Look for the following effective signs from taking Bravo Yogurt

When taking Bravo Yogurt available at bdavocoop.com

1.  Instantly, your tissues will begin to detoxify like an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.  If you are sensitive, you will feel a shimmer and a flutter.  More

Designed specifically to create GcMAF to turn on the gut, digestion, cellular energy and reclaim your ability to gracefully and easily move the heavy emotions. It is Mimi’s opinion that GcMAF both removing and preventing diseases by helping our gut tissue (us) to be champion energy movers!

We also know that GcMAF is the natural substance that turns on the immune system.  The yogurt and your microbiome create that substance and do a “work around” to ignite the immune system because your GcMAF “door” gets intentionally glued shut by virus biofilm.  Mimi has noticed a clunk in the gut at week 2 where the immune system turns on.  After that, many life decisions took on an easier and much more clear demeanor which she associates to having her immune system on!

However, the most important part takes place at “Month 3” which is the “freedom zone”.  Mimi says, “I began to feel the demise of the “bad” microbes in my body.  I also began to feel discomfort and fortunately, I knew that my immune system was killing the bad microbes.   This is important because the bad microbes “rail” against us to not kill them.  You may get a feeling that something big is going on and you might not get the story straight that this is good.  We recommend that you hold tight through the six month mark if you want to feel the full effect of how good you can feel!

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