Detoxification takes Energy

This month a customer who was using imuno broke out in hives.  She was very concerned that this reaction was a sign that imuno was incompatible with her.  What we learned was very important. . .

It turns out that no one had an answer to what the hives were from.  Itching and dry skin was common among many, especially the kids.  The answer was found a customer from Master’s of Health.  She told us that the body’s normal levels of magnesium are more than bowel tolerance.  That means that we are not getting enough magnesium unless we are taking it topically as well.  She also told us that some liquid magnesium has contaminants which can be avoided.  Thanks you!  This is really helpful information.

Two other clients in Hawaii were suffering from a fungus as well as some in the states and Canada as well.  It was so bad that it affected the skin and also vision.  In looking into this, it became obvious by the products on the market that a specific zinc was often used for clearing this condition and often used both as soap and shampoo.

Information relayed by a Brittish neurologist and osteopath Dr. Chris Astilbe-Smith, told us that both zinc and magnesium are needed to guide the nervous system.  It is as if the nerves need guardrails to hold the electronic signals racing through the nerves in their right channel.   Zinc can hold the nervous system’s impulses from breaking through the bottom of the channel and going into “Low Excitory” (depression) and without enough zinc, that impulse plumets past it’s ability to  return.

Dr. Astilbe-Smith said that magnesium holds the nervous system’s impulse in place and if there is not enough magnesium, the impulses for “High Excitory” (anxiety) then spiral though the guardrail into levels of over excitement and even mania without having the ability to come back.

When we applied topical magnesium and zinc that were easily absorbed through the skin, we got terrific results.  Babies stopped crying, meridians stopped itching, sleep cycles returned to normal, and brains started to work better.  Healthy Energetics began making “emergency batches” of lotion for individuals who needed urgent relief.  Although they got their relief, when the mineral-rich meal was absorbed into the skin, it apparently went into the meridians.  Because when the detoxification organs were working hard, only those meridians that would start itching because they went through their supply before the other meridians.  

The body was working hard to remove the toxins, to balance itself,  and in order to keep the power on in that area, the detoxification channels needed more minerals.  As many at 6-10 applications of the lotion at first to get it to calm down.

Thank you to our clients for confirming their strong needs.  Thank you for Dr. Astilbe-Smith for giving us such a clear understanding.  Thank you to Dr. Ruggiero for telling us in the 2015 Autism One video that minerals were part of our protocol for Bravo Yogurt and now we understand and see that especially for long repair runs can use lots of minerals before we get well.  

We think everyone is a bit stressed right now and can use an extra helping of Mineral-Rich GcMAF Lotion and Shampoo.  Healthy Energetics is willing to share our new prototypes of our newest products!

Mineral-Rich GcMAF Lotion 

Mineral-Rich GcMAF Shampoo

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