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A man and his wife traveled for hours to see their doctor.  Phil’s research genuinely is innovative.  He literally helped his doctors to get to the information they needed to get to the bottom of his wife’s cancer condition.  He studied hard and knows all the details of many technologies.  He came to me with questions about imuno.  He said that it “sounds good” but he had to vet it and see its effectiveness before he would allow himself to get hopeful.  

Phil wanted to see his wife’s immune system get better and fast. More specifically, they were testing neutrophils which are the most abundant type of granulocytes and make up 40% to 70% of all white blood cells in humans.  They form an essential part of the innate immune system which is the first line of defense against invading pathogens and is particularly important in warding off bacterial and viral infections presenting at the mucosal cell surface.  (hmmm sounds like this is the same system that fights Covid-19)

After two weeks of using imuno in a nebulizer, his wife visited her doctor again and they tested her.  Her neutrofils came up from “low” to “normal”.  Phil would have been happy with results that rose 10% but the results showed that the neutrofils rose 15.3% which made Phil very happy because this improvement showed only 2 weeks from the start of first use and we expect to see consistent support for her to come. 

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What Phil’s wife used was 5 droplets (from a 20 gauge syringe) of imuno 2x per week.  The imuno was placed in the medicine cup of a nebulizer and inhaled which Phil said took only one breath.  We suggest breathing in the imuno into your nose, up into your sinuses and then holding it in the lungs until the gas exchange happens.  As we hold and slowly breathe out, turn off the nebulizer to save product.  Sometimes, when the amount of drops is higher, it will require more than one breath.  With the nebulizer off, catch your breath, get ready for the next imuno breathe and then when you are ready, let the air all the way out and slowly breathe in the imuno until your lungs are full.

The Europeans say that the “otis” is cancer and the “itis” is infection.  The “otis” relates to scanning the end of the exhaled breath.  The itis has to do with breathing all the way in to the top of the inhalation.  They feel that the breath itself is a scanner that can scan the whole body inside the range of a full breath.  If we consistently skip part of the breath/scan, trouble can brew. Practice full breaths all the time to help your body scan intentionally.

Imuno works by cleaning with phosphatidylcholine.  It holds its boundaries around this clean space and penetrates deep into the cells with its low molecular weight chondroitin sulfate.  Then it turns on the power of the cell with Vitamin D3.  imuno does this by being small enough that it can penetrate through everything, including bone.    It’s like someone flipped the switch in a giant factory and brought it back to life.

The immune system has a way of marking what it needs removed.  Just like in our lives, when the project doesn’t have resources, it goes inactive but it is not forgotten.  The immune systems prioritizes and often clears out its list as it can.   imuno provides access to all the body with its nano sized particles and molecularly bonded ingredients.  It gives the body tremendous resource by tapping into and turning on the power within the cell. That’s why imuno has been rated 100 times more effective than other GcMAF products on the market today.

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