Who is in Control Now?

Who is in Control Now?

About 15 years ago I started going to a homeopath who really knows what she is doing.  I wasn’t sure of it at the time.  I could see her weaknesses but she was kind.  She didn’t show her cards and she didn’t separate herself from me.  She didn’t do what I did with myself and she hooked me up with great marketing which was she rubbed my feet and she valued what I said and knew.  We helped each other.   I had been hiding from my problems and wanted myself to be “tidy”.  I wanted to look and feel like I had it together.  She could “see” but we were both learning too.

What I learned from her was how badly I treated myself and how easy it really was to overcome being out of control, be overwhelmed, and weak in body and brain.  I learned that I would need a lot more “strength” to get through the mess I had created, then more strength to lift into a better life and then MORE strength to help others without sinking my own boat.

When I came through for myself, I looked and felt great: really good.  People would comment on my skin or my muscles or my energy, or talk quietly to themselves to figure how I did this. They even asked me, “How do you look so good?”  I told them.  “I have sacrificed.”   When I looked at her, I knew that what I had done was given things up that others would consider comfort to get where I wanted to go.   It’s true but I didn’t feel like I was sacrificing at the time.  I was taking steps and following my intuition and also looking at things that I wasn’t willing to look at before.  I was looking at what my body needed.

Here is the gem: what I had learned, was to look.   I was making a plan to get somewhere.   I wanted to feel better.  My friend showed me what was in the way. I changed and I felt a little bit better, I changed more, and felt better but through holding those changes and making those steps, I had a goal.  I had a vision and I held it.  As I got better, my inner connection grew stronger and with that my goals got better and clearer and my guidance from within myself became truer.  I didn’t just get better, I got “world class” better.

I emerged as a very bright shiny, light filled person who had transformed into a healthy person. The oddest part is that, I was doing it to get somewhere: I did it for my vision.  My vision of myself wasn’t always entirely wide enough to grasp a big picture.   So much of the time I was holding a small light in a big world.  I knew, that if I wanted to get there, I would have to be stronger so if I didn’t quite know where I was going, I would at least be committed and accumulate the strength that I needed.

When my vision waned, I would wobble.  I would also get weaker and although it isn’t a “straight-line process”,  I would get discouraged at the back-sweep.  Even with all I knew about the waxing and waning of the moon, the breath, yoga, and my cumulative strength I still didn’t enjoy the down-turn because I felt that I was supposed to be growing and it was always supposed to be summer.  Instead, I became satisfied with riding that “edge” of me and my body’s awareness, the head and the gut working together like two eyes, tempered by the heart.  This process was right.  It seemed to be where I was supposed to be.  This process made me feel alive!

What I had been needing was to paying attention to my body’s function and not just make myself comfortable.  I was delighted by the parts of me that showed up in the light.  It was my own rendition of Bambi directed by the tough girl who grew up in New Jersey. (with the Sopranos)  I needed, to hear from my gentle side and give it a chance to tell me what was really needed.  That’s when I began to get well.  I stopped being hard on myself, took care of myself, and began to respect the things that happened to me and my creativity.

I went into training with my diet. This gave me two advantages, first I learned to be committed to myself and second, while I was learning, I was using the practice of eating well to make my body stronger.  My plan was simple.  Eat vegetables and get stronger.  Eat protein and make muscles!  I wasn’t focused on looking good or body shape.  I was looking for  energy, life essence and soul in my food to give to my body.  I began to eat unrefined food that didn’t run away and “appreciated being eaten” (like most plants) and that my body felt good about having.   I was learning to do things for my body and the planet like to respect matches that were for my blood type.  After giving myself the lighter food that I needed, I found that I was feeling much better.  I also took green drinks and protein powders in-between my meals to keep my blood sugar stable.  This gave my body less work to do just keeping balanced.  Who stops and asks how their body is doing?  Really?  Am I mad?  No!  I made more forward movement in my life because I wasn’t making it hard for myself.  I wasn’t  getting trashed and having lots of hard work clean up.  I grew in self respect and finally learned to allow others to give me respect too.

