More on Bravo & imuno with the Coronavirus

Whatever the case, it is thanks to the HIV spikes that the coronavirus attacks human cells and, therefore, anti-HIV/anti-retroviral drugs – that should not work on coronavirus since it is not a retrovirus – appear to be effective in fighting the current disease. Please take a look at the news pasted below from an Italian Government-run media outlet and hospital clearly describing the effectiveness of anti-HIV drugs in two cases currently treated in Italy. By the way, according to this outlet, WHO (OMS in Italian) recommended the use of anti-HIV drugs, a very strange occurrence since they were not recommended with SARS (another type of coronavirus) and, most important, coronavirus is not a retrovirus and anti-HIV drugs were supposed to be specific for HIV and not for other viruses. Obviously there is something wrong, but we leave speculations and conspiracy theories to others.


“I coniugi “ricevono dal 4 febbraio terapia antivirale sperimentale. Tali farmaci sono indicati dall’Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità come i più promettenti sulla base dei dati disponibili”. E’ quanto si legge nel bollettino. Il lopinavir/ritonavir, spiegano i medici, è un antivirale comunemente utilizzato per la infezione da HIV che mostra attività antivirale anche sui coronavirus. – See more at:


All this is to say that chondroitin sulfate is known to have anti-HIV/anti-retroviral properties as evidenced by two patents

and peer-reviewed scientific articles

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