How to remedy the sweet tooth & my journey with my cravings

I am writing this article to help with the people who recognize that they have a sweet tooth and then whoops.  Find out they have cancer, IBS or any number of diseases that can relate to the information we are about to come forward with.

If you are like me, I have limited my diet to a diabetic’s diet.  Ihave studied the Gut & Phychological Syndrome and recovered my sanity and my cancer tendencies as well as reduced the effects of my mother’s Altzheimers by taking very good care of my body with diet, exercise, supplements and positive thinking.  I have taken it a step further.  I have gone into reducing the negative thoughts as a magnetic force and have been removing it from my energy field.  All these things work great!  But it is a lot of work.

There are lots of ways to remove disease.  My husband does it by deep meditation where he leaves his body completely and goes into Spirit for hours each day.  It builds his energy, keeps his batteries charged and provides a clear mind.  I don’t get as deep as he does.  But he has more years on me at the technique and mine isn’t shabby.  🙂  I just do health more on the physical level.  I am just saying, it really works.

Believe me when I tell you that I have some awesome tools.  This new one is worth being really excited about!  This one clears the urges to eat sweets, alcohol and any other thing that is craved for by removing the source of the craver.  Note:  It isn’t you!

I have tried to clear candida and gotten “into it”.  If you have too, you will discover that you have cravings that you can’t control.  As a “body whisperer” I went after it to find the cause.  I know that these cravings come from colonies of things/microbes/parasites that are living in the body and making it and us work for THEM!  (Why does this sound like our government?)

Thus the cravings come from the microbial community.  It might be viruses, bacteria or fungus.  I remember 20 years or so ago, going to my brother-in-law the doctor and asking him why doesn’t the AMA recognize parasites in the body?  He said, that parasites are considered to be more like the tropics.  Not New England.  Hmmmm.  After thinking about it, my rationale was . . .  hmmmm, we eat food from there (cashews, spices, etc) and our body is tropical temperatures….

I did things I didn’t want to do.  I stopped eating delicious sushi. Etc. Only to find that I could reduce my toxic load but not remove it.  Then I went to see Corine the parasite whisperer.  She told me I had a “full boat” of parasites and gave me some remedies she has made.  They worked but not when I don’t take them which means, it isn’t getting deep enough.  These are herbs, chinese  herbs, egg killers, etc.  You can get them also from Hulda Clarke’s store.  You can spend a fortune in it if you want to.

Thinking back, I lost my energy and nearly had a nervous breakdown in 2010.  I had one kid in college, the other was a senior.  My business was growing and I went with a friend to Cancun.  I didn’t realize what a big mistake that was.

I was careful not to pick up parasites.  I only drank bottled water and ate only at the restaurant.  Salads mostly.  Cancun in spanish means Snake’s nest.  The ground was suitable for snakes and worms, not too much else besides agave, thus making taquilla a way of life.  The ocean on the other hand was quite delicious.

It was right after this that my body, energy and psychological health broke down.  No energy, scary feelings and I couldn’t keep myself together to do the things I was able to do right before I left!  My immune system toppled.  I couldn’t move a flea!  My staff got fired, my friends moved to be more distant, my son was with his friends anyway.  I didn’t register how much trouble I was in or how much I had lost.  But I couldn’t make money any more!  I was in trouble.  I haven’t gotten all the way back to date, but I have climbed back up this ugly slippery slope and gotten my fingers on the final rim, ready to pull myself up.

I also got so close to clearing them by moving to Florida.  In the “deep summer” when all the coconut oil is melted and liquified, so is my body’s toxic storage and it is super easy to detox.  Last summer, (my first one) I did great.  I lost weight, gained abdominal and large muscle strength.

In pulling myself through the candida, I worked with Barbara Sakota.  A very talented homeopath that I worked with for several years prior.  We released the Candida by cutting out all carbs and going Paleo.  I discovered the experience from a fluid that Candida produces that takes over the communication hormones and creates a voice of its own in my body.  I thought it was me but I knew it was uncontrollable.  No, I wasn’t hearing voices.  It was a craving.  But when I listened closer, it did have a voice.  A horrible voice.  I know I had let it in by not wanting to see what was underneath.  It provided me with a blanket of silence to cover my pain.  We all know that magic has its price!  Going to the dark side for quick fix and not taking responsibility is not a good option.  I starved myself of anything sweet and got it at least out of the craving stage.  however, it just stayed like a dried out sponge.  Any indulgence and it sprang back very quickly!

