The Ruggiero-Klinghart Protocol

This is a detailed description of how to get reservoirs of microbes to move out of hidden areas using ultrasound testing the particulates in urine after and instructions of how to proceed with this technique.

  • Page 114 describes Lyme in depth
  • Page 115 describes co-infections and idiosyncracies
  • Page 116 describes the new approach
  • Page 117 has a table of steps for RK protocol and even mentions Rerum on the bottom of the first column. This page goes on to discuss the congestion of the glymphatics
  • Page 118 discusses the steps and bringing the issue visible to the immune system and the release of deep congestion at many described layers of tissue. (This is what I understand the action of micronized Chondroitin Sulfate to be doing.)  
  • Page 119 we get into ultrasound pictures of affected tissue and a description of mobilizing pathogens and toxins into the urine for elimination and proving than they are there with lab tests and backing up that it works with research.
  • Page 120 deals with what the ultrasound can do
  • Page 121 describes restoring the flow of cerebral lymph and possibly ameliorating neurological symptoms.
  • Page 122 emphasizing the ability of the protocol to excel in other areas and conditions where chronic inflammation and neurodegeneration are found.
  • Page 123 broadens the methodology to include other issues and such therapeutic approaches. 
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