Dr Ruggiero on the protective elements of Bravo & imuno on pandemic viruses such as Coronavirus

Explore Bravo & imuno’s unique properties

to protect you from viral pandemic

Dr Marco Ruggiero has recently communicated that imuno and Bravo are ideally suited to help with the coronavirus.

Bravo, thanks to its unique composition in phages (friendly viruses that fight pathogenic viruses) and its proven efficacy on empowering the immune system may be used to help prevent infection by the coronavirus that is causing the current epidemic.

As you know, the phages in Bravo are known to fight a number of pathogenic viruses that include HIV, and it was recently demonstrated that the coronavirus responsible for the current epidemic, contains HIV sequences that are responsible for its infectivity and are the target of Bravo’s phages https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/714154v2.

Dr. Ruggiero says, “I take the liberty to write that I am 99% (100% would be unrealistic) confident that imuno will help with the coronavirus for two reasons.  The first and most obvious is its general effect on the immune system as described in all the papers where it has been mentioned.”


“The second is related to the specific anti-viral properties of chondroitin sulfate that are further amplified by the molecular arrangement of imuno.  As you may know by now, the coronavirus responsible for the current epidemic attacks human cells because it has spikes from HIV that no one knows, at the present, whether they were intentionally inserted or are result of a casual viral recombination. (highly improbable but not impossible)”


Needless to say, the chondroitin sulfate in imuno is much more potent/bioavailable that the molecules used in those studies for at least two reasons: it is homogeneous and low-molecular-weight; it is arranged in a supramolecular structure that makes it more bioavailable and efficient in binding to the HIV spikes.


Because of these evidences, I am 99% sure that imuno will work against coronavirus.


Combination with Bravo may prove synergistic as we have observed in the case of myeloma and in the case of Dr. Carter that I have just submitted to the Am J Immunol.


Bravo will work through the phages and the natural GcMAF and it will complement the effects of imuno. Most likely, Bravo and imuno will work even if administered alone, but the combination may prove synergistic.

More on Coronavirus including studies- http://simplymimi.net/archives/1629

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