Using imuno – The Cream with neuro-endocrine points

I had a sinus infection so I started with the places that were most tense for me. Although my training (Masanaga) does not believe in treating the tension (Jitsu).  Instead, find the void. (Kyo) treat that.  My greater intuition told me to stay with the tense points for now.

In this figure, you see a point on the eye brow.  You might notice that this area has a very tight muscle.  That’s what to target, on both sides and allow the imuno to get into it.

The ones right to the side of the nose are large intestine 20, also known as Welcome Smell.  I used this point but I added one directly inside the nose at the bottom and I told my imuno cream to penetrate into the tight condition there.

I also used the last point near the nose but I pressed the face into the cheek bone and put the imuno cream here.

It is important to note that these points might be the same for you but they may also be different!  Be flexible and allow them to present themselves.


There are a few other key points that I found myself at.  You should not be put off by how technical this appears.  It is not.  If you put your hands on your face to comfort and massage yourself, where do you go to?  Pay attention to that.  That’s pretty much all I do but I notice where I was brought so I can check it out if I need it again.

What I found on my forehead was the one directly over the eyebrow.  It is very tense and indeed made me feel like I had a headache.  I went up and down that tight muscle and looked at both ends and both sides of the muscle until I could identify where it was most triggered or tense.  I put the imuno there.  (this type of thing can be anywhere, not just at this point. Ask your masseuse.)


This picture shows you the last point on my head.  right in front of the ear.  But mine was up a bit different.  I felt where the fleshy fold comes down, then turns into the ear.  I further explored the fleshy part in front of the ear and I found a little opening that goes right inside the skull.  That’s where I put my imuno.  EXPLORE.  It’s not hard to do.  I am just sharing the end result.  I am not over thinking this.


lastly, I put some imuno into the ear.  As you can see, the ear covers lots of ground.  Most of the time, I would look for a place that is more direct but… since I am looking for the void, and my ears hadn’t cleared yet and everything sounded like I had my earplugs in, I put some imuno inside my ears.  I remembered blowing my nose and the ears popped, hurt a whole bunch and then I could hear.  As I write this, I realize, they never went back nor needed another hit.  And once it was fixed, I stopped being aware of it.

Auricular acupuncture is not 2000 years old like it’s older sibling.  But China has gotten great results with it in their hospitals for back pain, PTSD, etc.  Now, you don’t need to know how to place the needles or the  seeds.  You can simply use some imuno.

In auricular acupuncture, they tape seeds onto your ear abscess to stimulate the tissue underneath it which is connected to the points.  What I love about auricular is you can see the organs being messed up inside the ear.  Literally!  If you have the guts to look at problems google “aricular abscess” and select images.

What my ear is telling me as I massage it is that my occiput is really tight.   It might be  out of alignment.  I will do some yoga, get some much needed exercise and do some ear massage.  This will give it a chance to re-align.  Of course, some imuno cream in case it can clean the mis-alignment as well.  I am loving my imuno cream as a “soft chiropractic tool”.


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