Candida does not support YOU.  It supports itself.  We chose it in for a purpose.  They are also on a treadmill of trying to make their ends meet and stressed out about it.  It is not a nice place to be in and if you are trying to make it right by alcohol, sweets, soda, coffee, you are seriously going to hurt your self.  Emotionally, physically, your gut health, etc.  It requires some strength to make energy to get up and out.  I have dedicated my life to helping people with this.  Thus my story here.  I am excited about a new tool.

All those people who are over weight, and drinking soft drinks, coffee, etc.  There is a way out!  Thank God!  It requires breaking the cycle of the parasites.  Diatomaceous Earth can do this.  You have to be prepared to get the ugly truth out of your body. That means that you have to face the ugly truth inside your life. Good news:  This is where we can make significant improvement.  With open eyes.

One thing these herbs showed me was how could “piss off ” the worms growing in my body.  It was like a war.  I got to the point where I didn’t want to take the herbs that killed the worms because it wasn’t killing them all.   The remedy wasn’t doing the whole job and my immune system’s army was taking a beating and exhausted.  When I could line up my mind with the job of taking out the covers and denial, it got much better but still not enough to kill them.  It just created uncontrollable cravings.  The battle cry of the worms!

Let me tell you a bit about the worms and what this is like.  I would take the herbs, and in my long back muscles near my spine I could feel the two tips of the worm wiggling in what I would imagine to be discomfort/agony, etc.  I just had my hubby put a ruler on my back and measure where I felt this (my memory from a few years ago) It was at least 3 inches long!

With this colony of worms, my complexion was pasty white.  I knew where this white pasty quality showed up on my body, I was most likely experiencing worms!  Oh god, my upper forehead was all pasty and white.  In my brain?  really?  Most likely.  I had to face it.  My brain if you move your head around was sloshy.  Water not moving, too wet.  And I couldn’t swing my head without getting light headed so I didn’t want to exercise.

I made my cells stronger.  I fortified my army by taking supplements, oils, gut conditioners, Chinese Herbs to fortify the spleen and immune system and a kick ass hydration formula that allowed me to hold water and heal my bladder.  (most important)  Then I kept asking what my cells wanted and gave it to them.  My body’s intelligence and communication grew and grew into a workable relationship. (like charades)

I didn’t want to know that there are worms in my body for 5 years now.  I have studied and use appropriate remedies but it isn’t working.  I don’t LIKE knowing these things.

I recently started to expand my research and began an organic garden.  In the process about two months ago, I bought a worm farm and some worms.  I now have balanced, happy worms where they BELONG!  And I can understand what makes them work and what doesn’t.  They hate oil and heavy spices.  See my post on plague remedy.

Then I just bought and unpacked my Diatomaceous Earth!  I put some in the bottle for my “herb bar”.  I got some on my hands. I asked my body about it, since they could sense it at that point and the cells got very excited and wanted it right away.  My next step was to research it.

What do I find but real people saying things that I know  are related to the parasitic condition in the way that they really are.  Not pretty as you release the issue, but very, very good results.  I am all in.  I just want to document it as I go along and make it easily available to tell the world about it.  Let you read and study in your own time.

I am going to put mine into tooth powder that I use on top of my toothpaste because I like the way my gums feel when I use happy gut remedies.  My gums are the first place to try it.

I will also put it in a capsule so I can measure easily.  Reminding myself that this is a very strong astringent!  I will plan to get it into my brain by adding it to oil and holding it in the roof of my mouth which is what I do daily called “Oil Pulling”.  See my link on Oil Pulling at this site.

I went to the page but like any good researcher, I don’t just read one point of view.  I read many.  I especially like the people who get all excited and need to tell everyone.  Here is one of them and this got me excited.  It fits with all the things I have had to learn about the process.  It has real hope for the future, as a tool to my immune system.  I will keep you posted as I begin my journey with it.  Just so I can get the whole process down and where I am and how I did it.