Slowly and surely I drew my focus on one thing at a time.  The single focus had lots of power and attentiveness so I had the strength I needed to get each undertakeing done.  It was more than that for me, it was a process of using the energy that I wanted in my life to build my life.  Most of the time, I had been running on empty and looking to others to somehow give me peace and abundance.  Peace and abundance didn’t come from competing, scrambling, and snatching it from everywhere I could find it.  It comes from holding my energy, being decisive and giving to others while holding a very strong regard for loving myself which was symbolized by my “body’s needs”.

Regardless of the nature of the task, I was adding accumulated strength for the next one by eliminating the load, one task at a time.  All this had a self-perpetuating reward because I realized I was showing up for myself and I was getting stronger!  I learned that what I needed was to stay happy and buoyant.  If I got depressed, I built some nutrition that gave me my balance.  Then I literally built a better formula than I could buy, for a quarter of the price.  This began working on so many levels.  I saw what I needed, I gave myself what I needed and I held my energy by not overpaying.   I looked for the most elegant solutions.  I did the super hard things first and often, the other things that used to be hard were getting easier and my ability to be joyful, focused and get things done fell into place.

Regardless of how stuck I was when I started, I ended up with skills.  I was no longer running  away, running on empty, or looking for validation.  I was looking at the true need, I was doing my best, I was giving to myself as best I can and becoming independent about receiving what I needed. I now have an inner dialog that says, “I have what I need” coming from the body.

I don’t think that people understand how important it is to care for the body.  Our cells communicate at an astounding rate!  We can hear/sense it!   A million times per second, times billions of cells give a “ping” to see if their needs are met and they get a report of their status. If I make a tiny, tiny movement in the right direction, my body responses and reporting goes CRAZY!  If I acknowledge my body’s thirst signal and get water, I get sooo many points for that.  If I help my body to feel better, I am so heavily rewarded!  My body changes gears and says it is on-course.  That is a lot of noise to change with very little effort.  The response continues and gets bigger.  I am happy!  It’s a positive, forward moving, balanced and wonderful way to live.  For this I eat vegetables, drink green juice and drink water, etc.  The medium of exchange has found a successful negotiation and its working: energy, health, vibrance, happiness, abundance.

Maintaining an positive cellular status will do wonders for how drained you are.  I have the earth, my food from the earth, and the village that supports each other, I use kindness and use my own personal brand of gifts and talents to give. This is all very helpful and satisfying.  This is the foundation of me and what I want to express and how I want to live.  When I feel lonely, I give more and I look for the channels of communication that I may have shut down while I was focused.  Usually, it just needs to get opened up and all the love comes back in.

I am very glad to share with you what I have learned from this very profound healer who kept it all quiet while she was teaching me.  I don’t think I could have handled it with all the overwhelm but she was always happy to acknowledge what worked and now we work together with clients.  I look at the undercurrents of what is under the functioning and she finds great solutions and we pick out the best ones.  (use your gifts to give to others!)  We can both test for the right one and we hold the energy together to lift each other.  It also helps to have two people to lift the negativity off of others.

Now I want to address something that is very, very difficult about this process of looking at our needs.  This one topic strongly gets in the way of myself and the people I meet and gets in the way of them having what they want.  It is such a big “hot button” that people don’t like to talk about it because they glaze over like a Dunkin’ Donut.  It’s an area that is difficult to win in and no one wants to talk about their defeat. They just want to pretend that it is not there.

The topic is “stress eating” to feed our need for comfort.  Instead of really looking, we slip and slide all the way back to the bottom of our discipline until “lack of discipline” is the norm and we don’t even seem to mind!!  Sleepy consciousness however doesn’t bring success.  The “want of success” has woken many and got them to transform from sinking to swimming and we all can, if we have “cellular responsiveness” strength.  What I learned about being successful was modeled on working with my body responsiveness.  This created success at the cellular level and that grew until it exploded out of me as success on the outer level.    When the body is successful, much like a cheering stadium, the responsiveness and positive messages echos up in mass through the crowd and accumulate enough to bring affect to the whole surrounding area.  It would be like the whole town hearing the message or it would be the person’s conscious awareness becoming aware.  Its very exciting on a body level and we can feel it!

