In Their Own Words: Dr. Marco Ruggiero – Steps for Using the Ketogenic Diet, Bravo, and Rerum for Various Diseases

Steps for Using the Ketogenic Diet, Bravo, and Rerum for Various Diseases

Effective treatments for chronic illnesses such as cancer do not need to be expensive and they don’t need to have life-threatening side effects. In Part 1 of this two part article I reviewed the positive results of a research study for cancer treatment that combined the ketogenic diet, Bravo Yogurt, and a newly formulated macrophage activating factor called Rerum. Research showed that this immunotherapeutic approach has successfully reversed late stage cancer.

This same approach has proven to be effective for treating autism and neurodegenerative diseases as well as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and chronic Lyme.

Nutrition can account for up to 80% of the treatment in autism or in cancer, or in a number of other conditions.

Scientists have discovered a new link between sugar and tumor growth

October 17, 2017

Most non-cancerous cells in the body get their energy by aerobic respiration, a process that involves breaking down digested food into usable, energy-rich molecules through a series of chemical processes that requires oxygen, then releasing carbon dioxide as a byproduct. But not cancer cells. Even when ample oxygen is available to break down glucose and use it as fuel, cancer cells would rather get energy from fermenting sugar, which has a lower energy yield than the normal chemical reactions cells use. This phenomenon is called the ‘Warburg effect’.

The researchers behind the new study observed yeast cells in the lab, and found that their fermentation process — the same one that cancer cells prefer — actually stimulates tumor growth.

Their findings suggest that the most common cancer-causing genes, called Ras proteins, fuel aggressive tumors with their sugar intake. In short, sugar “awakens” existing cancer cells, making them multiply and expand rapidly, according to these scientists.

“The hyperactive sugar consumption of cancerous cells leads to a vicious cycle of continued stimulation of cancer development and growth” lead study author and Belgian molecular biologist Johan Thevelein, a professor at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, wrote in a press release. 

Biologists believe this new understanding of how sugar and cancer interact has “sweeping consequences” for further research. Previous studies have suggested that cancer treatments might be able to exploit the cells’ sweet tooth with targeted therapies, and these researchers think their findings could help oncologists create new, tailor-made diet strategies for cancer patients as well.

The scientists caution that there’s more work to do though, since they’re still not sure what causes the cancer cells to act this way. Read more here…

While ketogenic diet is known to help various conditions the actual effect only continues as long as the diet is adhered to. Whether one defines that as a cure is philosophically debatable. I personally do not define that as a ‘cure’ as studies from schizophrenics and epileptics indicate that once the diet was stopped (way back when in schizophrenia) the condition returned. I do not define cure as eternal vigilance with some exogenous substance or treatment used as a ‘medicine’. I define cure when the ‘medicine’ or ‘treatment’ is stopped but the beneficial effects remain or are perhaps prevented from even happening in the first place. Since we can’t not eat and drink in order to survive ‘let they food by thy medicine’ is also appropriate. I personally followed Dr. Mark Pimentel’s and Cedars Sinai diet advice ‘everything in moderation’ because I was tired of fad diets and obsessing over food (by the way I ate at McDonald’s maybe once every ten years, my diet was never SAD, fast food is gross, my husband is Italian born and bred) that only made my condition and food intolerance worse and that is what I saw in my experience, more elimination, fewer results with people being left on the rice and bananas diet becoming the sickest of all. Vegetarians being number two. While I initially had great results on Paleo and low carb and a few others eventually I was metabolically stuck and they eventually failed to work at all. I will say I was on some pretty heavy MS drugs and steroids which I am sure contributed to my metabolic downfall (liver failure) so…. I still adhere to everything in moderation as it seems the most reasonable for me to adhere to and be able to stick with for a lifetime. I could definitely rearrange my plate so it was more reflective of guidelines but keto wasn’t a necessity for me. It helps the worst of the worst as reported by them, seizures etc. My metabolism eventually straightened out as I eliminated inflammation and I began to lose weight almost effortlessly as when I was younger. At my sickest point I ballooned to 180 lbs. A real inflamed mess.

You may not have to use other remedies [with the ketogenic diet], unless there is a clear deficiency in some vitamin. For example, as in northern England, Scandinavia, and northern Germany, since you are not exposed to the sun light for a sufficient number of hours, the levels of vitamin D3 are typically low.

