Imuno – The Solution® – An Introduction

imuno – The Solution® – An Introduction

We first learned about imuno in July 2018 and the first batch became available in mid-August 2018.  I have begun to cobble a presentation together for you to understand imuno™.  There is more information about its predecessor, Rerum, which explains the product’s ingredients and actions.  The new product, imuno™ has an improved molecular structure and manufacturing process. 

At the end of this information, you will find an offer to purchase and also an apply to be a wholesale reseller.  

We also have a website

Dr. Ruggiero “BootCamp” on Bravo and Rerum:

imuno® is over 100 times more effective than pure GcMAF

This is the first published clinical case of cancer: lifted with imuno and Bravo in 3 months.

This document will explain how GcMAF relates to imuno.


This video is a good place to learn about Rerum, imuno™’s predecessor.  It is not being manufactured and therefore not available right now.

Dr. Ruggiero “BootCamp” on imuno:

Imuno and Bravo:

imuno works synergistically with Bravo.  Therefore, we need to know about Bravo, how to use it, and what to expect from it. 

Here is a video about how Bravo works.  Bravo is essential for turning on the immune system and moving the toxins out.  Please pay special attention to the Bravo Protocol at minutes 40 to 46.

Viral actions of imuno

Specifics on the elements and ingredients of imuno – The Solution®:

Imuno is a well put together molecular structure designed by Dr. Marco Ruggiero who is a molecular biologist specializing in oncology.  Here are a few specific articles on the design and features.

GcMAF and Covid-19 – hypothesized to be effective. (authors did not know about imuno).

Journal Articles about ingredients: 

Preparation of Low Molecular Weight Chondroitin Sulfates, Screening of a High Anti-Complement Capacity of Low Molecular Weight Chondroitin Sulfate and Its Biological Activity Studies in Attenuating Osteoarthritis.

The ingredients of Rerum and imuno and how they relate to cancer. Oleic Acid, deglycosylated vitamin D-binding protein, nitric oxide: a molecular triad made lethal to cancer.

Is chondroitin sulfate responsible for the biological effects attributed to the GC protein-derived Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF)?

Current Events: 

Dr. Marco Ruggiero and Dr. Deitrich Klinghardt are announcing the Ruggiero-Klinghardt Protocol in November at the ACIM Integrative medicine conference in San Diego and in Orlando.  We would like to get your practice started well in advance of everyone else!  Read about it, get some products.  Be ready for the demand they are creating.

Buy imuno – The Solution@

For personal use, we offer discounts for 3 or 1o vials.  Saving your life is now on sale.

Should you want to sell imuno to others, you will become a distributor.

We will match and exceed other deal that you can verify.

We have products that you won’t be able to get ANYWHERE in the world. Such as  imuno salve, suppositories and capsules.  (Gel caps will be available next year)

Go to®

To buy prepared imuno products such as handcrafted caps and suppositories, make sure you have an account and log in.

  • A login icon, a person icon, is on the upper right of the navigation bar.
  • Make an account if you don’t have one.
  • Login
  • Alternate choices such as handcrafted products require agreeing with the terms and conditions for the sale at account creation and will appear after you LOGIN.

Why do we always have to login?  Because Mimi has a private membership association which is called Mimi’s Kitchen Club.  As a private member, your rights to talk about alternative health and functional medicine are protected under the constitution.  You have shifted from being the Public to being Private, (The FDA governs to protect the safety of the public).  We like to expand into the light and be a bit protected. :). Thus when you LOGIN, it will recognize you as having an account and that you have selected the terms and conditions.  You are in.  That was our secret handshake but you have to give it everytime you go in or it won’t know you and that you are okay to get in.

To buy imuno & Bravo: Go to

To buy prepared Bravo Yogurt, or handcrafted caps and suppositories, make sure you have an account and log in.

  • A login icon (a person icon) is on the upper right corner of the navigation bar.
  • Make an account if you don’t have one.
  • Login
  • The alternate choices will appear after you Login
    • Alternate choices such as handcrafted products require agreeing with the terms and conditions for the sale.


Apply to become a wholesale practitioner or a reseller you need to be a practitioner or a store.  This link will allow you to apply for that.

There is one more very deep article on how imuno works that I can give you after sign-up.

Do you have questions? 

  • Email

These products, protocols, and ingredients are not specifically approved by the FDA.  The ingredients of both Bravo and imuno™ are FDA approved individually.  This protocol is not intended to treat, diagnose or take the place of medical treatment.   Consult your healthcare professional when using any of our products.

o 🙂 Mimi

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