Bravo Edestiny: Hemp Seed Protein and Bravo Cultures

From Dr. Marco Ruggiero:

BRAVO EDESTINY (CAPSULES) is a product entirely made in Switzerland and contains exclusively ingredients from certified Swiss and European sources; all the microorganisms, probiotic strains, and ingredients in this product are certified safe for human use. They are manufactured exclusively for our Swiss company by state-of-the-art GMP-certified European facilities that guarantee the highest quality. 

In our Swiss facility we choose the best Swiss quality hemp seed protein powder, we blend it with highly selected food ingredients (such as real lemon juice and apple cider vinegar), we add our proprietary blend of fermenting cultures, our array of probiotics and prebiotics, and we leave the product to fully and naturally ferment following our proprietary process. Then, after full and extensive fermentation, we freeze dry the product and we make it available under the form of gastro-resistant (enteric-coated), vegetable, capsules. 

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I am pleased to announce BRAVO EDESTINY, a completely new product that joins our Bravo family and, just like the other products, it is absolutely unique.  Bravo Edestiny is based on fermentation of hemp seed proteins by the proprietary array of probiotic microbes that are at the core of all Bravo products.  The two major proteins of hemp are Edestin – hence the name Edestiny – and Albumin.

Edestin has the unique ability to stimulate the body’s immunological responses against invasive agents [1]; fermentation of edestin by Bravo microbes leads to formation of a vegetal analogue of GcMAF and makes Bravo Edestiny the only probiotic with active vegetable based GcMAF. Bravo Edestiny comes in the wake of scientific results demonstrating that it has GcMAF activity 100 fold higher than that of purified GcMAF and lowers nagalase [2 3]. 

Albumin, the other protein in Bravo Edestiny, is known to inhibit viral entry into human cells, boost immune responses and attenuate DNA damage [4 5 6].

Some of the properties of fermented Edestin and Albumin are mentioned in my latest talk for Sophia Health Institute, [see here] from min 45. 

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