Freeze Dried Free Range Milk


Freeze Dried Free Range Milk

in 1 liter or 1/2 liter sizes

Why use this milk?

  • It doesn’t go bad
  • It don’t use freezer space
  • It doesn’t taste like powdered instant from childhood.  (Shutter)
  • This milk has no additives, Vit A additive is a bad one for kids
  • It has all it’s fresh cream
  • It is dried in it’s peak of freshness
  • It is packed in mylar with oxygen removers
  • If unopened, it is rated to remain fresh and usable for 24 years
  • It has it’s casein removed
  • It has been gently home pasteurized

Your choice of Goat or Cow – 1/2 liter – $10.

ALSO sheep, camel, OR water buffalo – 1/2 liter – market price

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