4 Ways to Take Bravo!

4 Ways to Take Bravo!

When you are considering how to best use Bravo GcMAF products, one must look at where you need it the most! Finding the area in your body that is in the most distress can also be the area that can be most benefited. However, I can easily build a case for all of these methods!

So much Bravo, so little time!

See your health practitioner and use your common sense. Don’t over-take Bravo because you will need to remove the toxins it cleans. We highly recommend using Bravo Protocol with all of the methods below and not to use more Bravo than is comfortable over the long term.

Sure, you can have 8 cleaning crews in your home working day and night but it would exhaust you! Sure, you can stand at the pitching machine, responding to the pitches with your helmet and bat but would 5 pitching machines pointed at you be as much fun as one? Limit your use of Bravo to the amount that is fun, easy to manage and don’t worry; it will all get done! Like exercise, yoga or music lessons, you will grow better at taking more Bravo bit by bit.

The 4 Methods of Taking Bravo

1 Yogurt 

– Slowly sipping, swishing and swallowing the yogurt assists mostly the upper part of the body! The brain, nerves, throat, thyroid, heart, lungs, esophagus, and the walls of the stomach all receive the most.

Over time, the beneficial bacteria permeates to the connective tissue, muscles, and nerves giving us comfort and the feeling that everything is contained and manageable.

Our immune system, supported by a ketogenic diet, slowly clears out the potential heat/inflammation and residual infections which may fester. The beneficial bacteria move in to cool and insulate the nerves, making our thought process clearer, deeper, and more focused. I am not a doctor! This is just what I experience while taking Bravo. Experience it for yourself over time.

I personally experienced the effect in my intestines while taking yogurt, so I know the yogurt reaches there too. I also experienced my thought processes going from being able to handle one thing at a time to two, three and even four parts of the same analysis at once! It reminded me of being in college. (and that I wasn’t doing it anymore!) I personally gained lots of mental function from taking Bravo!

2 Capsules 

– The enteric coated Bravo Concentrate Caps speed past the stomach acid for delivery to the area of the pancreas, small intestine, liver, tubes of the digestive system, the stomach and even the spleen and kidneys getting it coated, cleaned, and brightened more quickly than yogurt alone.

The Bravo Concentrate holds the complete action and nutrition pattern of Bravo GcMAF yogurt in capsule form and is made from prepared Bravo GcMAF Yogurt which is dried at a low temperature and it is not from starter powders mixed together. It can stay stable without refrigeration making it great for travel.

For me, I feel brighter! It is like the lights “turned on” in that area and I had no idea how much my pancreas needed attention and how quickly it cleared up after years of not tolerating any sugars!

3 Suppositories – 

Taking a suppository brings Bravo GcMAF action to the colon, bladder and reproductive system which can harbor low-grade infection. Bravo Coop offers different strengths in the suppositories to help you find the right daily level for you.

For me, the suppositories seemed to transform this area into a lighter and more breathable feeling. Also, I felt the whole colon, duodenum, stomach, esophagus, and soft palette feel more connected and awake. I even experienced an increase in being able to taste my food!

I went from not liking the idea of suppository use, to not wanting to miss this wonderful experience!

4 Topically on the Skin – 

Have you tried this yet? Take a small amount (1/2 tsp) of Bravo Yogurt and apply a thin layer to the skin of your face and neck and let it dry. Soon your skin will feel like a baby’s skin! It feels hydrated, full, strong and happy. I experienced fewer wrinkles and that it was easy to do!

The skin is the primary defense of the body. It defends against bad microbes among other things. The skin is also the brain of the body, according to Bruce Lipton, a Stanford cell biologist, in The Biology of Belief. Immune support in this area allows us to stay in touch with reality and defend ourselves effectively.

I have always “fed” my skin naturally, with aloe vera, fresh seed oils, and coconut oil. Now that I have Bravo to use as a natural emollient lotion, I get so disappointed when I forget this step! It is such a benefit!

How to mix applications of Bravo – With all 4 types of applications, the dosage approach stays the same.

– Begin slowly with a very small amount (approximately 1/4 tsp) x 2 times per day for 1 week and then build up each week a bit more, as in 1 tsp, 1 TBS, 2 TBS. – 2 x per day. etc. Dr. Ruggiero suggests not taking more than 1/2 cup per day, however, I take far less. If you are mixing applications, you still stay under this guideline. Perhaps one dose is one application and another dose is another, or you start in your area of concern and branch out to other applications when you are taking more.

– After the first month, follow your doctor’s advice or if alone, use your body’s lead but you want your body to feel great.

– If you are taking too much, you may feel overwhelmed, too much to respond to or too busy.

– If you take too little or are not eating well enough, you may not feel anything. You may not feel any benefit, energy, or “brightening”. If this is happening, clean up the diet, take vitamin D, hold to your startup for 1 month, then you may consider taking tiny increments until you feel great and then hold at that level.

