What is energetic healing?

Professionally know as sublexation, a blockage in the energy flow can be found anywhere in the body/mind/spirit.  It can be caused by the three T’s.  Toxins, Thoughts, Trauma. (DD Palmer 100 years ago).  He called thoughts “auto suggestions” or what we tell ourselves about what is going on.  All three of these causes need to be treated with separate modalities, however, addressing them, it can take only a few weeks to release it.

Peter Karencito practices in Canada.  He sees something called retracing is the body healing on a deep level.  If you are not getting retracing, you are not healing.  It can come out physically, emotionally, or even in dreams (thoughts/vivid pictures).  All are possible.

Retracing is the release of emotion, toxins and trauma from deeper levels of the tissue including highly energetic images of emotional history which has not yet been processed.  When we work with emotions, we work with the posture of the blockage.  When you go into that energy, your blockage will appear.  We want that.  We want to bring out the stress.  Highly paid athletes can improve their performance by going through the motions of their sport and clearing the various positions of all trauma.

Be prepared to hold the painful position with the trauma, so that you can work out the blockage.  Move in that direction so the blockages appear.  Be aware that you can adjust it yourself but it is easier than doing it yourself until you get stronger.  We break the neuro-somatic blockage or interference even with learning disabilities.

This kind of work is finally fashionable in the chiropractic and acupuncture fields.  It is a relief for me!  I have been doing this work since 2003.

Toxins are easily addressed by allowing the body to remove them by not taking in new toxins in your food (limiting or omitting difficult foods).  This allows the body to get rid of the toxins that the body has not had a chance to get to.  You make the time for it to be done.  You make it a priority.  The opposite of flow is stagnation.  We cause stagnation by not paying attention.  So we make elimination a priority.

Ervin Core worked with osteopaths. He says the body reflects the mental state.  Posture and attitude apply to and reflects the physical and emotional

Challenge – Ask the body.  They body says yes or no. Many techniques for you to do this.  Find your own.

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