One of the things I will be needing to do is be graphic.  As this woman gently did too as she explained about day 6.  I am ready.  Watch my updates and be prepared for graphics.  I am so very excited.  I have found a remedy that costs pennies.  That means people don’t have cost as an excuse

Here is a real person talking (to everyone) about DE and what it did for her.  Christy Flower from Jan 20th (2015)


I can tell you DE is a miracle medicine for me. I have had severe sugar/carb cravings all my life. I am about 75 llbs overweight and have been diabetic for quite some time. no matter what I did, or took my craving never got better, and my craving were like obsessions… its all I would /could think about and I have fought my weight all my life cause of that. I took Diatomaceous earth on dec 31st in the afternoon. I started out with 1 tablespoon-the next day on I upped it to 2 heaping tablespoons. the next morning it seemed like my vision was clearer but I just went about my normal day. by evening I suddenly realized that I wasnt wanting sugar/carbs. at all. I thought it was too good to be true and figured my craving would be back. its 21 days later and it still hasn’t returned. I have lost 16 llbs and I actually crave healthy foods. I have never experienced this EVER IN MY LIFE. I even tested it by having some chocolate. now usually this would send me off on a sugar jag.this time… nothing. I ate that one tiny piece and that was it. the bar is still on the counter. I look at it but don’t want it. in the past I would be obsessed with it and have to eat it all. I pass by dougnuts etc and have NO DESIRE. so that’s the biggie for me. I can tell my diabetes is resolving itself. now that’s AMAZING. (before people freak out on me..diabetes can be cured. western medicine doesn’t want you to know that so they can keep making money off you all while they continue to kill you-do the research and you will see…low to no carb diet with moderate to high fat heals your metabolism) the other things that I have experienced is my floater in my eye is gone, my gums stopped bleeding, my depression Is eyes are whiter and vision is improved, my facial skin has always had very large pores. they have shrunk and my face looks great. I have hated my facial skin all my life and now it looks amazing. I have a ton of new hair coming in , my old lady skin is gone. my energy level is thru the roof. and heres the fun part. you get to poop out worms. don’t be alarmed or scared…this is a good thing. those buggers take your nutrients from you, driving you to eat more and more and around the cycle it goes again and again. I pooped them out on the 6th day and that is when my energy went up exponentially. I also give DE to my dogs and my senior dogs “milk”eye is gone! and she runs arouns like a puppy again! now all this makes sense if you understand that silica is the building block of our body. we used to get silicia in our food but our soils are so depleted these days.( and I have been eating a 95% organic diet for over 25 years) DE is mostly silica(with other trace minerals)… for me I have been given a gift…..and I’m running with it. I take 2 heaping tablespoons first thing in the am and wait 1 hour before eating food. the rule of thumb is 1 tablespoon per 100 pounds of weight. sometimes I take it in the afternoon too but that’s just cause I like the way it makes me feel. western docs will never know about De cause it cant be patented so big pharma wants nothing to do with it. so there it is……try it….oh I forgot ,,, make sure to up your water intake or you’ll get backed up….. like douple what you would normally drink or maybe even more…….many blessings

Mon 4/27/15

As excited as I am about the prospect of getting real help for my condition, I asked my husband to back up my muscle testing.  He tested it and said, “It will hurt you.”  As I let that sink in over the next few hours I realized that I was on to something but there was an air of caution around it.  So I began to proceed with caution.  I asked him later to test me for the level of harm it would do.  I tested it as a 3 out of 10 giving me a 30% impact of some harm.  I reminded him to test the impact from the worms in my system and he said that this might be about a 7 or 70% impact.  My rationale is proceed with caution.  If I can take the disease from 70% to 30% it might make a big difference in quality of life.

I also know of a man who has a very large health clinic in San Diego.  When I worked on him, he had no (zero) parasites.  However, my friend (his friend) told me that he takes major pharmaceuticals to achieve that status.  So I began my research for some drug to take for Ascaris and came up with this hopeful article.

I found this drug at a vet shop on line as a horse tranquilizer and purchased it without a prescription.  It will be here in a few days.  I haven’t decided to take it but the whole idea is terribly exciting that I can have my own prayers answered.  I am truly tired of fighting this off for 5 years.  In the above article, it said that a worm can live inside and lay a thousand eggs per day for 10-14 years.  This is how tired I feel.  Yet, even with my compromised immune system, I am doing okay.

Day 1  April 27, 2015

Today, Monday, I began taking the Diatomaceous Earth.  I was making my supplement packets and Richard had tested my dosage at 5 capsules per day.  By my second dose, I am having experiences.  I have worms wriggling in the back of my neck, diaphragm and throat.  Many I have already killed by simply infusing my own enriched blood from exercise but I slide out of exercise shape so very easily that it is scary.  I know it doesn’t have to be this hard.  Even with the difficulty I am pulling ahead.  I don’t know if someone not as strong as me could do this.

