What to do if a loved one has cancer?


Julie G asks how she can help a friend who’s child was diagnosed with cancer using Bravo Product.

Mimi is not a doctor nor is this medical advise. nor can we guarantee results for any listener.  Instead we wish to inform you that there are methods that are sustainable to build a life-style of getting a little better each day.  Focusing on the health and moving in the right direction in many ways in our lives creates a life-style that can make us well by getting better, and better and better.  Then even when we are well, we can continue to get better.

As members of Mimi’s Kitchen Club we can discuss how to look at the body as needing cooperation and assistance from us!  And how alternative health can resolve at the foundation of the issues & can help to unravel it.

Mimi suggests the various options for biofilms, building an microbiome with Bravo Yogurt, moving the unwanted toxins out of our bodies by using imuno.  Then the use of sulfates to continue to supply what is needed for any deficiencies in the detoxification channel, giving the girl a chance to unwind and step free of the issues.

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