Bravo’s milk/colostrum

Cow milk and colostrum used for our Bravo products have certified organic quality – awarded with the Bio Suisse bud seal. It is wholesome and contains all naturally occurring ingredients.

In the pictures, G.C.K, one of our colostrum collectors supervising some herds and colostrum suppliers in Switzerland.

We take care of the wellbeing of the cows who make colostrum

All mammals make colostrum that is the so-called first and second milk secreted by the mammary gland within the first 12 hours after birth. Colostrum is essential for survival of the newborn calf not only because it provides nutrition but, more importantly, because it contributes to the build-up of the immune system. At variance with humans, calves do not receive any prenatal passive immunization through antibodies from the mother, and their immunity is absolutely dependent on colostrum that contains a number of immune-stimulating factors. Because of this, we can use only the surplus of colostrum that is available after the calf has received what it needs; since the wellbeing of the calf is the primary interest of the farmer, only colostrum that is in surplus is sold for further processing. It is a very rare raw material which we value and respect.page1image52543488

Why is there a surplus of colostrum?

Colostrum surplus only arises from breeding. This began thousands of years ago; today’s “high- performance” dairy cows produce a surplus of milk and colostrum, that is a quantity much greater than that needed by the calves. The milk yield of dairy cows has increased over decades – and the amount of colostrum too. The cows from our Swiss suppliers (average herd size of our farmers is 18 cows) give an average surplus of 5 liters of colostrum within the first 12 hours after birth. Every farmer knows that a calf can only survive if it gets its share of colostrum; it needs about 6 liters of colostrum in order to build up its own immune system. That’s why every responsible farmer feeds his calves in the first place before using or selling any surplus of colostrum.

So please rest assured that the calf always gets its share in the first place. We love our animals and we take great care of their wellbeing.

Our milk and colostrum are collected exclusively from certified farms

Thanks to the regulations of Swiss organic agriculture, the highest quality of our cow milk and colostrum is guaranteed. Organic agriculture produces milk and colostrum on the basis of environmentally friendly production methods, taking ecological and environmental issues into consideration: no synthetic pesticides, growth promoters, mineral fertilizers or genetic engineering are used. As a result, organic products are less contaminated.

Milk and colostrum used for Bravo products comes exclusively from farms certified by Bio Suisse and thus subject to the highest standards throughout Europe.

Bio Suisse certification stands for foods of the highest organic quality.page3image52525072

Bio Suisse has very strict agricultural guidelines. Feeding, fertilization, hygiene regulations and the use of drugs are regulated and checked regularly. These standards form the framework for our suppliers and they are approved by annual audits. As a manufacturer, we also demand that each cow must be absolutely free from antibiotic treatments for at least one year. Preventive administration of antibiotics as food additives in conventional farming is a major problem in the food chain. Bio Suisse strictly prohibits this detrimental use of antibiotics.

The entire milk production is strictly regulated and controlled. Milk and colostrum as by- products are totally safe. Organic agriculture in particular produces food on the basis of environmentally friendly production methods taking into consideration ecology and environmental protection.

As a result, these products are less polluted.

The use of hormones is strictly prohibited in Switzerland. Antibiotics may only be used on organic farms if prescribed by a veterinary doctor. The cows of our contractual partners must be free of antibiotics for at least one year. This requirement is a prerequisite for best colostrum quality.

Our cow milk and colostrum are obtained exclusively from certified organic and biodynamic agriculture

These two certificates stand for a sustainable agriculture that cares for our precious resources and takes the wellbeing of the animals seriously. All our suppliers are organic and Demeter-certified farmers who adhere to the guidelines and regulations of Bio Suisse which are the strictest in the world. Demeter-products are produced and processed in a holistic manner, in harmony with nature. This means that conditions are right for people, animals, plants and soils alike and their

life forces can unfold in an ideal way. Moreover, Demeter holdings rely on homoeopathic medication for the treatment of sick animals and in cropping they use their own special preparations. In processing, much emphasis is placed on ensuring that the products retain as many of their natural qualities as possible. The Demeter label is recognized worldwide.

Our colostrum suppliers

We visit our suppliers personally on a regular basis. We are always pleased to see how great their responsibility and seriousness is. It demonstrates an incredible down-to-earth attitude and authenticity of the farmers.

One of the Swiss farmers with his family supplying colostrum for Bravo products

This spirit gives confidence in the best quality of colostrum and a responsible consideration for the welfare of the young animals. They need enough first milk to build up a healthy, strong immune system. The farmer also knows that his cows could supply several calves with fresh colostrum. This is due to our ancestors who have bred dairy animals for centuries. With the increasing milk yield the amount of colostrum increased as well.

Today we can totally rely on our Swiss organic colostrum suppliers to collect a product of the highest quality.page4image52894208page4image52893792page5image52945024

G.C.K., one of our colostrum collectors, with a farmer supplying colostrum for Bravo products

How is our colostrum processed?

Colostrum is a sensitive agricultural product whose production and distribution are strongly regulated and controlled by Swiss law. We preserve colostrum by pasteurization, that is a process used to sterilize it. Low temperature pasteurization (LTP) gently sterilizes colostrum, preserving most of all of its bio-activity. Then, our colostrum is freeze-dried (that is, it is gently dried).

Whole cow milk and colostrum, with no further treatment, are used as main ingredients of our Bravo products.page5image52944816page5image52946480

The colostrum used for Bravo undergoes Thorough Quality Control Procedures

CGMP (certified Good Manufacturing Practices) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Procedures) procedures are being followed throughout the entire colostrum production process.
The product is examined in a laboratory registered with the United States federal government as a clinical laboratory.

Each colostrum product batch is thoroughly analyzed prior to shipment to assure its quality, efficacy and safety. Analytical chemistry, microbiological and other necessary testing is performed using AOAC or other approved testing methods. Colostrum is tested and certified for the immunoglobulin G (IgG) and proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs) content using one of five in-house High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) units.

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