Be ready for weight loss and sinus infections!

Be ready for the holiday season with some tips on weight loss and sinus infections!  the holiday season “clean up”?

The Crud

This month, I encountered  a terrible chest cold which has been going around the country making people miserable.  My nephew’s family all had it in Ann Arbor, MI.

I simply didn’t visit.  However, there was no head’s up call to let me know that a

different  family was sick & I didn’t bring warm enough clothes.   Who knew?   I slipped into the 2-week abyss and couldn’t move for the first week & a half.   Forgive me!

So how do you get through the crud, after your head is all infected and “wet” without hurting your microbiome?  Enters the star of the show!   imuno – The Cream.

I ran out of my Chinese Herbs which had stabilized my sinuses and the wetness in my head.  It took me no time at all to identify my needs.  I needed to clear my head, loosen my throat and chest muscles and relax any area which could become infected.  It had to  work because I need to make sure I don’t use antibiotics?

Each night as I laid down or got up, the equilibrium caused my esophagus to spasm and I coughed for almost 1 hour.  The next night, the cough went deeper into my chest and the next night and the next, the same thing. I realized that I feared pneumonia.  I joyfully opened my very first jar of imuno – The Cream.  I needed something I could depend on.

I instinctively felt the tension in my muscles in my face, when I coughed and in the deepest part of my chest where the spasm was occurring.  I gave attention to each muscle!  Which end felt the most tense?   Which edge?   If I could get “under it” in my head, throat, ears, and chest.  I had to access  if my body could detoxify what I was highlighting with dabs of cream.  So I held back and after I did, I realized it would be much better if I completed the circuit of muscles so I did.

The areas relaxed, my sinuses opened, and I drained.  I even had some imuno cream, tucked into the very deepest part of the base of my nose.  It was working & it was the kind of great relief that everyone would want to replace their misery.  The Chinese Herbs  lasted 3.5 to 4 hours, however, the imuno was still going after 8 hours. At some point, it stopped.  I will have to journal it.   I had my first lovely restful night’s sleep and I hadn’t put a dent in my precious imuno – The Cream jar!

Here is how I used it!

Weight Loss & Toxicity

  1. Dr. Ruggiero recently partnered with the researchers of  “The Toxicity and Longevity Summit”.  The creators of the summit, including,  Dr. Jerry Blythe,  established scientific evidence about weight loss & how it is now known to accompany a toxic substance as the weight is released.
  2. The chemicals are lipophilic chemicals known as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) which are toxic, neurotoxic, & carcinogenic.  They are substances that exist in today’s polluted world.  The PCBs, accumulate in our fat cells over the years and are held there until you loose weight, you call your fat cells to release & come forward.
  3. Dr. Ruggiero demonstrated through scientific references that adding Bravo Yogurt or Bravo Non-Dairy Probiotic Drink to your diet, increases the elimination of lipophilic chemicals that include phthalates, dioxin and many others.    Bravo helps the elimination of harmful toxicants that accumulate in fat cells over the years and are released into the bloodstream as a consequence of weight loss.

Bravo GcMAF Yogurt


Bravo Non-Dairy Drink

Learn more, see research

Imuno makes a great gift!

Improved GcMAF, imuno® – The Cream provides superior lymphatic drainage support, immune support, & mitochondrial support.  Massage in a dab for penetrating removal of unwanted body conditions.  Let this natural, vegan, & bioavailable cream refresh you and remove body conditions without harming your microbiome.

imuno- The Cream.   A 50 ml jar provides a 6 month supply -186 dabs with high imuno content.   imuno® – The Creamwill not disappoint. Regularly $150. or  1ml vial Regularly $350.00 –  Use this code – imuno4me for a holiday discount for either of these products.

Special Holiday sale until the end of December

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