The actual substances that prevented Rickets were cod liver oil, milk and sunlight. Today’s research shows that cod liver oil may actually prevent Type I diabetes if given to an infant in the first year of life, yes that is correct, not Type II, Type I so of course there is plenty of basis to consider diet as both preventative and cure.

When you drink probiotic yogurt you don’t drink microbes alone you drink microbes and their environment. When you swallow the capsule with probiotics you only swallow the microbes. Probiotics are one thing and probiotics with their environment is another.

 Dr. Ruggiero made mention of research from Canadian scientists who were testing yogurt for treating HIV AIDS in Tanzania. [8] In research published in 2010 and 2011 they found that locally produced yogurt containing cultures that the researchers provided, there was a substantial reduction in disease symptoms. Dr. Ruggiero described their findings:

Immediately after a few weeks they began to see extraordinary results. All the symptoms associated with HIV infection and AIDS, mainly diarrhea, wasting syndrome, and malnutrition, began to improve. And the CD4 count began to increase in a much higher way than what you would expect using antiretroviral drugs.

Dr. Ruggiero gives us more details. He stated:

Bravo is a yogurt that was developed with the idea of exploiting the metabolism of healthy bacteria — healthy microbes — to produce a number of molecules that would exert a healthy effect on the human body. One of these molecules was GcMAF (Macrophage activating factor). This is a molecule that had been known for about 20 years, which was known to stimulate the immune system. Bravo reconstitutes the healthy human gut microbiome and the brain microbiome.

Don’t forget that in Bravo there are about a hundred and fifty newly formed peptides. What do I mean by newly formed? I mean that you take milk, and there are a certain number of healthy peptides and molecules, and then you take the microbes and let the microbes ferment the milk. At the end of the fermentation you will find a hundred and fifty newly formed peptides that weren’t present before, and they are the product of the microbial metabolism. All these newly formed peptides stimulate the immune system. It is an indirect action. It takes a few weeks if not months, but in the end you see excellent results.

Lactose Intolerance

Dr. Ruggiero addresses the concern about lactose (milk sugar) in Bravo since it is usually made from milk. He stated:

Lactose intolerance is not a problem, because Bravo is highly fermented. It takes 24 to 48 hours to ferment the Bravo and in those 24-48 hours the lactobacilli microbes have used all the lactose so in the end you will have no lactose.

Actually the Bravo is successfully used to treat lactose intolerance in children. After a few months of Bravo then they can eat cheese or drink milk with no problems.


That’s true for me. Eventually I began to be able to eat all foods again and it began in as little as 4-6 months. That is partly why I agree more with Dr. Mark Pimentel and Cedars Sinai on diet advice over strict elimination. I do not prefer to demonize any food when the person is in a diseased state. I prefer to eliminate important variables first as even in malnutrition syndromes microbes were shown to have more of an effect than diet in twin studies showing that microbiome health was clearly linked and malnutrition was inherent to an unhealthy microbiome and not diet (not surprising since they create the vitamins necessary for core health (evolution, you evolved to survive in both times of feast and famine), vitamins do not come from food or bottles in the drugstore. Studies have also shown that amino acid deficiency was reversed in rats in a matter of hours with certain oils. Although oils are foods, amino acid malnutrition itself would not likely be overcome in a matter of hours with oil alone. More studies are required.

Casein Intolerance

Dr. Ruggiero addresses this concern:

Caseins are proteins highly represented in milk. A great deal of caseins are metabolized during the fermentation process, nevertheless in the Bravo there are caseins. The point with casein intolerance is that caseins by themselves are not allergenic. What is allergenic is the product of the degradation of caseins in the stomach. When caseins are degraded in the stomach by the acid and the proteases, some of those peptides are allergenic and they can cause diarrhea or a number of other reactions.

The solution is rather simple. Instead of drinking the Bravo it can be used as an enema or as a suppository. Suppositories are made in Switzerland and Germany by two small pharmaceutical companies. [This provides] the entire Bravo, the entire environment. But since you introduced this rectally it will not be digested by the acids and the proteases of the stomach and therefore there will not be the formation of those products that are allergenic.

