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Our bodies contain 30 trillion human cells and even more microbial cells.  A ratio of 1 to 1.3!  The  microbiome is half of the volume of us and includes 39 trillion (non-human) cells.  By the time we are 21, we have a unique microbiome to support each organ.  We also have a collection of slow growing viruses which have not been sufficiently cleaned out by going back to school or work too early.  With a healthy lifestyle of the basics, food, sleep exercise, sunshine, and love; disease microbes only occur in small numbers.  We are finding that the microbiome is highly beneficial and without it we couldn’t exist.

I heard about the microbiome and how we were supposed to take probiotics after antibiotics but I couldn’t feel the differences.  I did feel a bit of a brightening by probiotics and dutifully kept after them.  I even cultured my own for a while.  Eventually, I just thought I was wasting my time,  money, and I didn’t feel much better.  That changed for me when I started taking Bravo Yogurt.   I felt a big change.  It wasn’t just a structural change, but a functional one and emotional one as well.  I sent the beings love and they loved me back.  It was pretty easy “puppy love” and I learned to give myself and my microbiome the attention and help that I assumed was needed.  I assumed right.

I feel things before others like the canary in the coal mine.  If you don’t feel what I feel, find a way that works for you to understand.  The first thing that I felt was the Bravo Yogurt spread out in my gut after swallowing it and it was attaching itself to the gut wall in a very small layer.  I was super surprised by the level of action it had.  It felt like a queasiness when the yogurt connected into my mucosa wall because it was 10 AM and I was bouncing around doing lots of active things at work.  It felt like a very active shimmering material that cleans.  Like a large cleaning crew.  And it also has the quality of a hand lotion where it can be excessive and if it spreads out, it’s going to detox and clog the drain.   Therefore, the instructions say to start slowly for this reason.  Clear the drains first of toxins and inflammation so that it’s easier to clean and remove the debris.

Now I understand much more about that first moment.  I now realize that the gut has many moods.  When we are in the resting state, or the parasympathetic state, the gut is open and receptive.  This queasiness would have never happened if I was sleepy when I took it.  It happened because it was trying to attach to moving target.  I now understood the openness of the gut when it is in the parasympathetic state.  So I ask people take it when they are sleepy for the first few days.

As I am taking the Bravo yogurt over the next few months and even years, it began to repair me.  It seems to know where my physical gut weaknesses are and has a sense of priority. Over the first six months, viruses would get burned up in a specific area when I sat down to use my computer at the end of the afternoon.  Always in random areas, and always it felt like a 10% response to the virus.  I believe that virus was being removed.   Next, so many new behaviors came in.  Not being sleepy, much more confidence, getting through lots of work and being ready for more.  It was impressive.

I definitely remembering muttering to myself that this or that behavior was new.  It was a change in my capacity!  I did this amazing amount of work without seemingly putting out that much effort. I remember realizing I could think better, as in how I could think 40 years ago. Other people would tell me that they felt this for themselves too.  That reinforced that what was happening to me was coming from the yogurt and not some random good luck or other factors.  And the flip side was true as well.  I learned it isn’t a good idea to take antibiotics because it kills ALL of it.  It took me months to get back up after that.  And while I didn’t have a microbiome?  Ouch.  All my super powers were out the window.  I vowed to tell the world about how important it is to NOT take antibiotics.

Scientists are just beginning to understand that humans couldn’t exist without our symbiotic partners.   This newly accepted discovery is opening the eyes of the medical researchers specifically about the gut as a source of goodness but they also say that it is the epicenter of most of many diseases.  I like the idea of setting a trend to balance the microbes of the body.   I believe that the energy we use to build our lives and take care of ourselves is the energy that we live in ultimately.  Like a big energetic fish tank.  If the fish are sick, you don’t give medicine to the fish you change and care for the water, the environment, thus remaining healthy, well and vibrant.

What is important to me is that Bravo Yogurt is a natural, organic, &  additive-free product. (provided you have a good quality milk that isn’t ultra-pasteurized)  The Bravo Microbiome supports my immune functions, gut health, and brain health by insulating & giving it nutrition.  When I give my body what it need, it feels wealthy & loved.  In Dr. Ruggiero’s research to learn about immunity, he learned how it is first establishes itself in the human baby.  He realized the significance of breast milk and went about recreating the “original conditions”  of having a healthy immunity  installed in increments over months and years of breast feeding.  Bravo Yogurt which feeds and constantly reseeds the microbiome garden inside us.

The Bravo Microbiome is not like other microbiomes.  All forms of microbiomes  will reconstitute a healthy human microbiome provided you are using healthy strains.  What is unique about the Bravo Microbiome, is that Dr. Ruggiero created it with a specific intention to balance and turn on the function of starting up the immune system.  I am sure that over time, it restores and renovates the gut back to full function and is responsive enough to adapt to the highest priority.

The ratios of ingredients in the Bravo Yogurt are natural yet they are also tweaked.  Not only does it include ingredients like kefir and colostrum and pre-biotics to house & feed a healthy microbiome, but Bravo yogurt has a diverse culture of over 100 different types of beneficial microbes.  The Bravo Microbiome is refreshing to the body.   The ratio of ingredients nurtures the body specifically to optimize the immune system which exists independently in may places of the body and can also be tampered with by viruses who incrementally interfere in these areas creating an environment more advantageous to the predatory microbes of disease.  This recovery is ongoing and Bravo is a good long term strategy.

As an immunologist and pioneer, Dr. Ruggiero’s intention was specifically to create a microbiome which provides a microbiome to create GcMAF (scientifically known as Gc protein-derived macrophage activating factor). GcMAF is a protein which specifically turns on the immune system.  After years of study and research on immunity with diseases such as HIV+, Dr. Ruggiero realized the ability to assist in the relationship between the immune system, its occasional lack of vigor, and the action of predatory viral microbes, their biofilms and communication interferences.  This is not an easy accomplishment and requires many layers of analysis at the same time!     He created Bravo Yogurt to encourage a natural and alternative alignment that the body can use to restore a healthy balance in the gut and supply the needed bridge for the creation of GcMAF.

In addition to the Bravo Microbiome making GcMAF, the healthy human microbiome competes for territory with the pathogenic microbes.   The Bravo Microbiome is routinely strengthened  by taking Bravo Yogurt and by protecting its balance by eating foods such as lots of dark green leafy vegetables, not flooding yourself with other yogurts, kefir, etc. and learning to live a life style that stays well without antibiotics.  We can consistently decrease the issues in our body and establish a healthy, vital and joyful balance by maintaining an ongoing Bravo Microbiome.

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