To be successful in the body you must listen and give.  If you listen you will adopt practices of internal cleaning that seem silly but layered together they make a big difference.  If you give, you extend yourself and all your pours open up and the love comes in.  Want to feel better?  Give!!!   Serve!!! Open your heart and make something work for your surroundings.

Here is how you can serve your body. (writing it down helps you to see it happening)

  1. First thing in the AM drink a glass or two of distilled water to take out the metabolic acids.  This gives you a huge head start because you don’t have to clean before starting your day.
  2. Alkalizing green juices calm and clarify the body and get the best performance everyday.
  3. Special foods and mushroom tea that actually add strength to the body which effects endurance.  I use Chaga Tea used by olympic athletes as a natural plant steroid.  I love it!!
  4. Minerals, minerals and more minerals get the gears turning.  A few days without can do harm to the success system.  Use food based, and green vegetables for minerals.  Popeye.
  5. Happiness occurs when the water flows.  I imagine a stream tumbling, bubbling and joyful.  If I am not laughing, I am not drinking enough of this joyful substance that my body needs.
  6. Vitamins.  They are small but make a huge difference.  Like a roofing job with labor, ladders & shingles but no nails.  Vitamins make everything work.  If your details are missing so are your vitamins.  If you are detailed and you don’t supplement, you are drawing from the bones and making yourself vulnerable to slow breakdown and have a slower recovery.
  7. Make sure your food and supplements fit your body like a glove.  They should be comfy.
    Its easy to fight them.  Not take them.  Inner complaining.  This means you are loosing the inner communication battle and your bad microbes are winning. (They are weakening you!)
  8. Oils are needed when they are healthy, fresh and balanced.  Not too much, not too little.  When oils are too much, it can thin the blood and sometimes it can catch on fire or become inflammation.
  9. Greens and proteins.  Small meals ever 2 hours will stabilize blood sugar saving tons of digestive energy and channel your energy into focus and forward movement.

If this seems like a lot of work, look at your goals for forward movement and start small!  If you  feel great and make it easy, pretty soon your life works.  Build it to be cheaper and easier and keep building.  Review, get specific and keep going.  This is a practice.  It’s like taking music lessons.  There is always more elegance and ease to acquire.  Like exercise, the act of stopping can loose the ground that you just built.  If my expanded energy shrinks, I shrink!  My energy levels shrink.  It  deflates my super powers!  This is inconvenient when my life is built on the new expansion it’s like a duck doing a belly flop water landing.  Keep building, don’t use EVERYTHING I HAVE, that deplete your energy for sleep and renewal.  Balance and take  mastery of your new expansion before I depend on it.

With a solid diet that your body can depend on you.  You stop flying into the walls.  You start to wake up to what you need to understand.  You stop sliding around.  If you have been hurting yourself and you actually stop it becomes joyful.  “Oh look at me!!!  That’s new!”

You become more efficient.  This is very helpful.  You begin to gather helpful habits and the ones that don’t serve you start to fall away.  “Oh look at me!!!  That’s new!”

Are you still listening?  This is when you really start enjoying the gifts being handed to you but to make this happen, your heart has to take in the gifts given from all around you.  Its everywhere!  And you are finally landing them!!  Receiving is as important as giving.  “Oh look at me!!!  That’s new!”

This is a time when the diseases lift off.  You are strong, clear and can let go of the old emotions that don’t serve you.  The patterns crumble because their pillars fell.   You let go of the clutter of what you don’t need. Inside and out and you let go of old insecurities.  “Oh look at me!!!  That’s new!”  Your appearance looks younger and brighter.  Goodness is happening all around you and from within you because you are organizing it.

As your disease lifts off, you pick off the easy ones because the microbe colonies have to be dealt with as they show up in layers.  The harder ones, they don’t feel good.  They are made of lots of undigested emotions that you have been able to sidestep.  This comes from our basic fight or flight mechanism being abused.  We are able to put our feelings aside and run from the occasional “tiger”.  However, in this day and time, we spend too much time living like there is a tiger on our tail.   Thus our emotions get trained into denial and avoidance patterns.  I wish I could just say it over and over until you realize that it is essential to deal with your feelings and that our lives need to be slowed down and made much more simple and easy, if not somewhat boring but also polite and respectful.  Our bodies are still cave men.  They need to stretch and rest and they aren’t so very brainy.  Enjoy nature a little, your DNA loves that.