The rectal route of administration is particularly useful because all the healthy molecules in the Bravo, which of course include the Rerum and the GcMAF, will be rapidly absorbed through the rectal mucosa and they will directly go to the liver. So essentially the efficiency of delivery is equal to an intermuscular injection. Obviously you cannot inject the Bravo as a yogurt so don’t even think about doing this, but if you use the Bravo as an enema or suppository, then all the molecules will be rapidly absorbed and go to the liver with the same efficiency as if you injected them.

Upon metabolizing casein creates necessary peptides for immune activation. The actual chance of not being able to process casein without some other condition having higher influence would be slim and none. Lactose and casein intolerance do not spread at the speed of light and yet it is increasing worldwide similar to peanut allergy, something else is amiss here. Requires enzymes.

Using Bravo Yogurt to Control Human Parasites

There are alternatives to the use of chemical pesticides for killing parasites that live in the human gut. Parasites can thrive in the bodies of people who eat the standard American diet, and in bodies of those who have chronic illness. Dr. Ruggiero explains how Bravo Yogurt can be used to fight parasites.

The best way is to use their natural enemies instead of taking synthetic pills. Their natural enemies are nothing else than the microbes that constitute the healthy core microbiome. The Bravo works at two levels in fighting parasites.

On one level the microbes fight with the parasites, because they compete for territory. The territory is our gut. Microbes, like all living species, compete for territory, but they have an advantage [over parasites]. You replace the microbes by the billions every day, whereas the parasites they are always under numbered. The parasites will easily be overpowered by the Bravo microbes.

The second [mechanism of action] is the acidity of the fermented foods. This is common to all fermented foods.

Namely bifido and aceto producing probiotics (make things sour).

Hallelujah. Maybe now we can get people to stop the daily enemas in the autism community and elsewhere, enema clubs and the promotion of sticking things up our butt that shouldn’t be there, (that is not the end where you drink your coffee “I’ll have my Starbucks in an enema and make it straight up” seriously it is out there as a social event) and are actually making their condition/s worse by doing so and come to common sense about why you are not able to have a normal bowel movement or have perpetual parasites or other opportunistic infections and correct the ‘root’ problem/s which will not be found by ‘panning’ for them like gold or flushing them out (a fire hose up your butt will surely flush out a lot of things you likely don’t want to see, not indicative of anything in particular, similar to peeing out dead spirochetes or the 10,000 viruses in half a gram of feces you expel daily means virtually nothing as an indicator of  health). They have to prove they cause a disease (not a condition)……. remember? Wouldn’t we all be rich if we could walk around treating what condition our condition was in….. but that is medicine today with some very serious toxic drugs (parasite meds included) and practices. Their actual presence indicates nothing.  Anal douching included, not a good idea and shown not to be a good idea. IBS Chek, checks blood, also designed to eliminate a lot of crap, like unnecessary colonoscopies and worthless tests to keep all invaders out of your butt, including those who think it is an ATM machine. Your intestinal function does not go in that direction by design on any level, functional or chemical. Lavage is practiced by medical experts, not you. See opoid induced constipation or opoid like drug induced constipation.

I got my Lyme diagnosis, I am a card carrying member of the Lyme Club. And a few other assorted organisms. I gave it 4 months to see improvement, long enough, then when I saw the list of drugs I was likely to be on for the rest of my life I walked out the door. I’m sure if I wanted to dig up my ass far enough like they did I might find HIV too. I’m the international representative of the list of ‘conditions’ that you or I have been told ‘we’ have when the actual probability in some instances of it‘causing disease’ like cancer is less than 30%. Lyme is not a fatal disease. There was always evidence the organism itself was not in-fective, it got ignored. It is considered today to be opportunistic to the immune compromised and elderly. All vaccine trials and new Lyme vaccines in the pipeline have been cancelled by their manufacturers. Similar to AIDS vaccines, all have been considered failures. Similar to AIDS, Lyme became a self fulfilling prophecy of death by diagnosis and then prescription for many. Similar to AIDS groups, Lyme groups became increasingly more dogmatic in their beliefs with little evidence to support their claims.

What are the effects of drug induced chronic immune suppression?

• Immunodeficiency resulting in overwhelming infection.