I also set up my protocol for my basic oils, vitamins, minerals and spleen replenishing herbs.  Along with that I reduced my hydration remedy to one per day because the DE is very drying and I need to get through this with water and experience it.

Richard says it should take three weeks.  I am so excited!  To know that something I have been fighting for 8 years (since Mexico) can move out in three weeks is amazing!  I am very hopeful

What can I feel?  Thyroid feels dry and cutting.  I know it is auto immune since moving last year.  Too much to do! Also the inflammation in my lymph on the left side is much better from exercise and simple eating.  It gets worse when I eat potatoes, potato chips or corn.  I know I have bacteria in that area from some whooping cough that I have had in 2010.  If I get tired, I start coughing and if I don’t rest, I start whooping.  I don’t every let it go further and that has become subclinical (as well as my not resting).  The only other thing that I want to report is not wanting to go to the gym or to the park to see a space launch, etc.

I am dedicated to 5 capsules per day for 30 days.  I also have added into my supplements a capsule of cloves, 2×3 of SuperMoon and 2×3 of Ascaris remedy.  I also have a homeopathic for Ascaris.  I might as well go into this fully committed.  Yay!

Day 2 & 3, Tuesday & Wednesday, April 28 & 29th, 2015

I am writing because it is a journey and not necessarily all pleasant!  On Monday, I suddenly didn’t want to go to the gym. (as in ever) My gym has been very regular, and always sore.  I go to a very extensive Tabata class 3 days per week and a lighter more fun circulation and clearing class (Zumba) 2 days per week.  Totaling 3 hours of “real” exercise where you HAVE to take a shower.  (that’s my personal criteria)

In my gym class on Monday, I could feel the worms in my neck muscles.  At the base of the skull is a big long muscle that attaches to the collarbone.  It is big.Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 9.37.02 AM

The point is that Ascaris lives in big muscles.  I feel like I am loosing.  Like they are stronger than me.  So I have made myself stronger and stronger so that I can wage the necessary battle to becoming free.  (thus the horse dewormer purchase)  If the next three weeks don’t show progress, I am going to the next level.  If THAT doesn’t work, I am going to that clinic in San Diego where I know the guy can help me with major pharmaceuticals.  Some things, are not do-it-yourself projects!

Tuesday and Wednesday were uneventful except that I drank more water than regular.  My body is happy with about 128+ ounces per day.  (That is a gallon)  If I try to drink more, I get a groggy bloated feeling which tells me that the cells won’t process more and it hangs out in unwanted condition.  Now, however, I am drinking 200+ ounces and needing every bit of it.

I had a moment on Tuesday where my output didn’t relate to my input meaning, not enough came out.  So I upped it.  By Wednesday, my body was using it and I had to keep up with it’s needs.  Even with this, the Bowel Movement (BM) was hard and dry.  Usually a sign of candida.  And yes, I lost to the worms on my diet.  I ate great, but I had a piece of cheese which I can usually resist, then another then cut a big chunk and enjoyed it.  I said to myself, what if I will be able to eat normally again.  (For me that would be adding occasional fruit and maybe some honey in flax meal balls, and maybe seeds.)  Things that I don’t eat because the worms need to be starved and kept in a greasy condition.  So I headed to the chicken soup and coconut oil bars, etc.  Wednesday, I was free of the cheese craving.

Day 4, Thursday April 30th, 2015

Blood showed up on the sheets.  I apparently had a bloody nose and my head felt like it has fluid in it like a sinus infection where you head needs to dry out.  I have no problem with wanting to continue.  I believe that the DE is getting a grip on the worms and we are having a win inside.  The moisture is from, what I think to be dead worms which gives me a very slight headache.  Nothing to indicate that it is too much.  My stools started to show the release of critters but nothing too exciting.  A bit of blood which isn’t blood from that end too.  Interesting because it isn’t the color of blood.  It is more like a hot pink color like the nest of bugs.  (I learned this from Barbara Sakota who really knows her @#%&).

Beside the wonkly head, my kidneys are feeling the strain of clearing the toxins from my blood.  I feel like taking it easy even though I may want to go back to the gym tonight.  It seems as I am getting ahead.  I have to be careful to keep my diet greasy and keep the water flowing.  Slip those critters right out.

I seem to be resisting oil pulling which could be a message from their world.  So I will add an additional oil pulling session daily (that would make 2 half hour sessions)



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