How long does a jar last?

If this is your first jar, we have a graduated recommendation for taking it.

  • Week 1 – 1/4 tsp x 2 times per day (at rest, without food)
  • Week 2 – 1 tsp x 2 times per day (no other restrictions)
  • Week 3 – 1 TBS x 2 times per day
  • Week 4 – 2 TBS x 2 times per day

This jar is a 1/2 liter European measurement, we buy milk by the gallon which is slightly less than a half liter.  A half liter contains approximately 67 tablespoons.  Hopefully this will help you to estimate how long a jar lasts at the rate you take it.

When adjusting your dosage, pay attention to how you feel.  Not just your body but your mood and brightness.  If you feel great, that means your body has enough energy to detoxify at the current rate.  If you take too much for your body energy, you will have a feeling in your life of “I have too much to do.”  This is the detox taking up lots of your energy.  Find the level where you feel great and stay there.

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