The GcMAF and Goleic molecules that Dr. Bradstreet and other physicians used were protein based molecules that were derived from human blood. The process of their synthesis was very complex and had the risk of unintentional contamination from elements in the blood supply. GcMAF and the second generation macrophage activating factor, Goleic, had to be shipped frozen to protect the proteins from damage.

Do not confuse blood derived gcmaf with bovine colostrum derived gcmaf even if they are one and the same protein. Blood products are notoriously hard to decontaminate (gcmaf is not foreign blood derived, they used the patients own, reasonably and probably that patient would be denied even donating blood = toxic substance, what you care to read in to that about your own blood as a ‘toxic’ donor is up to you but no they were not using ‘foreign’ blood for gcmaf injections) it is expensive and the most modern methods are not as commonly used as one might hope.

 We began researching the molecules that were responsible for the health effects of the Bravo. The first that came into mind was GcMAF. Why? Precisely because we had developed the Bravo with the goal of producing GcMAF in the most natural way.

Looking for the needle in the haystack does not mean that one can separate the thing from its objective. I have seen this move criticized all over the internet. “He abandoned Bravo™ for Rerum®, now he wants to demonize one and promote the other so he can make even more money”. Impossible. He couldn’t demonize one product and promote the other in this instance when they go together like oh I don’t know peas and carrots as to influencing immune receptors. Actually what he did was overcome a lot of regulatory and inherent hurdles so it could actually help more people instead of spending years trying to get a so called ‘foreign protein’ across international nonsense barriers that confused apples with oranges. The Japanese did something similar in order to ship gcmaf products worldwide, (remember them, the ones who are credited with the discovery of gcmaf?). Whatever his goal, it worked like a charm. And compared to pharmaceuticals the cost is downright cheap so bravo to him for whatever his bank balance is. I would rather pay someone who actually produces a result that outperforms placebo for a change unlike pharma where the bar is set so low an ant could produce a drug and proclaim it effective. A long history of solid research by many preceded all. That research is pertinent, ongoing, attracts a lot of investment and interest worldwide and is helping premature infants and will help all infants who were not breastfed, like me. It is also highly relevant to SIBO and prebiotics. Do you know how many orphans there are worldwide who could see real benefit from it? Well until you do sit down and shut up.

The effects that we and others had observed with the old GcMAF and old Goleic were not due to the moiety of the protein molecules, but to the moiety of the glycosaminoglycans, the vitamin nutrients, and the oleic acid. So now we were able to by observing nature, to reconstitute the active part of the molecule without the need of the blood derived protein.

Because of this, we are now able to target those few hundred genes that are commonly altered in most chronic diseases.

Oleic acid alters gene expression, true. And by the way true genetic defects do not pop up like daisies.

Read the full article here.

Part II

Anybody who is not an idiot would have never assumed that in complex substances like cod liver oil, milk and sunlight that the actual effective substance was synthetic Vitamin D but that is not what happened 120 years ago. Dr. Russell Blaylock, brilliant neurosurgeon is not an idiot, for some reason he never advocated one substance from its whole, he apparently picked up a book or two. This is what happens when scientists make declarations they never have to prove by any objective measure before subjecting the public to harm and that is exactly what did happen. Our food got fortified. Blanket endorsements happened for no good reason. People began OD’ing on D and getting poisoned by it. Others began getting rich by opening clinics in other countries (sunny countries to boot) where they could routinely give 50,000 IU’s or greater and call it MS treatment for a butt load of money. And none of it was definitive, including the testing. FDA warnings were ignored. Epidemiology was ignored when facts on the ground began to highlight some interesting anomalies (like MS rates sunny S. America and AZ for example) and neighboring countries far north of the equator where food was fortified vs. food that was not fortified (lower prevalence in unfortified food countries). The word hypervitaminosis D which doctors had been aware of, were educated about, suddenly disappeared from medical literature and vernacular. Suddenly if you were not prescribing synthetic D you were branded as a know nothing. That is what happened. It became a battle of straw man arguments, similar to vaccines. Nobody ever said Vitamin D was not important. Today they know better but the public and medical establishment unfortunately has not caught up about this steroid hormone. I wish I could wear a white coat or be a new ager and make declarative statements for no reason that affect the whole world and call myself God to punish the dissenters but that is what happened with this as it did many times to your detriment as a patient in the end.

