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Perhaps you have known for a long time that viruses, bacteria, and microbes have been known to cause disease.   Now what is arriving in our collective consciousness is that a deeper more menising virus which is underneath most all chronic illness.  There are no tests documented to find them yet.  They are called retrovirus.  Dr. Klinghardt announced that he and Dr. Marco Ruggiero are coming out with a new protocol called the “RK Protocol” which includes the retroviruses.  They will be announcing it in November where they are slated at the International Functional Medicine Conference in San Diego, CA and the ACIM Conference in Orlando, FL

Retroviruses use an enzyme to reverse engineer themselves into our DNA. They get the DNA to make viral proteins that are foreign material in our body that the retrovirus will use to create mutations of genes in the range of 6-8%.    Retro-Viruses are at the core of lots of chronic diseases.  This foreign DNA affects some people and not others and like other times in history, we don’t know what to do about it.

Retro-Viruses may be as old as the Black Plague.  Perhaps contemporary triggers  such as cell phone, smart meters, wireless, aluminum, mercury fillings, or multiple viruses are at the root of awakening the Retro-Viruses.  One thing is for sure, we all have new information due to new observations and alternatives.  People are coming forward with what can possibly reorganize the DNA.

Turning the Corner on Retro-Viruses


I have observed that Rerumand Non-Dairy Bravoboth will reorganize people’s DNA even if the tissue from an organ is no longer in the body.

I have observed first hand that Origin-22unwound my repressed tissue and repaired it.  It made that it’spriority.  Is there a good copy of my DNA to read somewhere?    The primary action of Origin-22 is to make a structure for the gut to be contained within and it can repair damaged or scarred tissue.  Origin-22 does this with sesame seed oil, Vit E oil, oliecacid, beeswax and Chinese Skull Cap. (Radix Scutellariae)

Bravo Yogurtis the best viral load lifter I have ever seen.  For months, every time I sat down, I felt a 10% flu symptom come up in random parts of my body.  It burned the first time it got to my thyroid.  It was killing viruses so I had more energy to go deeper.

Klinghardt introduced a Rerum Cream called Sophia MAF Cream.  You use just a dab on topically as part of his protocol.  He also recommended a certain brand of Cistus Teaand Tincture.


If you have Lyme or if nothing else works for your condition, you may have scarring or some other condition that these products will help.  I have not gotten to the end of using them and being fascinated as the Retro-Virus exposes itself.

Klinghardt’s Intro to Retro-Viruses


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