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This is fundamental groundbreaking work by Dr. Klinghardt which is astounding.

Who is Dr. Klinghardt?  I grabbed some words from Dr. Mercola but I have heard these words over an over again.  Dr. Klinghardt from Germany is a man of heart and truth that leads other doctors.  He is able to teach which makes him pretty busy but he is wonderful.  Read more on his website.

In this seminar which was given by ACIM on June 9th, 2018 Dr. Klinghart talks about  Retrovirus at the heart of most chronic diseases and offers some alternatives from the plant kingdom who has been adapting to these viruses much, much longer than we as a species have been on the planet.

I recorded this talk and put some screenshots on the page, you will have to listen and wait for the narrative to catch up with his slides.  I lost 1 min and 45 seconds when my computer lost power and I had to plug in.  He is basically explaining the slides so most was captured.

At the bottom of this post,  I will go study and go through and capture as much as I can in written format. It will be in progress until I complete it.   If you have more, please offer info or remedies that relate to me at mimi@bravocoop.com and I will include it in this post after Dr. Klinghardt’s presentation.

Gems from the Presentation:

Part 1 – Dr. Klinghardt on Retrovirus presented by ACIM – 33mins

What is an Retro-Virus?

Retro-Viruses use an enzyme to reverse engineer themselves into our DNA. They get the DNA to make viral proteins.  This process can create mutations of genes. The kids may have this going on but not the parents. More serious for kids who are more vulnerable. (this topic is out of sequence with the recording)

  1. Retro-Virusmakes can make already sick person more susceptible to more problems.

2)  The jaw bone and teeth may be a safe harbor for Retro-Viruses. Good place for them to hide and breed under fillings due to little oxygen and blood circulation.

3) Broccoli sprouts healed one 20 year old with autism where nothing else did. Now he uses these liberally. (Cut when two inches high. Heaping TBL twice a day

4) Cistus-tea Works again spirochetes and biofilms.  6-8 cups a day

5) Stevia as an antibiotic and is helpful with releasing Lyme’s disease.  Dr. Klinghardt likes it.  He says it works better than straight antibiotics.

About RetroViruses

The reason you haven’t heard of retroviruses Retro-Viruses is there is no lab test for them. He uncovered them using kinesiology testing.  Dr. Klinghardt has been published in PubMed on this subject and is working with Dr. Ruggiero

The bugs concentrate in specific places in your body.  When  you determine where they are in the body, you can ultrasound to zap them. You can verify the “kill” by collecting urine and testing for debris from the bugs to verify what type they were and that they are now out.


Some people are deadly ill from these bugs while others are not bothered at all, even when they have the same bug!

Worldwide rise in neurological diseases in children and everyone is due to a huge rise in aluminum particles. They learned this by examining the brains of kids killed by accidents.  In part, aluminum particles are coming from:

  • chem trails in part
  • use of aluminum in foil, shipping, and cooking containers

Dr. Klinghardt thinks that aluminum particles contribute to RetroViruses.  He also thinks that electrosmog from wireless, cell phones, and smart meters, does the same thing.


Only 2% of our DNA codes for protein. Most of it codes for RNA, the  communication RNA.

6% – 8% of DNA tests that it is  Retro-Virus foreign DNA which follows its own agenda.

Some Retro-Viruses give us benefits. He thinks this is why the uterus has Retro-Viruses which repress immune response so fetus is not rejected by mom’s body. (Most Retro-Viruses are not helpful.)

He thinks 80% of patients who do not get well are infected with Retro-Viruses not yet uncovered.

Epstein Barr – “It’s not the Epstein Barr that does you in. It’s the Epstein Barr which activates the Retro-Virus which takes you down.” he says. This is at the DNA level so not easy to perceive.

Insect Retro-Virus- every insect with stings or bites can infect you with one or more Retro-Virus.  No one is currently documenting of this yet.

Cat fleas can give people Retro-Viruses with lifelong consequences. Retro-Viruses are still alive in flea poop 48 later. He believes the risk of getting Retro-Viruses from cats is high. Dogs have less risk.

Some of the chronic diseases which include Retro-Viruses are:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Breast Cancer
  • Auto-immune diseases
  • Autism & other Central Nervous System Diseases
  • Diabetes type 1
  • Arthritis
  • Lupus
  • Chronic fatigue (very strong on Retro-Viruses)\
  • Plague (is primarily Retro-Virus Klinghardt thinks)
  • Cancers many linked to RVs
  • Aggressive vs. non-aggressive cancers. (RVs make the difference)
  • HICV
  • Brain inflammation all kinds.

Other Activators of Retro-Virus

  • Aluminum
  • Chem Trails
  • Cat fleas and feces
  • Electronic reception (Radio Frequencies)
  • 2.4GHz microwave

Cell danger response, cell send out ATP uses it as an SOS signal, universal danger signal between cells.

ATP stimulates certain cell receptors. Huntington disease, ALS, MS, (long list) could be the result of cells responding to the ATP danger signal. (a cascading effect?)

Part Two

He thinks cell danger signal mutates your system into ill health, re many chronic illnesses.

The receptors to the ATP signal are corrupted by Brain inflammation all kinds. This is why we have unhealthy responses to ATP releases.

Getting well – Retro-Virus tips

Sick cells, leaking ATP, then get infected with Retro-Virus.  Then the process cascades.

Drug: Surmean(?) used since 1916. Injected into kids and helped. Suramean? In Germany. It’s pre-FDA grandfathered in but hard to find.

Cannabis is anti-RV.

Cannabis helps autistic kids sleep.

Fetus has cabanoid receptors who need development.

min 12: Nagalese is a marker for RV indicator.

16 mins: Interleukin 8 high is good sign in people.

Earth plants have had millions of years of practice to fight RVs, longer than humans.

He announces that he does have a financial interest in a NEW cream that has been developed using Rerum.  The cream is called Sofia MAF cream.  You can use a pea sized dab to activate a DNA conversion using Rerum as its main ingredient.


Slides for this video presentation are on this link:


Part 1 – Dr. Klinghard on Retrovirus presented by ACIM –  33mins


Part 2 – Dr. Klinghard on Retrovirus presented by ACIM –  48 mins






Dr. K recommends Cistus tea.  It can be purchased at BioPure and at Ki Science.  He says that the plants are grown the same way but BioPure puts the plants next to an ant hill which cleans the plants of insects and insect larvae.


November 8-10th Orlando, Florida, Klinghardt will present more detail in a seminar entitled Brain Regeneration Conference from ACIM (see ACIMconnect.com.  Many have said that last year’s was the best conference they have ever attended.


Dr. Sheekt will present online on July 7th on this ACIM network speaking on Diabetic Neuropathy.

There is a conference in Dallas on July 19-21. ACIM offers a coupon code for $500 off the conference price.  The code is JULY500.


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