, something got overwhelming and we stopped processing.

Want to be shiny?  Got clean-up?

Here are some tips that will help us all get to what we want:

  1. Hold the vision for what you want.  Pay attention to all the contradictory voices both inside and out!
  2. Get your body started in a new direction.  Make a commitment.
  3. Caring, dedication, and lots of elbow grease are needed for the clean up.
  4. Monitor your commitment, intention and caring with awareness and consistency.

Contradictory feelings, thoughts, doubts, etc?  Hearing it all like little voices both inside your head and out in your life?  How the heck are you going to monitor your commitment when there are so many divergent energies pulling you in every direction?

  1. Give yourself no other option.
  2. Make sure it is really what you want.
  3. Stomp your feet like a judge’s gavel to get your own attention and say “This is what I want and I am going to do it.”
  4. If I don’t believe yourself,  check to make sure that your intention is aligned then  stomp some more until it lines up.
  5. Be your own inner leader!

Can you do it easily?  That will depend on what has happened so far.  How sick are you?  If you are getting pneumonia, how much residual debris from past diseases, flu, yeast, and bacteria is built up inside without being released?  ?  Lessening them, cleaning them up will stop the flare ups which is only the tip of the iceberg.  Get it ALL out and the body will be able to be quite healthy and your mind and emotions will be quite accurate and true.

Get dedicated.  It is possible to let the trash go.  It is a PROCESS and there is no easy way to do it.  It requires elbow grease.  (see the movie)

Check it out!

This is a video (same link as above) that has inspired me to show you that THIS IS WHAT I DO.  I clean what others would rather not pay attention to!   Watch it.

  1. Inspiration
  2. Action
  3. Dedication
  4. Caring
  5. Elbow Grease
  6. Shiny!

Be inspired to restore yourself!  There is always more!


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