I wish I could tell you over and over again how important it is to take a full breath and walk out under the trees and take in what is around us.  Instead, our norm is to over work.  How else are we to get to success?  We believe in beating ourselves and we are unsuccessful.  We can’t eliminate all the stress and opposition to get to success.  It’s the other way.  We pull in more and more of what is like us: beautiful, graceful, and abundant.  We help each other.  The best of us have such as the gentleness and kindness and have simple ways to allow ourselves to be ourselves and to heal.  We need to digest our reality, our food, our love and our lessons.

We have cleared out so much.  Given ourselves the “right stuff”, but there are still so many sneaky things that go on.  We are right back to the beginning again.  Let’s not talk about it.  Let’s not deal with it.  Let’s just make sure that we all look good.  The discipline is too hard. It’s too weird.  It’s no fun.  We have plenty of good going on, we don’t need to deal with that.  Let’s just be comfortable.  But we can’t.  Once again we must rise up to see what we are dealing with in order to navigate to success.  There is no option to be Mr. Magoo.  There is no success in that, rather it’s once again, the microbes interfering with our process to make themselves more comfortable and to secure your body as their farm.

Issues in the Tissues

This is the mechanism as I look deeply into it.   We know to do one thing and we do another that we know not to do.  We KNOW it won’t work.  How does that even happen after all the strength we have built, talent we have, and the discipline we have added.  Let’s just say that this puzzle is in layers and this is the layer that comes off next.

In the body, these behaviors relate to real issues.  Some are bacterias, other viruses and sometimes they are environmental toxins or maybe heavy metal.  Whatever they are, you will feel the “disturbance in the force”.  (all negative thoughts are REAL toxins)  Here is the hardest thing to understand.  Deep inside, we have our own “divine tissue” which has at it’s core our own frequency.  This is what we want.  More of our own essence until we can truly express it inside and around us.

I am going to tell you something which is pretty hard to believe without seeing it with your own eyes, but our bodies fight for control at a tiny level.  Once you get past the rough stuff, there is still a struggle for control.  This is the master addiction.  It happens everywhere.  What do you believe?  Who will you vote for?  Who will you give your energy and money to?  Who are you listening to?  Am I inside or outside of your affiliation?

When things go our way, we consider ourselves a success.  I have only known this level of success on a broad scale over the last few years when I was able to build a microbiome.  I came across a product from Europe which builds an immune creating agent called GcMAF.  I was able to come back to my true essence and convert much of the confusion in my body to peace and my own essence expressing itself.  It has been a pleasure.

Here is the most important part of what I learned.  I am not fighting.  I am not exactly under control the way that I would like to be.  If I get stressed, I may start eating things that I know don’t work for me like nuts or cheese.  I know I am off.  But it creeps in and after 3 times it trips  into “I can’t stop”!   Now there are different levels of this addictive behavior,  depending on how much you don’t want to be with your discomfort.  I don’t let myself stray so it is nuts and cheese for me.  If I really listen to myself, I hear my needs and I hear the distress.  What is important is to listen to the divine essence of all of me, not just the needs.  To let the divine essence ring through in beauty, to choose to let go of the distress,  and to complete the feelings.  It’s like an inner hug.  It’s what I need.  Believe it or not, I get that from the microbiome.  It is a big feeling of happy and it takes months and months of building to get there.   Once I get there, I are un-stop-ably happy.  Everyone is on board with me.  Everything works, because I have a buoyancy which is simply present.

What happens next is along side all that.   Maybe its releasing up through or it has been under the rest but the tissue starts to reveal it’s deeper issues.  Maybe it is from virus colonies growing inside the tissues or bacterias, or parasitic colonies.  If pressed down in an act of not wanting the feelings they are surrounded by this whole action which becomes a bubble and can cause damage and even worse.  It is important to open the door and let it out at the same time as keeping your discipline and maintaining stability or slipping and sliding on the slope of your slimy bowel from eating poorly can leave us feeling unstable over just a short time.

