10 Signs Of Magnesium Deficiency

What if your most irritating conditions could be easily removed because they are a symptom of mineral deficiency?

I have been using a magnesium/zinc lotion for the past month and it has made a really powerful impact on such a wide range of issues that I am declaring this information to be at the status of “a must read by all health enthusiasts”.  I am in love with my magnesium rich protocol.  I have super-hero strength, never ending energy,  my skin issues have disappeared but if I let the Mg get low, they do come right back on the meridian that is working the hardest.  (presumably using the most minerals). 

I don’t think my skin is any different from yours.  It simply drinks in what I put on it like it is having a meal.  On the skin, if your body doesn’t need any more, it won’t take it.  If you need it, it’s there.

There are things that you and your family members are “living through” that they don’t have to!!  Like spasms that cause their limbs to tense up, or hearts that are arrhythmic,  and are slow, or hives or other things that people don’t know how to get rid of.  They have something in common.  They are deficiency.

I am rapidly learning the language and technology of lotions so I can make wonderful choices to feed myself and my skin.   I am learning how to suspend minerals in freshly pressed seed oil that I make myself.  I like pumpkin seeds which are full of natural magnesium.  

Now you can have YOU can have your own delicious meals on your skin with your own choices of freshly pressed oils and even have them turned into a lotion with just the right stuff for you!  This is customization at its finest but with it comes delays to get the ingredients you want if we don’t have them and costing out the ingredients.  Once you begin to understand, I believe you will be as excited as I am. Thank you to Masters of Health, Dr. Jockers & team and the dolphins at dolphinlove.com    Meanwhile, read this very thorough article on magnesium deficiency and sit down with your body and get started with what it needs! 

10 Signs Of Magnesium Deficiency

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