See France and other countries where forced supplementation of synthetic D is being given to newborns and being considered after causing death in newborns and think it has no relation to you or your child or your right to choose medical treatment that is unsubstantiated and may be entirely unwarranted. Who is starving in France and lacking milk or cod liver oil, no one. One thing is for sure, you will never find 10,000-50,000 IU’s of synthetic Vitamin D naturally occurring in food like cod liver oil unless you consume a tub of it, which no one in their right mind would recommend. I see the mentality daily, they need a drop they take a bottle, no common sense. There is a reason hemorrhoid cream says NOT TOOTHPASTE but I’ll guarantee some jack ass tried it and is probably still puckered up and carrying a sign saying it is a conspiracy and that hemorrhoid cream is actually great for teeth. People are under the illusion there are all these gateways that will eventually funnel them to the best place and I guess the most desirable place is where they don’t have to make a decision at all or think or act or be held accountable but those gateways are just not there. The opoid epidemic alone is a perfect illustration, it could NOT, it would NOT have happened unless every single mechanism in the chain failed, from beginning to end, that means systemically broken.

Read more here about the development and science behind Rerum® and perhaps you will understand how it relates to proper Vitamin D synthesis and what it actually was in cod liver oil and many other healthy oils and milk that made the difference, namely oleic acid. And you will never just assume A = B again without doing your own homework on the subject like I did for many years because it was being shoved down my throat at very high doses as an MS patient for no good reason that I could ever find. I never gave my child anything other than cod liver oil and even then only in winter because I knew enough to be prudent on the subject after doing my homework.

It reminds me of a joke that is not so funny, today I see a scientist, a doctor, new ager or a self proclaimed authority (usually wearing a white coat) from the Vitamin D Council to the AMA to the FDA to the NYT to the NEJM and I take away reason and accountability before listening to a damn word they have to say because that is where the majority rely on gateway and information. I’m not worried about the other alternative end of the funnel, they are a drop in the bucket compared to the other as to having impact on your daily life.

“Our model of healthcare is outdated. We have a separation. Mental healthcare is delivered by mental health professionals, psychiatrists, mental health nurses and so on, often in separate premises from where physical health care is delivered and that is simply wrong and we need to find ways to ever more closely integrate and train amphibious healthcare professionals who can straddle this divide.”

“Yet institutionally we use an outmoded code which separates brain disorders into psychiatric ‘f’ codes and neurological ‘g’ codes which holds back both scientific and clinical progress.”

“The immune system does produce behaviour. You’re not just a little bit miserable if you’ve got a long term condition, there is a real mechanistic connection between the mind, the nervous system and the immune system.

Depression could be treated using anti-inflammatory drugs, scientists now believe, after determining that it is a physical illness caused by a faulty immune system.

Current treatment is largely centered around restoring mood-boosting chemicals in the brain, such as serotonin, but experts now think an overactive immune system triggers inflammation throughout the entire body, sparking feelings of hopelessness, unhappiness and fatigue.

Interferon is an immune suppressing drug. Steroids are immune suppressing drugs. Nearly all drugs linked to over inflammatory response in gcmaf treatment are immune suppressing drugs and therefore they are contraindicated.

“In experimental medicine studies if you treat a healthy individual with an inflammatory drug, like interferon, a substantial percentage of those people will become depressed. So we think there is good enough evidence for a causal effect.”

Depression is a physical illness which could be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, scientists suggest

And yet….

Most drugs on the list of contraindicated drugs in gcmaf treatment like NSAIDS are currently termed anti inflammatory drugs.

Anti – inflammatory drugs should be avoided. (NSAIDs like Ibuprofen, Diklofenalk. Celebrex Aspirin etc should be taken in moderation.) Dr Yamamoto

“they don’t even know what they are doing,”

Nobuto Yamamoto

Who on earth can demonstrate a seemingly right conclusion yet directly produce the wrong effect in the end. Our current medical system, that’s who.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. You don’t just put crap in your mouth because somebody said so, you haven’t done that since you were 4 years old on the playground and your friend offered you your first pile and that is all it took, so why are you doing it now before weighing current evidence of both risk and benefit? This subject of gut and immune health has no little consequence. And you my friend can not forget that Kansas exists  as you head off down the yellow brick road toward no real accountability except the consequence of living or dying with your choice.

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