What to do naturally about Osteopenia

It’s the right idea to take minerals!  I would look at all kinds of bioavailable bone building (food based) supplementation.

Also look at why the bones aren’t getting stronger.
The supplement we prefer to use is called Garden of Life Raw Calcium.
The sea vegetables are excellent sources.  This one comes from Brazil.
The vitamin D has to be Vit D3 and you probably need more like 5000 IU.  It also has to be a
good quality.  Not walmart of vitacost.  The Vit D story is very telling.  You will need to build
gut flora to help this metabolic chain.
Gut flora are things like strains of acidophilus.  these guys actually make the co-factors you
need to combine all these things you are doing.
Cultured vegetables like saur kraut, pickles, olives,
Yogurt if made with the right strains to open the Vit D pathways.
Without opening up the pathways, your bones never get your nutrients.
Also, Bone calcium is like a savings account with the big bucks in it.
The blood has the usable calcium.
Body behavior needs to sometimes be organized so that it actually uses the blood calcium
and then you have to train it to save the calcium and many other minerals into the bones (bank)
Then train it not to go  hit the big bank every time it gets stressed.
Vit K is great idea.
You will also need adequate supplies of potassium to dissolve the calcium that is in the body
and needs to go into the bones.  You want Potassium Gluconate.  This will help you on the
Vit D metabolic pathway.
Citrate is alkaline, gluconate is neutral PH, chloride is acidic.
Potassium salts, unless they are diluted properly can harm your digestive system.  It is a
bit abrasive because it takes things apart.  Lots of water needs to be had to dilute it.
At least 10 oz with each dose of fresh, not tap water. (chloride will burn you even if you
don’t feel it)
You will also need weight bearing exercise.  I like Mark Lauren because he can exercise
anywhere using the bodies own weight as the resistance.  It’s called:
Bodyweight Training: You Are Your Own Gym
I don’t remember how much it was.  Maybe $20.  but I use it all the time on days I don’t
go to the gym and want to stretch or when I am out of town.  The first day, I couldn’t walk
down the stairs.  The man has serious credentials training the military and starting them
in ways that they don’t get injured. The real deal.
Alcohol seriously depletes everything above. (except exercise)
Remember, the doctor’s reports aren’t perfect.  Mostly they just detect a change.
Usually not even up or down.  They just get a number about how much change
was made from a certain range.  They won’t be able to tell you at first if you are
making progress until your entire range goes up.  
I can help with the body’s behavior and straighten out its patterns and habits
which are usually imbedded in what you say to yourself, (body listens)
And other things that you might be doing that don’t help.  Inside and outside.
Hope this helps with the osteopenia.  My clients who have it go on their protocol and
don’t worry about it any more.  After you get the behavior trained, they get results from
the doctor in 6-12 months depending on everything….
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