Sugar feeds, yeast, it feeds bacteria, it feeds viruses.  These microbes hide behind thick gel walls and make their nests.  You can’t even see them.  They are there.  They want to be fed.

You will eat sugar not because YOU want to.  You know your discipline level. You know what you are supposed to do and who you are.  But this colony may be stronger than you.  They have learned to jump into your communication network (which is a type of hormone) and order themselves a pizza!   (and it really sounds like your voice and like a really good idea).  You don’t eat pizza?  Why are you eating it then?  Because the microbes can easily get bigger than you.  This is a very good reason to NOT GET STRESSED OUT.  Everyday, do some renewal.

Although this is an addiction, specially when sugar is in play, it is so much bigger and harder to stop because of our little friends.  They will store a year’s worth of sugar in their nests.  They can out last me 10 times over.  They will win every time.  What is important at first is to get used to this idea of what is happening and embrace it fully.  We are getting hacked but we are not the victims.  We are the creators.  We are holding our feelings in a little bubble.  Our immune system can’t go in cause we closed the door and put up a sign called “unwanted feelings”.  Who knew that would keep the good guys out.  Our word is quite powerful.

Feel the feelings.  With that out of the way, the nest can fall apart.  The immune system will get it if you take down your block of the feelings.  You see we set it up to be an area that was out of bounds for looking!!!  So no immune system will scan it.  Change that rule.  I am looking EVERYWHERE.  I am cleaning everywhere.  I am making every environment beautiful.  I won’t stop.

Giving your microbes what they want will NOT be good for you.  They are not on our side.  Being able to say no takes skill.  I would like to zoom in to show you how to win.

  1. The microbes take the tissue that belongs to you and they “recode” the controller to their frequency.  You must get that coding and controller back.
  2. This is actually the DNA which works like a radio station.  If your microbes have their own frequency, you have to put yours back.  This takes work.  Meditation, prayer, being one with nature or however you do it but it must be significant enough to get your full attention.
  3. My GcMAF does the job for me!!!  It goes in and gets on the mucosa or wherever and it attaches itself to the controllers of the cells….  It code it back to “ourselves” again.  Somehow these little beneficials have ability to relate to the cells controller but they just want you to be yourself and they hug you.   Feel it for yourself.  You get better fast.  Really fast.  But it’s subtle and you have to feel for it to experience it.
  4. Once you restore tissue, you are winning, continue to supply the yogurt at a comfortable rate.

Now, if you want to grow in your success, you can.  How?  You keep aligned with your highest good.  Check to see if you have the strength to take the next step.  You work with the tissue on what it really needs.  Not the messages from their nests.  Your body clears out nest by nest and your head clears, and your gut clears.  It’s an amazing experience to be able feel free of it and so sparkling clear only to see it go foggy, come back clear etc.

Getting your own “will” strong is a slow job and the slips can hurt on many levels.  Like not trusting yourself, having the communities grow past health levels, not being in control of your forward direction (very common) an mostly, disappointed in what you are putting out.  After all if they have the control of your output, you will feel like your “aim” is off.  It’s disheartening, especially when your peers are doing what you want to accomplish.

Learn this essential lesson.  LOOK.  Simple awareness is often curative.  Keep your eye on those bad feelings and get them out of those boxes and into the Light.  Let them get sorted.  Keep yourself clean, strong and doing the very hard things first.  The rest will sort easily.

If you are hearing what isn’t you, don’t be fooled. Find a way to shut down their communication.  Try doing tapping or jumping or something that will tell the body “this is what I want.”  This focus will override the other.  Focus on your ability to pay attention, to give it lots of attention.  That will get through anything if you use it all at one time on one problem at a time.

Set Your Goals

Addictions,  YES, I remember that.  Boy I am sure glad to meet another person working on addictions.  We should hang onto each other.  Make our brains strong.  Because having jelly nests of bugs inside us, that can’t be good.

Someone was there for me.  She was kind.  She didn’t show her cards and she didn’t separate herself from me.   Join me friend. Don’t separate yourself from you or me.   Hold the truth and the love and light for each other.  Leave the Light on.


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