Autism Recovery Summit 3: Potential, Performance & Possibility


Dear Customer,

In our struggle to provide you with the latest developments in research that may be of your interest, I am bringing to your attention this invitation to the

Autism Recovery Summit 3: Potential, Performance & Possibility October 5th -14th
FREE online event!


Please feel free to share this invitation: it is free. Over 25 doctors, scientists, holistic practitioners, and outside-the-box specialists will share methods, tips, practical actions, new perspectives, and stories of recovery.


The intention of the Organizers of the Summit is to present cutting-edge information and strategies creating a significant leap in any child’s autism recovery process.

We kick off on October 5th!
Are you ready to see the changes in your child?“Yes! Sign me up for the Summit!”

In this Free Virtual Event you will receive information from 25 autism recovery experts who will talk about their experience of how an autistic child can:

★ Find calm within instead of anxiety and tantrums
★ Sleep well and wake up rested
★ Focus, pay attention. motivate
★ Become more sociable and integrated with friends and life★ Eliminate tummy and head pain to feel better overall

★ Be in a more connection with you and those around him/her★ Speak, express, communicate fully
★ Be happy, expressing who s/he really is
★ Eat a variety of healthy food without sensitivities

★ Make eye contact and say, “I love you, Mama”★ And so much more

The lineup of speakers is incredible. I’ll be joined by experts like Anat Baniel, Kate Wilde, Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Maria Rickert Hong, Kristin Selby Gonzalez, Dr. Tom O’Bryan, Julie Matthews, Beth Lambert, Dr. Thomas Moorcroft, Dr. Darin Ingels, and many more experienced leaders in the field who have been helping kids for decades.

In my interview “The Brain Microbiota as it relates to Autism and Immune System Function”


I shall describe some novel features of our probiotic products that may be interesting for all those who are interested in detoxifying the body of harmful toxicants. Whether you listen to some or all of these speakers, I am confident you will find the information interesting.

Very truly yours,
Marco Ruggiero
Founder and CEO of Silver Spring Sagl


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