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A year and a half ago, I took 3 high dose imuno suppositories over the course of a week. At the end of the week, all of a sudden, the skin glands of my face had tiny pockets of pus come out of my pores.  An hour later gunmetal gray powder came out of my pours as well.  I had to scrub it with a face cloth.  By taking too much at one time, it popped through the pressure system of the cranial nerves and “blew a bit of dust through the pores”.

My body calmed down and the heavy metals moved out in an orderly fashion with no event or healing crisis.  I have never had so many heavy metals move at once.  I was delighted.  For me, that means, I got rid of it and it won’t hurt me when I am older.  But on the ground at that moment, it was as if a train going down my spine filled with train cars of heavy metal.  It went to the back of the sacrum and then and out through the colon.

This migration was not uncomfortable.  But I was also not at “full function” with mental acuity.   I simply sat there and waited for the train to pass.  When it did, my brain was bright and clear!  The heavy metal was aluminum and apparently came out from the brain stem.  I rejoiced.   I am grateful to get the metals out.

One of my customers was able to move out of a devastating condition in a few months.  When I got my own imuno, I called him to see what he was doing.   He told me that he was taking 11 drops of Rerum (this was a while ago and would be like 8 drops of imuno) twice per week in a nebulizer.  That seemed like a very small price to pay to have disease removed.  I asked my husband to do it with me.

We got out our brand new nebulizer, the vial of imuno, and a syringe.  We took the product out of the vial with a syringe to keep it sterile.  We counted out the number of drops that we wanted from the syringe.  I put some tape over some side holes of the mouth piece.  I used it under my nose.  We put the drops straight into the cup of the nebulizer, turned it on, and took a few inhalations until the liquid was gone.

The nebulizer is like a fish bubbler.  It just pushes air through tubes.  So when we want to inhale, we turn the motor on and keep it on until we are done inhaling then turn it off. I usually hold my breath until I feel the exchange is complete then breath out and take some normal breaths to get comfortable.  After a rest, we take another breath from the nebulizer.  I usually let all the air out and really empty my lungs yoga style before inhaling the imuno so that I can start through the whole breath from the beginning.  It didn’t take many more than 4 breaths all total!

The treatment left a dazzling clean spot the size of a peach in the center of my bronchial tubes as well as another ball shape inside my sinuses.  It is beautifully clean and amazing feeling!  I could breathe and exchange oxygen so maybe 80% better for a little while until my breath went back into a slower more sedentary pattern!   I began to investigate why I felt so good.   I  exercise so it wasn’t about being in shape or getting more oxygen into my body.  It was something else.

The second dose was 3 days later and it was even more telling!  I breathed in the imuno, it sailed right through the nice clean part, and spread out into the next adjacent area which became all sparkling clean!   It was like blowing up the balloon, the clean part was now bigger by 1/3 of an inch more in both my lungs and my sinuses.

I enjoyed that clean shiny feeling for a few days.  Then, three days later, I was ready for some more.  I took another dose with the same result. Wow!  My head was much clearer than I ever saw it!

The next dose began to challenge my willingness to heal.  I felt a little tired.  It didn’t feel uncomfortable but I was working!   So I waited until the 4th day to see if I could change it up.  This is when I realized that the crisp clean line between clean and whatever I was before, got a tiny bit fuzzy.  I knew that I preferred the clean hands down!  I knew that I wanted to go back to 3 days.  So I did.

Soon, the clean line got to my heart and to my diaphragm, and then my liver.  It was still cleaning, but now I could feel it kind of working harder.  Not quite grinding but something like that and the stream of waste was a bit harder to manage to get it out.  Not uncomfortable, not overwhelming because the Bravo Yogurt had cleaned me out so well.

Here is when I realized it was like driving a manual transmission.  I no longer could drive in first gear.  I had to take a little less power, so I reduced the drops to 5 and kept my 3 day pace.  This gave me more energy to use in my life and limited the resources I had to spend to move old viruses and toxins in the liver.  I went to sleep dreaming about having a majorly clean body.  I was delighted because I could function.

The next phase was much like going from 2nd to 3rd gear and eventually to 4th gear.  This was more like balancing the amount of energy I had in my day and how much I could give to the ongoing imuno process.  I had to have resources to move the stuff out, keep it nice and clean and then continue to move out the waste from the areas it was released into.  As long as I didn’t get too much going that I had to “wait for the train”, I was fine!

Although it seems counter intuitive, I had to take less and less as I went on.  I just didn’t need it because I needed my energy to move the toxins out.  It was working, I just can’t push it.  That’s the wrong thing to do.  A gentle stream or torrential flood over the banks?  I take the happy and gentle cause that’s what I want in my life.  Mind you, as the balloon got bigger, the size of it’sexpansion increased.  Atthe beginning, an increase yeildedmuch less than it does 6 weeks into this.  Much more toxic release was created, and I wanted to keep on 3 days.  My drops lowered and lowered!  My body got more and more dazzling.

There are times when my shiny new friend was grinding through the removal of denser material.  I am not going to stop that action!!!  It is the best thing that has ever happened to me because I don’t have to support this.  The microbiome and the imuno in the inate immune system are supporting it and the use of those together makes sure that everything is good.  I just needed to know how to pay attention to how much I need.

PS.  taking breaks wasn’t as fun as I thought.  It’s like being a really good athlete, you don’t really want to stop stretching out and working the body.  You can slow down but not stop.  So I just kept taking less and less.  When I get to a minimal dose, I went to the suppositories, then back to the nebulizer, then to the salve, then back.

I am really happy.  My life got so much easier to manage.  I had to keep checking to make sure everything was alright.  I might have taken more naps, but everything was getting better and better while things got easier and easier.

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