Swimming pool chemistry – Chlorine vs. Iodine & Interference with iodine absorption.

Apparently chlorine, Florine, bromine and iodine are all halogens on the periodic table.  Iodine will often get over-ridden by the heavier atomy of the heavier halogens. (1) thus blocking the absorption of iodine.  Iodine deficiency causes many problems, which I will get into, but what is important at first is that we can use iodine instead of chlorine and thus create a positive condition for the body as well as eliminate a chlorine bath which will clog the receptor cites for its less dense, much needed counter part.

In the spirit of story telling, for me, if I want to clear my consciousness, I don’t pollute it by going to a cowboy bar.  In the morning, the denser energy wins.  My subtle energies loose. It is like that with halogens.  The denser ones need to be avoided, the lighter subtle ones need to be protected and absorbed properly.

Therefore, I have started my journey to transform my small swimming pool to an iodine sanitizer instead of chlorine.

This education is a long process for me, so I want to document it well.  Here are the following premises:

  1. Iodine is recognized as an adequate sanitizer (1) but has been “forgotten”.
  2. It is charged by Ozone from potassium iodide into iodine and potassium, both are needed in the body.
  3. Chlorine is actually detrimental to the body.
  4. There are ways to remove the heavy halogens from the body.

I will make it a point to publish all the info below because I have that ability and it will preserve the articles that I am reading should someone take down a link.

I will be doing this research over time, so if something on the above list is not yet flushed out, it will be.  It is my current research project so I will be building this article and keeping it published in case I refer to it.




Iodine from Trouble Free Pools (chem geek)






References:  It used to be that we couldn’t copy and paste articles!  Now we can so I have included each reference because a broken or missing link is useless.  Mimi


(1) This paper compares the efectivenesof chlorine and iodine for the disinfection of swimming pool water.



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