– When planning to mix different Bravo applications, common sense prevails. If you are currently taking “x” x 2, for example, stay within your daily dosage even if you are applying it several different ways. Any combination as long as it doesn’t exceed the daily amount.

– The start-up amounts for both capsules and suppositories are for sale in “start-up kits”. This makes it easy to increase over the first month of use for either application.

– When using capsules or suppositories, look on the Bravo Coop site for products in the application you wish to use that are similar to the level you are currently taking.





Q:  What is the equivalent dosage of the capsules?

A: The capsules have dosages that equal the yogurt’s for example . . .   1 teaspoon, 1 tablespoon, 2 tablespoons, etc.   What ever dose you take in yogurt, you can take it as a capsule instead.  if you are comfortable taking 2 TBS of yogurt, twice per day, you can take two tablespoons of yogurt, capsules or suppositories as a mix and match twice per day.  Just don’t take more than you are comfortable with.  If you can’t feel it – don’t push it!  More is not better. For example, if you are taking 2 TBS of yogurt you would want to stay at 2 TBS per dose but it won’t matter if it is yogurt, or caps.  You might take a  2 TBS capsule  and 2 tbs suppository  mix and match.

You can even get fancier and split it.  If you take 2 TBS per dose,  twice per day.  You might take split doses with different items.  such as 1 TBS yogurt and 1 TBS capsule in one dose and the same at the other dose.  Or mix it up.  a 1 TBS suppository and a 1 TBS capsule at same dose.    You are still taking 2 TBS at each dose.

Q: Would be o.k. to start with a quarter teaspoon of yogurt PLUS one capsule twice a day or whether that would be too much?

A: That would be too much.  The first month is about building up slowly.  Why?  Because the yogurt grabs onto the tissue and shimmers it and the tissue detoxifies.  Your body needs to move that toxin out.  The more you take, the more territory will be renovated.   How many cleaning crews are you comfortable with? More is not better.  Be comfortable and have easy access to happy good living.  Feel great while getting better.  If you have to work too hard, you might get discouraged and there is no reason for that.

Q: Since the capsule gets down further, and I’m trying to address my colon, maybe this would be o.k?

A  if you are trying to address the colon, why not take suppositories?  Just be careful to regulate the dosage.

Q: Do the capsules also have the GCMAF and are they the same potency as the yogurt?

A:  Neither the yogurt or the caps technically have GcMAF.

All of the above methods have the essential ingredients to create a live microbiome who then produces the GcMAF.

It is that essential microbiome that we are building and the doctor’s formula of ratios that we are protecting.

To me, it seems like we need to continue to feed and replenish it.  If I stop taking it, it slowly fades based on my diet.

I observe mostly when I travel or run out for a few days.  Our bodies are big!  It takes a lot of product to fill all the places and get between the nerves and connective tissue, etc.  I find that the yogurt is always working.  No worries about that.  Just don’t let it die like house plants and pets by not feeding it and providing what it needs.  I consider replenishing it when I take more because it has the food in it, (colostrum) and the housing (probiotics) and the cute little beneficials.

Again, my experience is that the Yogurt has it all and is readily available. It will go in and start homesteading right away.  The capsules have to rehydrate and come alive which it does but it takes a while.

I experience the capsules as a “brightening” through my solar plexis area .  (Pancreas, gall bladder, small intestines, bottom of the duodenum and diaphragm.   I experience how happy my body is to have this interaction and the fade when I don’t take the capsules.  I started the yogurt a year and a half before the capsules came out so if my gut was going to fill up, it would have already.  Taking the capsules was like turning on a new room in my body which had not seen Bravo before.

I hope this helps.  It’s an amazing feeling to be brightened!!!  I won’t stop taking the yogurt.  I also take somNon-dairy bravo at times.   I am experimenting now to measure if it reduces inflammation.

In terms of potency, the caps can have different potencies.  We don’t want to overwhelm a new area and it seems that each place I use it, it starts a new colony so the rules apply but only in terms of how it detoxifies.

Q: I’m not sure what to order.  I’ve only ever taken 2 tablespoons (one capsule before bed every night).  Do you think I’d herx too hard if I took 4?  Not sure if I should try upping the dose, or just stick to what I’m used to.  Any advice would be helpful.

A: Short answer: Your body likes 2 TBS.  I would stay with that.  You are happy with what you are doing.

Long answer: If your body wants to and you have a good sense of that from listening to your inner needs, you can take 4 TBS sometimes simply by taking 2 capsules at that time.  I found that when my immune system “opened” and filled up my body like a space of connective tissue, it did need more.  It was a short lived demand. This is an advanced immune move that took many months to get to but a good diet, lots of greens and protein, low to no carbs and lots of breath and exercise will really help to keep your body clean.  By opening up, your immune system can open up biofilms and take out the complete colony of unwanted microbes.   Then the tissue “re-orders” that area back to healthy divine tissue.  That’s when the good guys need to move it.  The Microbiome moves in.  I think it has a big “S” on its chest.

Do you have more questions?  mimi@bravocoop.com



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