How to Make Your Own Suppositories

How to Make Your Own Suppositories


Written by Mimi Castellanos

Updated 3/15/18

Things you will need to make suppositories:

    • Silicone Mold
    • GcMAF Yogurt Powder
    • Organic Coco Butter
    • Double Boiler or yogurt maker to warm cocoa butter
    • Rubber scraper 
    • A cap or plunger to press the bottom of the suppositories to extract them
    • If you want to be exact, you may need a gram scale.  ($10-20 on 11Amazon)

Preparing the mold

To make 6 suppositories at one time 

Make sure the caps are secure and the bands are lined up properly.

Leave the bottom open to receive the mixture.

Melting the Cocoa Butter

In a double boiler, gently, with low heat, melt about 7-8 grams of cocoa butter using very low temperature.  I use a jar in a pan of water with the cocoa butter in a jar that has a lid.  This way I don’t have to worry about it getting too hot and can easily put a lid on it and put it away.  Once it melts take it off the heat.  It will stay liquid for a while.  It is not optimal to reheat the cocobutter after it has been heated once for best results.  Usually, it is all gone after a big batch so don’t melt more than you need.

The key to the whole project is how to heat and cool the oil.  

Let the oil cool a bit but not too much.  

Mixing in the GcMAF Powder

Mix 6-7 grams of dehydrated Bravo Yogurt powder into the oil. You can use the powder from the capsules in a pinch but that is an expensive way to do it.   If the oil is too cool, add a bit of hot oil or put your oil until it is the right temperature.

Pressing into the Mold

Using the small hole in the bottom of the mold, gently spoon the hot oil and Yogurt Powder into the suppository mold.  It needs to be liquid enough to compress any air out. 

Chilling & Storing the Suppositories

No matter what you want to do, it is necessary to chill overnight in the refrigerator.  Do not freeze.  The Bravo Yogurt is damaged by freezing. 

Store unused suppositories in a ziplock in the refrigerator.   

The next day, I pull them from the mold, clean up the mold using some hot water to liquify the oil off the mold.

If there is any air gaps, I will fill them in with hot oil and then put it back into the mold.

Travel Tips

If you wish to travel with the suppositories, you can make sure the tops are secure and use sterile white surgical tape, or something similar, on the bottom of the mold.  If the oil melts it will be somewhat contained if the tape and caps are tight.  Leaks are common so protect against spills by making sure the surfaces are free of caked oil and your container will hold oil by itself.  If possible, ship with an ice pack to keep temps cool but not frozen.

Removing the Suppository from the Mold                                                                                                                                 

To remove the suppositories from the mold, you may want to loosen them all up at one time.  Take the caps off.  Turn the suppository mold over and remove the tape.   Use something smaller than the hole in the bottom of the mold that is flat, round, and very clean.  (Preferably stainless).  In the alternative, you can use the cap over your finger or thumb to push the suppository out from the bottom.

How to Use GcMAF Suppositories

Using any GcMAF product will begin to organize and coat your mucosa.  It begins to colonize and a fine film is all it needs to get started.  Don’t take them very often or it will spread to new tissue and you will be very busy cleaning.  VERY BUSY can mean fresh and happy while your recover your tissue and it becomes happy and clean, but then you have to clean up what you just removed.  The body can either get hyper and responsive or depressed as the toxins resettle.  We want neither.  We want a slow steady managable stream of toxic release as a life style.   This would be like house cleaning.  Do the basics.  Go deep a little at a time.  Keep going.  There will always be more dirt.  Keep using this product as a life-style, it is an amazing thing as it begins to spread the colony and populate.  I feel like a young person again with some toxins leaving and plenty of room to respond and have fun.  The key to a bright future is to keep it clean.  Do it yourself.

The beginning of the detoxification must be done gradually to confirm that the detoxification pathways are open and able to release a constant stream of toxins. There is also a blood cleaner which helps to lift the toxins out of the interstitial system (fluid outside of the cells) and moves it into the lymph.  The lymph must also be clear.  If it gets backed up, slow down.  Dr. Ruggiero recommends taking the ingredients in Bravo Protocol.  This product is called Bravo Protocol caps and Bravo Protocol Xtra has bamboo charcoal (Takasumi)

Suggestions for dosages:

Slow and steady is always best.  That’s why we make suppositories in small dosages.  However, with that said, you can either take high doses less often or low doses each day.

1 suppository every 4-7 days at high doses, would be a “therapeutic dose” for people who have an urgent need to do nothing but recover.  It will use a lot of the persons energy and resources for detoxing but it is available if needed.  (Think vacation days and supervision is recommended)

More often, lower doses work best for slow and steady,  such  1/4 tsp, 1 tsp, 1 tbs, 2 tbs. Bravo Coop has these available on our custom page. (Login is required)

Adjusting your dose is an individual situation.  It has to do with how much energy the person has to give.  If you exceed their life force by asking the body to detoxify, it will!  But there won’t be any comfort or grace in this process.  It is more comfortable to flow the toxins out within the limits of feeling great.  If you don’t feel great, use less.  More is not better.

Month Three

Once you get up to your sweet spot of going slowly, flowing the detoxification and feeling great, keep it up but don’t exhaust yourself.  Do your best and your best will get better but do your best.  Get up on that line.

What happens next is you start to tackle removing viruses, bacteria colonies and even bugs that might be living in your body.  Here we recommend committing to your diet of dark green leafy vegetables and clean protein.  Small meals throughout the day, maintain blood sugar and give you extra energy because digestion is not overdone and blood sugar levels.

At month three, we have “push back”.  You aren’t detoxing too fast so we won’t have a Herxheimer response.  Just “push back” which is the bugs screaming that they don’t want to die!  LOL. Congratulations.  You have made it to the third month, no matter when it comes.

During this third month time, stay steady to going slow and ignore your cravings.  Stay on your successful plan established in month 2.  Feel great.  Don’t change anything for month 3 except for more water, more exercise and more rest.   If you crave, tell the bugs NO.  Sorry, I want you to go somewhere else, (like out your stool) or you will die.  It’s their choice but they will out survive us so don’t war with them.  Just remove them from your body like you would take things to the GOOD WILL recycling store.  They just don’t belong in your beautiful body.

This is a lifestyle where you grow younger, recover cognitive function lost to stress, come out of fight or flight and get out of the slip-sliding from an over mucus situation in the digestive tract.

Other suggestions

The use of Bravo Protocol Caps are recommended with this product.  It is a blood cleaner which has the action of taking the toxins to the lymph for exit.

For the best results, a ketogenic diet is recommended.

For the best results, use within 3-6 months of purchase.  (Keep it fresh)

After an extended time of several months of using the GcMAF it will re-establish the immune system.  At that time, you may want to consider adding Rapid Detoxification to your protocol.

Feel free to contact us:

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  • Support:  use the 1-1 to set up phone time
  • We have 1-1 consultations for our customers on the accessories page.


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